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língua sf  (idioma)language nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (na boca)tongue nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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language n (French, Spanish, English)  (francês, espanhol, inglês)idioma sm
  língua sf
 She speaks two languages: French and English.
 Ela fala dois idiomas: francês e inglês.
 Ela fala duas línguas: francês e inglês.
tongue n (as meat)língua sf
tongue n (language)língua sf
tongue n (mouth)língua sf
Filipino n (Philippine language)filipino sm
  língua filipina loc sf
Welsh n (Welsh language)galês sm
  língua galesa sf
lingo n informal (foreign language)  (informal)língua estrangeira loc sf
signing n (sign language)língua de sinais loc sf
   (brasileirismo)libras sf
blab vtr informal (divulge carelessly)  (ser indiscreto)tagarelar, espalhar vt
  dar com a língua nos dentes loc vt
mouthful n informal (sthg difficult to pronounce)  (palavra longa ou difícil de dizer)palavrão sm
   (figurado)nome sesquipedal loc sm
   (figurado)trava-língua sm
filbert n (artist's flat paintbrush)  (tipo de pincel )pincel língua-de-gato loc sm
jawbreaker n US, slang (long word that is difficult to pronounce)  (informal, palavra de difícil pronúncia)destronca-língua sm
bite back vtr figurative (suppress an emotional or verbal response)morder a língua
 He bit back a groan.
dead language n (language whose speakers have died out)língua morta
 Latin is a dead language.
dead language n (language which is no longer a first language)língua morta
lingua franca n (common or shared language)  (língua comum )língua franca loc sf
 Esperanto was designed to be a lingua franca but never really succeeded in this role.
 Latin was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire.
living language n (language that is currently spoken)  (língua que se fala atualmente)língua viva loc sf
 Welsh is still a living language in many parts of Wales.
lost language n (language that is no longer spoken)  (língua que não é mais falada)língua morta loc sf
 Trying to understand a lost language is like breaking a code.
 The Rosetta Stone helped us decipher the lost language of the ancient Egyptians.
mother language n (native tongue, first language)  (língua nativa)língua materna loc sf
mother tongue n (native or first language)  (língua nativa)língua materna loc sf
native language n (first language, mother tongue)  (primeira língua )língua materna loc sf
 My native language is English, but I learned French at school.
native tongue n (first language, mother tongue)  (primeira língua )língua materna, língua nativa loc sf
 My native tongue is English, but I also speak a little French.
official language n (language with legal status)  (língua consagrada na lei de um país)língua oficial loc sf
 The United States of America has no official language.
 Canada Has two official languages, English and French.
on everyone's lips adv (being much discussed)na língua do povo loc adv
   (expr idiomática)na boca do povo
 For or against, national healthcare is on everyone's lips lately.
 This new scandal is on everyone's lips these days.
first language n (mother tongue)  (língua nativa)língua materna loc sf
 English is not my first language.
 The first language of most Australians is English.
foreign language n (language not one's mother tongue)idioma estrangeiro loc sm
  língua estrangeira loc sf
 The sooner you start learning a foreign language, the easier it will be.
Cat got your tongue? expr figurative, informal (Don't you have anything to say?)  (Você não tem nada para dizer?)O gato comeu sua língua? exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 What's the matter, has the cat got your tongue?
tongue twister trava-língua
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