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ladrão smthief, robber nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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lifter n (person: shoplifter, thief)  (pessoa: ladrão de loja)ladrão sm
robber n (mugger)ladrão sm
robber n (thief in organized gang)ladrão sm
thief n ([sb] who steals)  (aquele que rouba)ladrão sm
prowler n ([sb] who sneaks around)gatuno, ladrão, vagabundo sm
raider n ([sb] who plunders)pirata, ladrão, saqueador sm
shoplifter n ([sb] who steals from shops)ladrão de lojas loc sm
moocher n informal (loafer, begger, petty thief, )vadio, ladrão sm
highwayman n archaic (armed robber of travellers)  (arcaico: )ladrão de estradas loc sm
rustler n (person who steals livestock)ladrão de gado loc sm
bank robber n ([sb] who steals from a bank)ladrão de bancos loc sm
 The bank robber drove off with thousands of dollars in cash.
cat burglar n (burglar)ladrão, gatuno sm
 The cat burglar was drunk and fell off the roof into a passing laundry van.
 The cat burglar entered the house by climbing up the drain-pipe and through an open window on the second floor.
jewel thief n ([sb] who steals precious stones or jewellery)ladrão de joias loc sm
 The Pink Panther is a film about a policeman trying to catch a notorious jewel thief.
car thief n ([sb] who steals automobiles)ladrão de carro loc sm
burglar n (thief)ladrão, arrombador sm
petty thief ladrão insignificante
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