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lata sfcan nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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can n (metal container, usu. cylindrical)lata sf
 We need three more cans of paint.
 Precisamos de mais três latas de tinta.
can n (food)lata sf
 Pass me that can of peas.
can n (contents of a can)lata sf
 I'll just have a can of beans for lunch.
bin n (drawer)lata sf
tin n UK (can)lata sf
can n (trash)lata de lixo loc sf
  lixeira sf
 Could you put these rotten eggs in the trash can, please?
 Podes colocar estes ovos podres na lata de lixo, por favor?
 Podes colocar estes ovos podres na lixeira, por favor?
cur n (dog: mongrel)  (cachorro)vira-lata sm
   (pessoa: patife)vira-lata sm
mutt n slang (dog)  (gíria, cachorro)vira-lata sm
mutt n slang (mongrel dog)  (gíria)vira-lata sm
banger n UK, informal (old car)  (INGL, carro velho)lata velha loc sf
mongrel n (mixed-breed dog)  (sem raça determinada)vira-lata, mestiço sm
tinny n Aus, informal (can of beer)  (AU: informal)lata de cerveja loc sf
trashcan n US (dustbin)lixeira sf
  lata de lixo loc sf
waste bin
(rubbish bin)lata de lixo loc sf
deadhead v US (drive an empty truck, taxi, train )  (dirigir caminhão, etc, vazio, sem renda)bater lata loc v int
garbage can n US (rubbish bin, receptacle for waste)  (lixeira)lata de lixo loc sf
 Don't leave your trash on the floor. Throw it in the garbage can!
 A garbage can is large, often put on the street for garbage collection.
milk can n (large metal container for milk)  (recipiente para leite)leiteira loc sf
   (grande, de metal)lata de leite loc sf
 The farmer was very upset when the dog bumped into the milk can and spilt the milk.
cookie jar n (container for biscuits)biscoiteira sf
  lata de biscoito loc sf
 Don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
dumpster diving n US (picking through refuse bins)revirar o lixo loc vt
   (para catar restos)virar lata de lixo loc vt
 For the last few months, he had been squatting in an abandoned house and dumpster diving for his meals.
disposal n (garbage)  (lixo)lata de lixo loc sf
homeless adj (animal)  (animal de rua)vira-lata adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
lemon n (bad car)  (USA, coloquial: carro ruim)lata velha loc sf
wreck n (old working car)  (carro velho)lata velha loc sf
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