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Traduções principais
lata sfcan nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
canister n (container, can)pote sm
  lata sf
  recipiente sm
 Martha keeps flour in the canister next to the sink.
 A Marta guarda a farinha no pote perto da pia.
tin n (type of metal) (tipo de metal)estanho, latão sm
  lata sf
 Mining tin used to be the main industry in Cornwall.
tin can n (metal food container) (contêiner de metal para comida)lata sf
  latinha sf
 I hate eating soup from a tin can. Baked beans are sold in tin cans.
tin n (container: for biscuits, etc.) (recipiente para biscoitos, etc)lata sf
 Once the cake had cooled, Peter put it in a tin to store it.
tin n UK (can: of food) (de comida)lata sf
tin n UK (can: metal container) (recipiente cilíndrico de metal)lata sf
can n (metal container, usu. cylindrical)lata sf
 We need three more cans of paint.
 Precisamos de mais três latas de tinta.
can n US (tin: of food)lata sf
 Pass me that can of peas.
Traduções complementares
a can of [sth] n (contents of a tin)lata sf
 I'll just have a can of beans for lunch.
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Formas compostas:
old banger
UK, informal (old car) (caro velho)lata velha sf
 Martin worked for a year to transform his banger into a racing car.
beat-up car n US, slang (car in poor condition) (BR, gíria)lata velha loc sf
  (figurado, informal)calhambeque sm
  (figurado, informal)carro surrado loc sm
 I love my beat-up car, even though it´s covered in dents and scratches.
(cooking pot)panela de lata loc sf
bin n UK (garbage can)lata de lixo loc sf
  lixeira sf
 Please toss your leftovers in the bin.
call a spade a spade v expr figurative (speak frankly, plainly)falar sem rodeios expres
  (figurado, coloquial)falar na lata expres
  (figurado)dar nome aos bois expres
 Louise has never been afraid of calling a spade a spade.
 Luísa nunca teve medo de falar sem rodeios.
cookie jar n (container for biscuits)biscoiteira sf
  lata de biscoito sf
 Don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
crock n UK, slang (old delapidated car) (informal)calhambeque sm
  (gíria)lata-velha sf
 The clunky old crock rambled down the road.
cur n (dog: mongrel) (cachorro)vira-lata sm
  (pessoa: patife)vira-lata sm
 They tossed him out onto the street like a cur.
deadhead vi US, slang (drive an empty truck, taxi, train)bater lata loc v int
dumpster diving n US (picking through refuse bins)revirar o lixo loc vt
  (para catar restos)virar lata de lixo loc vt
 For the last few months, he had been squatting in an abandoned house and dumpster diving for his meals.
garbage n US (rubbish: can, receptacle)lixo sm
  lata de lixo loc sf
 Richard tossed the banana peel in the garbage.
garbage can (US),
rubbish bin (UK)
(receptacle for waste) (lixeira)lata de lixo loc sf
 Don't leave your trash on the floor. Throw it in the garbage can! A garbage can is large, often put on the street for garbage collection.
milk can n (large metal container for milk) (recipiente para leite)leiteira loc sf
  (grande, de metal)lata de leite loc sf
 The farmer was very upset when the dog bumped into the milk can and spilt the milk.
mongrel n (mixed-breed dog) (sem raça determinada)vira-lata, mestiço sm
mutt n slang (dog) (gíria, cachorro)vira-lata sm
  (POR)rafeiro sm
 That mutt chewed up my shoes again!
mutt n slang (mongrel dog) (gíria)vira-lata sm
 Although the children wanted a purebred dog, the parents thought it more ethical to adopt a mutt.
outright adv (openly, blatantly)sinceramente, abertamente, francamente advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
  (figurado, informal)na cara loc adv
  (BRA, gíria)na lata loc adv
 Then George said outright that he'd never liked Lucy.
pop can n US, regional (soda can, fizzy drink tin) (bebida gasosa em lata)lata de refrigerante loc sf
 The aluminum recycling facility pays thirty cents a pound for used pop cans.
rubbish bin n UK (trash can)lata de lixo loc sf
 The rubbish bin's nearly overflowing!
salvaged vehicle n (damaged car used for spare parts)sucata sf
  (informal)ferro-velho sm
  (informal)lata-velha sf
on the sauce expr figurative, slang (drinking alcohol) (BR, gíria)enchendo a lata
 Martin's been on the sauce again.
skip n UK (large refuse container) (grande contêiner de dejetos)lata de lixo sf
  latão de lixo sm
 The man tossed some rubbish into the skip.
spray can n (aerosol)lata de spray loc sf
  tubo de spray loc sm
  lata de aerosol loc sf
  tubo de aerosol loc sm
 The chemicals in spray cans affect the ozone layer.
stray animal n (dog or cat living in the streets) (cão ou gato de rua)animal de rua sm
  (informal, pejorativo)cachorro vira-lata sm
  gato de rua sm
tea caddy n (storage container for tea leaves) (vasilhame para folhas de chá)lata de chá loc sf
  pote de chá loc sm
tin toy n (child's plaything made of lightweight metal) (brinquedo metálico infantil)brinquedo de lata loc sm
tinny n Aus, informal (can of beer) (AU: informal)lata de cerveja loc sf
 I'll have a tinny with my sandwich.
tobacco tin,
US: tobacco can
UK (small metal box for smoking tobacco)lata de charuto loc sf
tobacco tin n (small metal box for smoking tobacco) (caixinha de metal para tabaco)lata de charuto loc sf
trash can n US (dustbin, rubbish bin)lata de lixo loc sf
 Take those stinky shoes outside and throw them in the trash can!
waste bin n UK (wastepaper basket, trash can) (lata de lixo para papéis, lata de lixo)lata de lixo sf
 I knocked over the waste bin, leaving food all over the floor.
waste bin
(rubbish bin)lata de lixo loc sf
 The office cleaners are responsible for emptying the wastebins.
wastepaper basket,
waste paper basket,
waste basket
(indoor receptacle for trash) (receptáculo interno para lixo)lata de lixo loc sf
 She threw the unneeded files into the wastepaper basket.
wastepaper bin,
waste paper bin
UK (indoor receptacle for rubbish) (receptáculo interno para lixo)lata de lixo sf
wheelie bin n UK, informal (refuse bin on wheels) (lata de lixo com rodinhas)lata de lixo com rodinhas sf
  coletor de lixo sm
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