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leitura sfreading nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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read n colloquial (experience of reading)leitura sf
 This mystery story is a good read - full of excitement.
reading n (action of [sb] who reads)leitura sf
 Reading is an important skill.
 A leitura é uma habilidade importante.
reading n (music: performance)  (música: performance)leitura sf
 That was an unusual reading of Bach's Preludes.
reading n (matter read)  (material lido)leitura sf
 The reading was light and easy.
reading n (interpretation)  (interpretação)leitura sf
 What is your reading of the economy?
 Qual é a sua leitura da economia?
reading n (indication of an instrument)  (por um instrumento de medida)leitura sf
 The altimeter reading shows that we are quite low.
readout n (display of output information)  (informática)leitura sf
shoot vtr (take a seismic reading)  (geologia: ler impressão de movimentos sísmicos)fazer leitura loc vt
 The geologists will shoot and interpret the seismic data for you.
perusal n (attentive reading)escrutínio sm
  leitura cuidadosa loc sf
readership n (readers of a publication)  (número de leitores)índice de leitura loc sm
unread adj (person: uneducated)  (pessoa)de pouca leitura loc adj
mind reading n (telepathy: knowing [sb]'s thoughts)  (telepatia )leitura de pensamento loc sf
 My cousin believes he can use mind reading to understand the thoughts of his pet dog.
machine readable máquina de leitura
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