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lembrar vtremember, remind vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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place vtr (date)  (data)lembrar vt
 I know it was last week, but I can't place the day.
remember vtr (recall)  (recordar)lembrar vt
 Try to remember exactly what happened.
 Tente lembrar exatamente o que aconteceu.
remember vtr (keep in mind)  (manter em mente)lembrar vt
 Remember to buy some wine for this evening.
 Lembre de comprar vinho para esta noite.
remember vi (bear in mind)  (ter em mente)lembrar vt
 It is an important thing to remember.
think vi (remember)lembrar v int
 What is her name? I can't think.
think vtr (remember)lembrar vt
  pensar vt
 Can you think of what we did last weekend?
 Lembra o que fizemos na semana passada?
  Nem pensei em comprar-lhe um presente.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
remind vtr (cause to remember)lembrar vt
 The alarm reminded Tim of his appointment.
 O alarme lembrou Tim de seu compromisso.
remember vtr (maintain in memory)  (ter na memória)lembrar, recordar vt
  lembrar-se vp
 I remember the day you were born.
recollect vtr (recall, remember)recordar, lembrar vt
bring to mind vtr (recall, remind one of)fazer lembrar, trazer à mente
 The smell of bread baking brings to mind the years I spent in boarding school.
call to mind vtr (remind one of)fazer lembrar
  trazer à mente
 Your story calls to mind the day I wore my evening gown to a staff meeting.
recall vi (remember)recordar-se, lembrar-se vp
ring a bell in one's mind lembrar-se, recordar
  vir à lembrança
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