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liberdade sfliberty nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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freedom n (liberty)liberdade sf
 Freedom of speech is an important basis of democracy.
 Liberdade de expressão é uma base importante da democracia.
freedom n (not slavery)liberdade sf
 Some slaves were able to buy their freedom.
freedom n (lack of restriction)liberdade sf
 You have the freedom to go anywhere you want here.
 Você tem a liberdade para ir aonde quiser.
freedom n (full access)liberdade sf
 I'll give you the password, and you will have complete freedom to do as you wish.
liberty n (freedom from oppression)liberdade sf
liberty n (freedom of choice)liberdade sf
liberty n (impropriety)  (intimidade às vezes abusiva)liberdade sf
independence n (person: freedom)independência, liberdade sf
leeway n (freedom, flexibility)  (liberdade de movimento)liberdade, flexibilidade sf
probationer n (criminal on probation)réu em liberdade condicional loc sm
elbow room
(space in which to move)espaço sm
  liberdade de ação loc sf
parolee n (person freed on parole)pessoa em liberdade condicional loc sf
academic freedom n (education: freedom of speech)  (educação)liberdade acadêmica loc sf
civil liberty n (individual freedom from abuse by government)liberdade civil loc sf
degree of freedom n (leeway, margin of freedom allowed)grau de liberdade
 As you grow older and more mature, your parents will allow you a greater degree of freedom.
freedom of speech n (right to express oneself freely)liberdade de expressão loc sf
 Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental freedoms of a true democracy.
freedom of speech and expression n (right to express oneself freely)liberdade de expressão loc sf
 Freedom of speech and expression broadens the concept of free speech to include the visual arts, music, and so on.
freedom of the press n (right to print opinions)liberdade de imprensa loc sf
 The reporter refused to tell the police who gave him the information, citing his rights under freedom of the press.
individual liberty n (personal freedom or rights)liberdade individual
 Monitoring people's telephone calls is an infringement of individual liberty.
custodial sentence n (prison term)pena de prisão loc sf
  pena privativa de liberdade loc sf
freedom of choice n (free will)liberdade de escolha loc sf
 Man has freedom of choice as to whether he will follow a path of good or evil.
freedom of movement n (unrestricted travel across borders)liberdade de movimento loc sf
 The EU guarantees freedom of movement for all its citizens.
freedom of thought n (right to hold beliefs)liberdade de pensamento loc sf
 The reason most democracies separate church and state is to insure that every citizen has freedom of thought.
parole n (prisoner release)  (libertação de prisioneiro)liberdade condicional loc sf
take the liberty tomar a liberdade
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