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ligar vt  (máquina)start vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (telefonar)call vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (conectar)link, tie, bind vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (importar-se)care viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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call vtr (telephone)ligar vt
 I'll call you tomorrow to see how you are.
 Eu vou te ligar amanhã para ver como estás.
call vi (telephone)ligar v int
 If you don't want to write you can always call.
 Se tu não queres escrever, tu podes ligar.
care vi (be concerned)importar-se vp
  ligar vt
 If you care then you'll donate some money to the cause.
 Se tu te importares, então vais doar dinheiro para a causa.
 Se tu ligares, então vais doar dinheiro para a causa.
start vtr (machine)  (máquina)ligar vt
  dar partida loc vt
 Start the car. It's time we left.
 Ligue o carro. É hora de irmos.
ring vtr UK (call on a phone)  (ligar de um telefone)telefonar vt
  ligar vt
 Edward rang all of his friends.
 Edward telefonou para todos os seus amigos.
telephone vtr (call [sb])telefonar vt
  ligar vt
 They telephoned us to tell us that they arrived home safely.
tie vtr figurative (connect)ligar vt
 The politician had to resign because it was discovered that he was tied to the mafia.
tie vtr (sound two notes as one)ligar vt
 You need to tie the C and the G in this bar.
tie vtr (in musical notation)  (música)ligar vt
 The quarter note and the eighth note were tied.
link vtr figurative (connect mentally)  (conectar mentalmente)associar, relacionar vt
  ligar vt
 The detective linked the suspect to the crime scene.
ligate [sth]
(surgery: tie)  (cirurg: ligadura)ligar vt
call in v informal (contact [sb] by phone)ligar v int
chain vtr (connect)acorrentar vt
  ligar vt
make a call ligar
  fazer uma ligação
trip vtr (to start a machine)ligar, acionar vt
 The blown fuse tripped the emergency generator.
earth vtr UK (electricity: connect ground wire)  (eletricidade)ligar à terra loc vt
 Is that plug earthed?
ground vtr US (electrical)  (eletricidade)ligar à terra loc vt
 This connection grounds the device to keep it from shocking you.
link vtr (connect)ligar, conectar vt
 They linked the two train carriages together.
 Eles ligaram (or: conectaram) os dois vagões ferroviários.
link vi (be or become connected)ligar-se, conectar-se vp
 The two train carriages linked.
tie vtr figurative (restrict)ligar, amarrar vt
 He is tied to the family through marriage.
bond vi (hold together)unir, ligar vt
 When building a brick wall, use cement to bond.
couple vtr (link)casar, ligar vt
 If anyone couples my name and the murder weapon, the police will get me.
phone vi (make telephone calls)telefonar, ligar v int
 She phoned yesterday.
phone vtr (make a telephone call)telefonar, ligar vt
 She phoned me yesterday.
 Ela me telefonou (or: ligou) ontem.
connect vi (form an attachment)  (unir-se por vínculos )ligar-se vp
 From the moment we met, we connected.
interlock vi (connect, fit together)ligar-se, integrar-se vp
  unir v int
restart vtr (car: start again)  (carro)ligar outra vez loc vt
liaise with [sb]
(work in cooperation)  (agir em grupo)ligar-se vp
  estabelecer ligação loc v int
call back vi (return a phone call)ligar de volta
 I'll call back when I can.
call back vtr (return phone call of)ligar de volta para
 I'll call her back later.
call up vtr informal (make a phone call to)ligar, chamar vt
 Let's call her up and check the plans.
couldn't-give-a-damn attitude n slang, potentially offensive (apathy, lack of concern)atitude de não dar a mínima, não ligar a mínima loc sf
 There's no way I'd hire him with his couldn't-give-a-damn attitude.
couple with vtr (add, [sth] to [sth])juntar, ligar, unir com vt
 Icy temperatures, coupled with dense fog, made motorway driving extremely hazardous.
don't give a bugger v UK vulgar, slang (don't care)  (gíria)não dar a mínima, não ligar
fire up vtr literal (start ignition of)  (literal)ligar, acender vt
 I pressed the starter button, fired up the engine, and took off into a cloudless blue sky.
get through to [sb] vtr (reach [sb] on the telephone)  (conectar com alguém por telefone)conseguir ligar para loc vt
hook in vtr (attach, link up)ligar, conectar vt
hook into vtr (computing: connect to)  (informática)ligar, conectar vt
 I'm trying to hook into the local area network.
hook up vtr (connect, attach)ligar, conectar vt
 I had to hire an expert to hook up my computer to the office network.
hook up vi slang (start to frequent, become associated: with)ligar-se, associar-se v p
 My wife and I first hooked up when we were in high school.
hook up with vtr slang (start to frequent, become associated with)ligar-se, associar-se
connect the dots v US, literal (join dots to form a picture)ligar os pontos loc vt
 If you connect the dots with your pencil, you will get a picture.
fill the blanks
fill in the blanks
UK, informal, figurative (make inferences)  (fazer inferências)ligar os pontos loc v
attach vtr (connect)ligar, atar, anexar vt
plug vtr (electricity)plugar, ligar vt
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