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limpeza sfcleansing, cleaning nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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cleanliness n (attention to hygiene)limpeza sf
cleansing n (act of making clean)  (ato de tornar limpo)limpeza sf
cleanup n (elimination of dirt or mess)limpeza sf
cleaning n (act of cleaning)limpeza sf
cleaning n (concept)limpeza sf
cleansing adj (product: for cleaning body)  (produto: para o corpo)de limpeza loc adj
cleansing n figurative (ethnic: genocide)  ( etnia: genocídio)limpeza étnica loc sf
neatness n (person: tidy appearance)  (pessoa)asseio, alinho sm
  limpeza, elegância sf
neatness n (room, etc.: orderly state)  (num aposento)esmero, capricho, apuro sm
  ordem, limpeza sf
tidiness n (neatness, order)ordem, limpeza, higiene sf
  asseio sm
cleaning agent n (substance that cleans)material de limpeza loc sm
 Supermarkets stock a bewildering range of cleaning agents, from old-fashioned soap to the latest detergent.
cleaning fluid n (liquid used to clean fabrics)fluido de limpeza loc sm
 You can dab off small grease spots and oil stains with cleaning fluid, but for a really thorough job you need to send the article to a dry clearer.
cleaning-up n literal (act of clearing a mess)  (literal)limpeza geral loc sf
cleansing cream n (product for cleansing facial skin)  (produto para limpar o rosto)creme de limpeza loc sm
 Advertisers try to make women think they can keep their youth by using a simple cleansing cream.
cleaning mousse n (household cleaning product: foam)espuma para limpeza loc sf
 We cleaned the old leather chair with a spray-on cleaning mousse.
data cleaning n (technology: removing corrupt information)  (tecn., )limpeza de dados loc sf
 When a computer crashes, it will automatically scan the hard drive and perform data cleaning, if necessary.
char n (cleaning woman)faxineira sf
  mulher da limpeza loc sf
cleaning adj (who or that)de limpeza loc adj
cleaning lady moça da limpeza
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