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linguagem language, tongue
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language n (vocabulary)  (linguagem)vocabulário, linguajar sm
  linguagem sf
 Don't use that sort of language! Please use more polite words.
language n (wording)  (modo de redigir)linguagem sf
 The language of this document is really dry and boring.
language n (style)  (maneira de falar)linguagem sf
  linguajar sm
 You could tell that she was from a lower-class background by her language.
language n (computers: programming)  (computadores: programa)linguagem sf
 Java is a computer language.
 Java é uma linguagem de computador.
language n (vulgar words)  (palavras vulgares)linguagem sf
 Don't use that language around the kids!
language n (any mode of expression)  (qualquer tipo de expressão)linguagem sf
 The language of dogs includes barks, growls and whimpers.
language n (dialect)  (variante de uma língua)dialeto sm
  linguagem, fala sf
 The language of one town can really differ from the next, even in the same country.
slangy adj informal (very colloquial)  (muito coloquial)em linguagem popular loc adj
  no popular loc adj
bombast n (grandiose talk)linguagem bombástica loc sf
colourful language
US: colorful language
(swearing, use of curse words)  (xingação)linguagem malsoante, linguagem inconveniente loc sf
 I have to warn you, this movie contains some rather colourful language.
colourful language
US: colorful language
(vivid description)  (descrição vívida)linguagem colorida loc sf
 The author described the scene with such colorful language that I felt as though I were actually there.
formal language n (correct or polite words and phrases)linguagem formal loc sf
 Diplomacy is always conducted in very formal language.
foul language n (obscene words)linguagem obscena loc sf
  palavras obscenas loc sf pl
 The use of foul language may offend some people.
high-level language n (formal language)  (linguagem formal, padrão)linguagem de alto nível loc sf
 C++ is a high-level language. High level programming languages use more human-like syntax.
informal language n (colloquial words and expressions)linguagem informal loc sf
 The lawyer explained the terms of the contract using informal language, so we could all understand.
literary language n (writing, speech: formal or poetic style)  (estilo formal ou poético)linguagem literária loc sf
 Long complex sentences are a characteristic of literary language.
low-level language n (computer code)  (informática)linguagem de programação de baixo nível loc sf
machine language n (computer code)  (info: código próprio para o processamento de dados)linguagem de máquina loc sf
natural language n (language that has evolved naturally)linguagem natural loc sf
 Programming languages and natural languages have many things in common.
obscene language n (swearing, curse words)  (profanação)linguagem obscena, linguagem grosseira loc sf
 You should not use obscene language around children.
official language n (words used on government documents)  (linguagem dos documentos governamentais)linguagem oficial loc sf
 Official language is often nothing more than double-speak and innuendo.
baby talk linguagem infantil
figurative language linguagem figurada
Pardon my French perdoe o meu francês
  perdoe a minha linguagem
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