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Traduções principais
linha sfline nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  thread nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
line n (drawn mark)linha sf
 He drew a curved line on the paper to show the shape.
 Ele desenhou uma linha curva no papel para mostrar a forma.
line n (mathematics: continuous extent)linha sf
 Plot the straight line and the circle on the same graph.
 Trace a linha reta e o círculo no mesmo gráfico.
track n (railway line)trilho sm
  linha sf
  via férrea loc sf
 The train tracks pass close to their house.
 Os trilhos do trem passam perto da casa deles.
 A linha do trem passa perto de sua casa.
line n (telephone) (telefone)linha sf
 The line got disconnected and I called her back.
 A linha foi desconectada, então eu liguei de volta.
rank n (row, file, line)linha sf
  fila sf
  fileira sf
 Please could you put these books into order, starting with this rank here.
strand n figurative (element) (figurado)linha sf
  (figurado)fio sf
 There are many different strands to this narrative.
line n (company: shipping, bus)linha sf
 This bus line goes to many towns.
 Esta linha de ônibus vai para várias cidades.
line n (business: group of products)linha sf
 The company has a product line of mobile phones for consumers.
 A empresa tem uma linha de produtos de celulares para consumidores.
Traduções complementares
line n (limit, frontier) (limite, fronteira)linha sf
 The line between North and South Korea is heavily militarized.
line n (cord) (fio)linha, corda sf
 I need a thick line to tie up this box.
line n (rail: between 2 points) (de trem, metrô)linha sf
 The local metro has two lines; Red and Green.
line n (row of written characters) (escrita)linha sf
 The paragraph takes up ten lines in the book.
line n (short message) (mensagem curta)bilhete sm
  linha sf
 Drop me a line on Tuesday and we can talk about it then.
line n (route, direction) (rota)linha sf
 Follow the line of the mountains and you will get to the town.
line n often plural (contour, design)linha sf
 The new car was admired for its beautiful curved lines.
 O novo carro foi admirado por suas belas linhas curvas.
line n (business: operations managers) (gerente de linha)de linha loc adj
  (gerente de operação)linha sf
 I will ask my line manager for her advice before talking to the boss.
line n (business: assembly line) (de montagem)linha sf
 The assembly line runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
track n (one instrument on a song) (um instrumento numa música)pista, trilha, linha sf
  canal sm
 The producer mixed in the drum track with the guitar track.
line n (railway: track)linha sf
  trilha sf
 A fallen tree on the line has delayed trains running between London and Manchester.
boundary n (sports: hit crossing limits of field)linha sf
boundary n often plural (sports: line marking playing area)linha sf
 The boundaries are marked by white chalk lines.
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Formas compostas:
as the crow flies adv (in a straight line, by a direct route)em linha reta loc adv
 As the crow flies, I live only 200 meters from your house.
assembly line n (factory system, production line) (linha de produção)linha de montagem loc sf
 He had worked on the assembly line all his life.
borderline n figurative (line dividing two things) (figurado)fronteira sf
  linha divisória loc sf
 The borderline between optimism and idealism is a hard one to draw.
boundary line n (line that indicates a border)linha limítrofe loc sf
 My sister and I used tape on the floor to mark the boundary line between her side and my side of the room we shared.
(line with journalist's name) (jornalismo)linha de assinatura loc sf
candlewick n (embroidered fabric)novelo de linha loc sm
candlewick n as adj (embroidered with chenille yarn)linha de bordado loc adj
course of action n (procedure) (procedimento)linha de ação loc sf
 The course of action chosen by her doctor was successful.
dateline n (news: line telling date and place of origin) (menção de lugar e data de uma notícia)linha da data loc sf
dateline [sth] vtr (news: provide with a dateline) (notícia)colocar na linha do tempo loc vt
fine line n figurative (little distinction)linha tênue loc sf
 Sometimes there's a fine line between ironic wit and plain nastiness.
firing line n (military: positions for firing)linha de fogo loc sf
 The soldier stepped up to the firing line, took aim and fired.
firing line n figurative (most vulnerable positions) (figurativo)linha de fogo loc sf
 When things went wrong, Fred's secretary was always in the firing line.
fishing line n (cord used to catch fish)linha de pesca loc sf
 The bass was so huge it broke my fishing line and got away.
foul line n (baseball: line designating width of playing field) (beisebol)linha de falta loc sf
front line,
(war: battlefront)linha de frente loc sf
Nota: The single-word form is used when the term modifies another noun.
 For many years female soldiers were not allowed on the front lines.
goal line n (sport: front boundary of a goal)linha do gol loc sf
 The referee stood close to the goal line.
horizon n (horizon line)linha do horizonte loc sf
 The horizon was very jagged because of the mountains.
leader n (printing: row of dots) (guia assinalado com pontos)pontilhado, ponteado sm
  linha pontilhada loc sf
 Tables of contents usually have leaders to guide your eyes to the page number.
leading n (printing: line-spacing)linha de espaçamento loc sf
 The leading line in a paragraph can be indented.
line n (fishing)linha de pesca loc sf
 He tossed the line to the deepest part of the river, trying to catch a fish.
line n (thought, policy)linha de pensamento loc sf
 His line of thought is consistent with that of the religious authorities.
line n (military: fortifications) (militar)linha de defesa loc sf
  primeira linha loc sf
 The three lines of defence against the enemy didn't stop them.
(military: position) (militar)linha de combate loc sf
  linha de frente loc sf
 The youngest soldiers often end up on the front lines of the war.
line n (American football) (futebol americano)linha de ataque loc sf
 He plays on the offensive line, and protects the quarterback.
line vtr (baseball: hit a line drive) (beisebol)acertar na linha loc vt
 He lined the ball to center field and got to first base.
line of sight n (straight line of view)campo visual loc sm
  linha de visão loc sf
 He bent over to stay out of his pursuer's line of sight.
mainline [sth]
(relating to a principal railway route) (relativo à via principal)da linha principal loc adj
on the borderline adv (in between) (no meio de)na linha divisória loc adv
 After his wife left him he spent several months on the borderline between sanity and insanity.
point n (printing: 1/72 inch) (1/72 de polegada)duodécima parte da linha loc sf
 The main text should be twelve point; titles should be sixteen point.
product line n (range of goods) (variedade de produtos)linha de produtos loc sf
 We are currently making extensive changes to our product lines. CoverGirl have expanded their product line with a new long-lasting lipstick.
put through to vtr phrasal 3-part (connect with: on phone) (conectar com: ao telefone)pôr na linha loc vint
  conectar com loc vt
 We will now put you through to the coordinator.
railroad line n US (railway route) (rota de trem)linha ferroviária loc sf
railroad line n US (railway track) (trilha de trem)linha de trem loc sf
  via férrea loc sf
railroad track n US (railway line)linha de trem loc sf
railway line n UK (railroad route) (rota de trem)linha férrea loc sf
  linha de trem loc sf
railway line n UK (railroad track) (rota de trem)linha férrea loc sf
  linha de trem loc sf
rollerblading n (skating on rollerblades)patinação em linha loc sf
  patinação in-line loc sf
scrum n (rugby formation) (rúgbi: de jogadores amontoados)alinhamento sm
  (rúgbi: scrum half)linha média loc sf
straight adv (in the same direction)em linha reta loc adv
 After we were told that we were going in the right direction, we continued straight.
straight n (straight line)linha reta loc sf
 You need to draw a curved line here, and then two straights.
telephone line n (phone connection) (conexão telefônica)linha telefônica loc sf
 According to the operator their telephone line has been disconnected.
telephone line n (telegraph wire) (linha de telégrafo/telegráfica)linha telefônica loc sf
 You can see telephone lines running for miles along the roads.
timberline n (highest point at which trees can grow)linha das árvores loc sf
tramway n UK (streetcar line)linha de bonde loc sf
transmission line n (power cable) (cabo de energia)linha de transmissão loc sf
  cabo elétrico loc sm
tree line n (natural boundary of tree-growing area)linha das árvores loc sf
 We climbed all day until we were well above the tree line. We saw an eagle flying just above the tree line.
 Nós escalamos o dia inteiro até ficarmos bem acima da linha das árvores. Nós vimos uma águia voando acima da linha das árvores.
tucker n historical (lace neckpiece) (postiça)gola de renda ou linha loc sf
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