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lista list, schedule
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schedule n (list)lista sf
 The insurance company has a schedule of acceptable medications.
bill n (list)lista sf
 The bill of charges and expenses itemized all project spending.
list n (written series, sequence)  (sequências, séries escritas)lista sf
 I have a list of twenty things I need to buy.
 Tenho uma lista de vinte coisas que preciso comprar.
list n (finance: listed stocks)lista sf
 The list was growing day by day as the economy boomed.
list n (price list)  (preço de lista)lista sf
 Can I see the price list?
register n (list)lista sf
 His rude remark added to the register of offences in her mind.
list of n (written series of items)lista sf
 Every year, my nephew gives me a list of toys that he would like for Christmas.
 Can you please give me the list of items I need to buy from the grocery store?
checklist n (to do list)lista sf
   (anglicismo)check-list sm
listing n (list)lista sf
list vtr (make a list)fazer uma lista loc vt
 List the items that you want me to buy.
docket n (package label)  (etiqueta)rótulo sm
   (jurídico)lista das sentenças loc sf
shortlist n (list of chosen finalists)lista de finalistas loc sf
   (lista de)pré-seleção sf
shortlist vtr (put on a shortlist)pôr na lista de selecionados loc vt
blacklist n (list of banned individuals, etc.)lista negra loc sf
blacklist vtr (ban or bar)  (banir)pôr na lista negra loc vt
wordlist n (collection of words meeting certain criteria)lista de palavras loc sf
backlist v (put on a backlist)pôr na lista de reserva loc v
enumeration n (list)enumeração, lista sf
phonebook n (directory of telephone numbers)lista telefônica loc sf
phonebook n (personal list of telephone numbers)lista telefônica loc sf
playlist n (music: set of tracks)lista de músicas loc sf
wish list
(listing of desired items)lista de desejos loc sf
rota n (repeating schedule of assigned tasks)escala de serviços loc sf
  lista de turnos loc sf
unlisted adj (phone number: ex-directory)  (número de telefone)fora da lista loc adj
business directory n (listing of businesses)lista de negócios loc sf
honors list n US (list of top students at school)  (lista de melhores estudantes)lista de honra loc sf
honors list n US (list of top performers in field)  (lista de funcionários de melhor desempenho)lista de honra loc sf
honours list n (annual list of persons given royal awards)  (sistema para reconhecer méritos em termos de condecoração e serviços )lista de honra loc sf
 The actor received a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours list.
jury list n (list of persons eligible for jury duty)lista de jurados
 My name came up again on the jury list so I'll have to do jury duty next month.
mailing list n (list of contacts to whom mail is sent)  (lista de endereços)lista de correio loc sf
 All of my email contacts are on my mailing list.
class list n (school: register of names)lista de alunos loc sf
cue sheet n (theatre: list of cues)  (teatro)lista de orientações loc sf
Dean's Honour List
US: Dean's Honor List
(roll call of academic distinction)  (acadêmica)lista de honra loc sf
Directory Enquiries n UK (service that lists phone numbers)auxílio à lista telefônica loc sm
 If you need to call someone, but don't have their number, you may be able to get their number by calling Directory Enquiries.
drop-down list n (computing: expanding set of options)  (inf., )lista suspensa loc sf
   (inf.)menu drop-down loc sm
 You can select accessories from a convenient drop-down list on our web site.
electoral roll n (list of registered voters)lista de eleitores loc sf
 If you are not on the electoral roll, you will not be able to vote.
directory n (phone book)  (lista)lista telefônica loc sf
check off conferir e marcar em uma lista
roll call lista de chamada
scratch out riscar, apagar
  tirar de uma lista
waiting list lista de espera
want list lista de desejos
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