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lista list, schedule
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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Traduções principais
list n (written series of items) (sequências, séries escritas)lista sf
 I have a list of twenty things I need to buy.
 Tenho uma lista de vinte coisas que preciso comprar.
listing n (list)lista sf
 Garrett tried to get removed from the company's listings so that they would stop calling him.
list of n (written series of items)lista sf
 Every year, my nephew gives me a list of toys that he would like for Christmas. Can you please give me the list of items I need to buy from the grocery store?
checklist n (list of items to be checked) (anglicismo)check list, check-list sf
  lista sf
 I went down the checklist and found I had 9 out of the 10 symptoms of depression.
enumeration n formal (list)enumeração, lista sf
 The enumeration looks incomplete; please check it again.
Traduções complementares
schedule n (list)lista sf
 The insurance company has a schedule of acceptable medications.
bill n (list)lista sf
 The bill of charges and expenses itemized all project spending.
list n (finance: listed stocks)lista sf
 The list was growing day by day as the economy boomed.
list n (price list) (preço de lista)lista sf
 Can I see the price list?
register n (list)lista sf
 His rude remark added to the register of offences in her mind.
index n (list of censored items)lista sf
  relação sf
 The censor had to check all the confiscated items against his index.
roster n (list)lista sf
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.
Formas compostas:
backlist v (put on a backlist)pôr na lista de reserva loc v
blacklist n (list of banned individuals, etc.)lista negra loc sf
 The director was put on a blacklist in the 1950s as a suspected communist sympathiser.
blacklist vtr (ban or bar) (banir)pôr na lista negra loc vt
the book n informal, dated (telephone directory) (datado)lista telefônica sf
bucket list n slang (things you wish to do before dying)lista de desejos sf
 Swimming with dolphins is on Susan's bucket list.
business directory n (listing of businesses)lista de negócios loc sf
checklist n (to-do list)lista de afazeres sf
  lista de tarefas sf
 Mary was disappointed that she had only finished half of her checklist.
class list n (school: register of names)lista de alunos loc sf
 The teacher read out the class list at the beginning of the lesson.
cue sheet n (theatre: list of cues) (teatro)lista de orientações loc sf
 The stage manager has prepared a cue sheet for all the technicians.
Dean's Honor List,
Dean's list
US (roll call of academic distinction)lista de honra loc sf
 The Dean's Honor List recognizes students who have demonstrated academic excellence in a semester.
directory n (phone book)catálogo telefônico sm
  lista telefônica sf
 Glenn looked up the plumber's number in the directory.
drop-down list n (computing: expanding set of options) (informática)lista suspensa loc sf
  (informática)menu drop-down loc sm
 You can select accessories from a convenient drop-down list on our web site.
electoral roll n (list of registered voters)lista de eleitores loc sf
 If you are not on the electoral roll, you will not be able to vote.
gift registry n (list of desired presents) (lista de presentes desejados)lista de presentes loc sf
grocery list n (list of food items to be purchased) (lista de alimentos a ser comprados)lista de mercado loc sf
 I made a grocery list of all the food items I needed to buy at the supermarket.
guest list n (names of everyone invited) (nomes de todos os convidados)lista de convidados loc sf
 Sorry, you can't come in - your name isn't on the guest list.
honors list n US (list of top students at school) (lista de melhores estudantes)lista de honra loc sf
 The honors list names students who have achieved outstanding academic success at the college.
honors list n US (list of top performers in field) (lista de funcionários de melhor desempenho)lista de honra loc sf
 The golfer made the honors list after winning the US Open Golf Championship.
honours list n (annual list of persons given royal awards) (sistema para reconhecer méritos em termos de condecoração e serviços)lista de honra loc sf
 The actor received a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours list.
jury list n (list of persons eligible for jury duty)lista de jurados
 My name came up again on the jury list so I'll have to do jury duty next month.
list vtr (make a list)fazer uma lista loc vt
 List the items that you want me to buy.
mailing list n (list of contacts to whom mail is sent) (lista de endereços)lista de correio loc sf
 All of my email contacts are on my mailing list.
phonebook n (directory of telephone numbers)lista telefônica loc sf
 Erin used the phonebook to look up the number of her high school boyfriend.
phonebook n (personal list of telephone numbers)lista telefônica loc sf
 Mrs. Johnson looked for her physician's number in her phonebook.
playlist n (music: set of tracks)lista de músicas loc sf
price list n (itemized listing of product prices) (lista itemizada de preços de produtos)lista de preços loc sf
  catálogo de produtos loc sm
 The price list shows how much the company charges for different services.
punch list,
(to-do list, series of tasks to be done) (lista de afazeres, série de tarefas a serem feitas)lista de tarefas loc sf
  lista de afazeres loc sf
 My punch list for the weekend includes washing my car and cleaning my bedroom.
punch list,
(construction: list of things to be corrected) (construção: lista de coisas a serem corrigidas)lista de pendências loc sf
 The punch list includes various minor repairs which need to be done.
ranking list n (series or set ordered by relative position) (série de conjuntos ordenados por posição relativa)lista classificatória loc sf
  ranking sm
 Every year, the magazine publishes a ranking list of the 50 richest people in the country.
rent roll n (document listing tenants)lista de inquilinos loc sf
 The rent roll shows the rental rate for each of the landlord's properties.
rota n (repeating schedule of assigned tasks)escala de serviços sf
  lista de turnos sf
shopping list n (written set of items to be purchased) (lista de compras escrita para ser comprada)lista de compras sf
 Denise always makes a shopping list before she goes to the supermarket.
(list: chosen finalists)lista de finalistas loc sf
  pré-seleção sf
 The book was on the shortlist for the Booker Prize last year.
shortlist vtr (put on a shortlist)pôr na lista de selecionados loc vt
show directory n (listing of trade fairs)lista de feiras de comércio sf
sick list n (register of staff who are ill) (registro de quais funcionários estão doentes)lista de afastados por enfermidade sf
  lista de afastados por doença sf
 The company currently has a long sick list because so many people have got the flu.
slate n mainly US (list of candidates)lista de candidatos loc sm
subscription list n (magazine, website: list of recipients) (revista, site: lista de membros)lista de membros loc sf
 It may be because your name was accidentally erased from our subscription list.
task sheet n (outline of jobs to be done) (definição dos trabalhos a serem feitos)lista de tarefas loc sf
  lista de afazeres loc sf
telephone book n (directory of phone numbers) (catálogo de números telefônicos)catálogo telefônico loc sm
  lista telefônica loc sf
 Do you know where I can find a telephone book? - I need to look up a number.
telephone directory n (book listing phone numbers) (livro listando os números telefônicos)catálogo telefônico loc sm
  lista telefônica loc sf
 I need to look up a number in the telephone directory.
unlisted adj (phone number: ex-directory) (número de telefone)fora da lista loc adj
waiting list n (register of people waiting for [sth])lista de espera sf
 I've been on the waiting list for a new flat for 15 months.
want list (list of desired items)lista de desejos loc sf
wish list,
(list of things desired)lista de preferências loc sf
 My wish list for a house is: 3 bedrooms, a large yard and a fireplace.
 Minha lista de preferências para uma casa consiste em: 3 quartos, um quintal grande e uma lareira.
wish list
(listing of desired items)lista de desejos loc sf
wordlist n (collection of words)lista de palavras loc sf
 Make a wordlist of any new vocabulary you come across in the article.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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