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livro smbook nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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book n (volume)livro sm
 The first book in the series is a good one.
book n (written work)livro sm
 I'm reading a very good book.
 Estou lendo um livro muito bom.
 Ela tem muitos livros nas prateleiras.
book n (book: the Bible)  (Bíblia)livro sm
 The Bible begins with the Book of Genesis.
reader n (schoolbook)  (livro escolar)livro de texto loc sm
 It is a basic reader for third grade language learning.
register n (record book)livro de registro loc sm
  registro sm
 The newlyweds signed the register.
textbook n (book for study)livro didático loc sm
  compêndio sm
hardcover n (book with stiff cover)livro de capa dura loc sm
storybook n (children's fiction book)livro de contos loc sm
  livro de histórias loc sm
cookbook n (collection of recipes)livro de receitas loc sm
schoolbook n (textbook)livro escolar loc sm
  livro didático loc sm
schoolbook n (exercise book)livro de exercícios loc sm
playbook n (book containing one or more theatrical plays)livro de roteiros loc sm
quarto n (page size; book this size)  (tamanho da página)formato de livro loc sm
  quarto sm
slipcase n (hard protective case for a book)estojo de livro loc sm
account book n UK (finance ledger)livro de contabilidade loc sm
account book n US (accounting ledger)livro de contabilidade loc sm
 The bookmaker kept two sets of account books: one for the tax man, and another for his investors.
answer book n (book of solutions to exercises)livro de respostas loc sm
 I purchased the math textbook, but did not buy the answer book.
blue book n figurative (guide, almanac)  (almanaque)livro azul
book club n (subscription book service)clube do livro
 The book club sends a book of its choosing to its subscribers.
book club n (reading group)clube do livro
 My book club meets the first Monday of every month to discuss a new book.
book cover n (outer cover of a book)capa de livro loc sf
 There are few bookbinders who can repair the gilt lettering on leather book covers.
book jacket n (removable paper covering of a book)capa de livro loc sf
 The library covers book jackets with plastic so they will look nice longer.
children's book n (book intended for children)livro infantil loc sm
 During his career, the artist illustrated several children's books.
closed book n figurative ([sb] or [sth] who is mysterious, hard to know)  (figurativo - algo, alguém sigiloso)livro fechado loc sm
 Whilst he lived, the singer carefully guarded his privacy; his personal life remained a closed book until after his death.
closed book n literal (book that is not open)  (literal)livro fechado loc sm
 The letter is on the desk right under that closed book.
colouring book,
US: coloring book
(book of pictures in outline for children to colour)livro para colorir loc sm
 I always take colouring books on long journeys to keep the children amused.
course book,
(textbook used for study)livro de texto loc sm
 The recommended course book for this semester is available at all good book shops.
devour a book v figurative (read a book eagerly)devorar um livro
 Cynthia often sets aside an hour or two each weekend to devour a book.
dip into vtr figurative (sample briefly)olhar de relance, folhear um livro, dar uma olhadela
 Whenever I have quarter of an hour to spare I like to dip into Saki's 'Collected Short Stories'.
cookery book n UK (book of recipes)livro de receitas loc sm
 I never use cookery books: I prefer to improvise.
attendance book n (register of those present)livro de presença loc sm
 Students need to sign the attendance book at the beginning of class.
coffee-table book n (large illustrated hardback book)  (livro ilustrado de capa dura)livro de mesa loc sm
cook book,
(volume of recipes)livro de receitas loc sm
 Her mother-in-law gave her a cookbook for Christmas.
ledger n (accounting book)  (contabilidade)livro razão loc sm
text n (textbook)  (livro de texto)livro escolar loc sm
  livro didático loc sm
book end porta-livro
don't judge a book by the cover não julgue um livro pela capa
dust jacket sobrecapa de livro
hardcover book livro de capa dura
picture book livro de figuras
pocket book livro de bolso
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