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Traduções principais
lixo smgarbage, trash, waste, litter nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (depósito)dump nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
garbage n US (rubbish: kitchen waste, trash) (restos, resíduos)lixo sm
 Kyle took the garbage out.
litter n uncountable (trash in street)lixo sm
 The streets were filled with litter because the waste management workers were on strike.
US: trash,
UK (trash)lixo sm
 Can you take the rubbish out to the bin please?
trash n US, uncountable (rubbish: [sth] discarded)lixo sm
 There were bits of trash all over the street. Is this trash? Can I throw it out?
dumping n (of trash, refuse)lixo, depósito sm
 Dumping of refuse in this area is strictly forbidden.
waste material n (refuse or sewage) (lixo ou esgoto)lixo sm
  rejeito sm
garbage n US (rubbish: can, receptacle)lixo sm
  lata de lixo loc sf
 Richard tossed the banana peel in the garbage.
trash n uncountable, US (container for refuse)lixo sm
  lixeira sf
 Bill put the trash out, ready for collection the next day.
rubbish n UK (trash, garbage: bin, receptacle)lixo sm
  lixeira sf
 Don't put cardboard in the rubbish; it belongs with the recycling.
rubbish adj figurative, pejorative, uncountable, UK (bad, worthless) (figurado, informal)lixo sm
  (figurado, informal)porcaria sf
  (gíria, vulgar)merda, bosta sf
 That film was rubbish.
waste n (refuse, rubbish, garbage) (resíduos)lixo sm
 The orange juice factory created a lot of waste.
 A fábrica de suco de laranja gerou muito lixo.
garbage n US, figurative, pejorative (rubbish: [sth] without value) (figurado, gíria)lixo sm
 Paul's car was garbage.
trash n figurative, informal, pejorative, uncountable (fiction, etc.: poor quality) (figurado)lixo sm
 Are you reading that? I thought it was trash.
cast-off (UK),
castoff (US)
UK, often plural (discarded object, esp. clothing)lixo sm
  refugo sm
  rejeito sm
 I gave my cast-off clothing to the thrift store.
rubbish n UK, figurative, pejorative (garbage: [sth] without value) (informal, figurado)lixo sm
  (informal, figurado)porcaria sf
  (informal)traste sm
 Most of the stuff John sells on his market stall is rubbish.
trash n informal, pejorative, uncountable (rubbish: nonsense talk) (figurado)lixo sm
 What are you talking about? I've never heard such trash!
garbage n US, figurative, pejorative (computers: unusable data) (figurado, gíria)lixo sm
 The computer program just spat out a bunch of garbage.
a piece of trash
figurative, pejorative, slang, US (worthless person) (figurado)lixo sm
 That guy's a piece of trash; don't have anything to do with him.
refuse n (rubbish, [sth] discarded)lixo sm
  refugo sm
 A pile of refuse littered the kitchen corner.
Traduções complementares
brash n (garbage, debris)lixo sm
  detritos, resíduos sm pl
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Formas compostas:
bin n UK (garbage can)lata de lixo loc sf
  lixeira sf
 Please toss your leftovers in the bin.
bin [sth] vtr informal, UK (throw away, discard)jogar fora, jogar no lixo loc verb
  (formal)descartar vt
 Do you think this milk is still good? No, you'd better bin it.
bumf n UK, slang (junk mail: leaflets, etc.)lixo postal loc sm
  mala direta loc sf
 I put through the shredder any bumf that comes through my letterbox.
disposer n (waste disposal unit)caixa de lixo loc sf
dump n (rubbish tip) (BR, informal)lixão sm
  depósito de lixo loc sm
 Wendy took some garden rubbish to the dump.
dumping ground n (rubbish tip, refuse area)depósito de lixo
 The factory used its neighbor's fields as a dumping ground for its toxic waste.
dumpster diving n US (picking through refuse bins)revirar o lixo loc vt
  (para catar restos)virar lata de lixo loc vt
 For the last few months, he had been squatting in an abandoned house and dumpster diving for his meals.
dustpan n (pan for sweeping dust)pá de lixo loc sf
 I want to sweep the floor, but I can't find the dustpan.
floor sweepings npl (debris swept from the floor)lixo do chão loc sm
 The Jungle by Sinclair tells how the meat packers used to dump the floor sweepings in the sausage vats.
fly tipping n (illegal dumping of waste)lixo ilegal loc sm
 'No fly-tipping'.
garbage bag n US (bin liner, refuse sack)saco de lixo loc sm
garbage can (US),
rubbish bin (UK)
(receptacle for waste) (lixeira)lata de lixo loc sf
 Don't leave your trash on the floor. Throw it in the garbage can! A garbage can is large, often put on the street for garbage collection.
garbage chute n US (sloped channel for rubbish disposal)rampa de lixo loc sf
 I live in a tall building; we're not supposed to use the garbage chute after 8 pm.
garbage collection n US (refuse pickup)coleta de lixo sf
  (POR)recolha sf
 On garbage collection day I put out one bin of trash and one of recyclables.
garbage collector n US (refuse collector, dustman) (lixeiro)coletor de lixo loc sm
  lixeiro, gari sm
 Many people look down upon a garbage collector, but it's really a very responsible job.
garbage heap n US (rubbish pile) (pilha, monte de lixo)montanha de lixo sf
  pilha de lixo sf
garbage heap (US),
rubbish dump,
rubbish tip (UK)
(place to dump refuse)monte de lixo sm
  pilha de lixo sf
garbage man (US),
bin man,
dustman (UK)
colloquial (refuse collector) (lixeiro)coletor de lixo loc sm
  lixeiro, gari sm
 The garbage men collect the trash on my block every Friday at 8:00 AM.
garbage truck n US (lorry that collects refuse)caminhão de lixo loc sm
 They put their trash out by the street so that the garbage track can take it to the landfill.
go to waste v expr (not be used) (desperdiçar)ir para o lixo loc v t
 A new study has found that 50 per cent of the world's food goes to waste.
 Um novo estudo mostrou que 50 porcento da comida do mundo vai para o lixo.
junk mail n (unsolicited e-mail) (e-mail não solicitado)lixo virtual sm
 I've got great spam filters so hardly ever see any junk mail. Our post's usually 90% junk mail and 10% actual letters.
litter [sth] vtr (throw trash)jogar lixo em expres v
 People who litter the pavement really make me angry.
litter vi (throw trash)jogar lixo na rua expres v
 Ben littered because he didn't see a trash can to throw his garbage into.
muck n (organic trash)lixo orgânico loc sm
 Tom threw the muck on the compost heap.
piece of junk n informal (article: unwanted) (informal: algo indesejado)um lixo sm
 That's not an antique: it's a piece of junk!
radioactive waste n (products left over from nuclear reactor) (produto remanescente do reator nuclear)lixo nuclear loc sm
 The environmental authorities find it difficult to handle radioactive waste safely.
rag-picker n ([sb] who scavenges for a living) (alguém que luta para sobreviver)catador de lixo loc sm
  (brasil.,)catador de papel loc sm
  trapeiro sm
rubbish bin n UK (trash can)lata de lixo loc sf
 The rubbish bin's nearly overflowing!
rubbish tip n UK (dump for refuse)depósito de lixo loc sm
  (informal)lixão sm
 My mom told me to clean my room as it looks like a rubbish tip.
sanitation n US (trash collection)coleta de lixo loc sf
sanitation n as adj US (relating to trash collection)de lixo loc adj
 The sanitation truck came this morning and collected the trash.
scavenger n (person) (brasileirismo: pessoa que recolhe materiais aproveitáveis nos lixos)catador de lixo loc sm
 Liam is always going through the neighbour's rubbish to see if there's anything he can use; he's a real scavenger.
the scum of the earth n pejorative, uncountable, invariable, slang (despicable person) (pejorativo)escória da Terra loc sf
  lixo da Terra loc sm
 You can't be serious about marrying him – he's the scum of the earth! Some people consider tax collectors the scum of the earth.
skip n UK (large refuse container) (grande contêiner de dejetos)lata de lixo sf
  latão de lixo sm
 The man tossed some rubbish into the skip.
street sweeper n (vehicle that cleans roads) (veículo que limpa ruas)veículo de limpeza sm
  (informal)veículo varredor de ruas sm
  (informal)caminhão de lixo sm
 After the parade the street sweeper cleared all the rubbish off the road.
take out the trash (US),
put the dustbin out,
put the rubbish out (UK)
v expr
(take refuse can outdoors)tirar o lixo loc vt
  levar o lixo para fora expres
 Remember to put the dustbin out tonight; the rubbish is collected early tomorrow morning.
toxic waste n (dangerous by-product) (produto tóxico)lixo tóxico loc sm
trash bag n US (rubbish sack, bin liner)saco de lixo sm
 The gardeners filled ten trash bags with fallen leaves.
trash can n US (dustbin, rubbish bin)lata de lixo loc sf
 Take those stinky shoes outside and throw them in the trash can!
trash compactor n US (refuse-crushing machine) (máquina que prensa dejetos)compactador de lixo loc sm
 Trash compactors help to reduce the amount of space taken up by landfills.
trash truck (US),
dustbin lorry,
rubbish lorry (UK)
(refuse collection vehicle)caminhão de lixo loc sm
waste bin n UK (wastepaper basket, trash can) (lata de lixo para papéis, lata de lixo)lata de lixo sf
 I knocked over the waste bin, leaving food all over the floor.
waste disposal,
US: also garbage disposal
(kitchen sink unit for food waste) (pia de cozinha usada para restos de alimentos)depósito de lixo sm
 A waste disposal can be fitted directly beneath the kitchen sink.
waste disposal n (management of refuse) (gerenciamento de lixo)depósito de lixo sm
 Last year the local authority spent over £8 million on waste disposal.
waste disposer n (unit that flushes away sink waste) (dispositivo que descarta o lixo da pia)depósito de lixo sm
  triturador de lixo sm
waste bin
(rubbish bin)lata de lixo loc sf
 The office cleaners are responsible for emptying the wastebins.
wastepaper basket,
waste paper basket,
waste basket
(indoor receptacle for trash) (receptáculo interno para lixo)lata de lixo loc sf
 She threw the unneeded files into the wastepaper basket.
wastepaper bin,
waste paper bin
UK (indoor receptacle for rubbish) (receptáculo interno para lixo)lata de lixo sf
wheelie bin n UK, informal (refuse bin on wheels) (lata de lixo com rodinhas)lata de lixo com rodinhas sf
  coletor de lixo sm
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