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loja sfstore, shop nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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shop n esp UK (retail)  (comércio)loja sf
   (fazer compras)ir às compras loc v int
 The shop specialised in hiking equipment.
 A loja especializou-se em equipamentos para caminhada.
  Vamos às compras e nos divertir!Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
store n esp US (retail)  (comércio)loja sf
 We have a clothing store close to home.
  Compramos uma loja de roupas.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
outfitter n (tailor, clothes shop)  (de roupa)fabricante, fornecedor loc sm
   (de roupa)loja sf
store adj (retail)da loja loc adj
 The store sign said 'closed'.
shoplifting n (theft from a shop)furto em loja loc sm
toyshop n (store selling children's playthings)loja de brinquedos loc sf
discounter n (shop selling cut-price goods)loja de descontos loc sf
clothing store n US (shop that sells clothes)loja de roupas loc sf
 The new mall has a clothing store that carries all of the styles that I like.
convenience store n (small supermarket)loja de conveniências loc sf
 I'll just run down to the convenience store on the corner to pick up some toilet paper.
department store n (large shop divided into departments)loja de departamentos
 Macy's is a famous department store in New York City.
discount store n (shop offering goods at lower prices)loja de descontos loc sf
 Wal-mart and Kmart are well-recognized American discount stores.
dry goods store n (shop selling fabrics and textiles)loja de tecidos loc sf
 You won't find groceries or hardware at a dry goods store.
furniture store n (shop that sells furnishings)loja de móveis loc sf
 I went to the furniture store to look for a new sofa.
gift shop n (store selling items suitable as presents)loja de presentes loc sf
 If you need a little something for your brother's birthday, there's a gift shop on the corner.
hardware store n (shop selling DIY or home-improvement supplies)loja de ferragens loc sf
 I went to the hardware store to buy a hammer.
health food store n (shop selling organic and whole foods)loja de alimentos naturais loc sf
 You can buy tofu in the health food store.
liquor store n US (off-licence, shop selling alcohol)loja de bebidas alcóolicas loc sf
 I stopped by the liquor store and bought a bottle of rum for tonight's party.
corner shop n UK (small local store)  (lojinha local)loja de bairro loc sf
  loja da esquina loc sf
 I went to the corner shop to buy some milk.
clothes shop n (store which sells apparel)loja de roupas loc sf
  butique sf
 There is a new clothes shop in the city centre.
dairy store n US (shop selling milk products)loja de laticínios loc sf
dollar store,
UK: pound shop
US (shop where every item costs one dollar)  (EUA)loja de 1 dólar loc sf
   (BRAS.)loja de 1,99
 These sunglasses were only a buck at the dollar store.
fashion boutique n (shop selling trendy clothing)loja de roupa loc sf
  butique sf
lodge n (fraternal organization)loja maçônica loc sf
duty-free shop loja duty-free
specialty shop loja especializada
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