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luz smlight nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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light n (illumination)  (iluminação)luz sf
 Could we have some light in the room? It's too dark.
 Poderíamos ter um pouco de luz no recinto? Está muito escuro.
light n (lamp)lâmpada sf
  luz sf
 We have three lights in this room.
 Nós temos três lâmpadas nesta sala.
light n (light bulb)lâmpada sf
  luz sf
 The light has burned out in the kitchen. Can you replace it?
light n (daylight)  (luz do dia)luz sf
 You had better go to the shop while there is still light.
light n (traffic light)  (semáforo)luz sf
   (S)sinaleira sf
  sinal sm
 The traffic stopped when the light turned red.
 O tráfego parou quando a luz ficou vermelha.
 O tráfego parou quando a sinaleira ficou vermelha.
 O tráfego parou quando o sinal ficou vemelho.
light n (street lamp)  (postes de luz)luz sf
   (literário)revérbero sm
 They installed lights on the street to make it safer to walk at night.
light n (lighthouse)  (farol)luz sf
 The sailors were most relieved when they saw the light in the distance.
light n (flame)  (chama)luz sf
 He could see her face in the light of the candle.
light n figurative (viewpoint)  (ponto de vista)luz sf
 He always saw things in a negative light.
 Ele sempre viu as coisas numa luz negativa.
light n figurative (for insight)  (ideia, intuição)luz sf
 Can you shed any light on his thought processes for us?
light n (gleam)  (brilho)luz sf
  lampejo sm
 She saw the light in his eyes and knew he had a good idea.
light n (art: effect)  (arte: efeito)luz sf
 Look at the light on the woman's face in this painting.
sun n figurative (glory, splendour)luz sf
  sol sm
 She was the sun around which my life revolved.
spark n figurative (thing that lead to sthg)  (figurado: que esclarece, que ilumina, que guia)luz sf
power n (electricity)  (eletricidade)luz, energia sf
 The house lost power for three hours last night. We had to use candles and couldn't watch TV.
 A casa ficou sem luz por três horas ontem à noite. Tivemos que acender velas e não pudemos ver TV.
gleaming n (flash of light)raio de luz loc sm
  lampejo sm
sunlight n (light of the sun)luz solar loc sf
daylight n (light from sun)  (luz do sol)luz do dia loc sf
daylight n (hours with light, daytime)  (horas com luz)luz do dia loc sf
daylight n (morning, dawn)  (manhã)luz do dia loc sf
sensitize vtr (photography: make light-sensitive)  (fotografia)tornar sensível à luz loc vt
starlight n (light from the stars)luz estelar loc sf
lamppost n (post of a street lamp)  (poste de iluminação das ruas)poste de luz loc sm
  lampião sm
lampshade n (cover for a light)abajur, quebra-luz, lucivelo sm
  pantalha sf
candlelight n (light emitted by a candle)luz de vela loc sf
streetlamp n (light mounted on a post in street)poste de luz loc sm
stoplight n (vehicle's brake light)luz do freio loc sf
beam of light n (narrow ray of light)raio de luz loc sm
 The room was totally dark except for a small beam of light shining through a small hole in the roof.
blinding light n (intensely bright light)luz ofuscante
 When lightening strikes, there is a blinding light and an instantaneous loud crack.
blinking light n (light that flashes on and off)luz pisca-pisca
 The blinking lights on the ambulance were very bright.
bright light n (intense or harsh light)luz forte, luz intensa loc sf
 I had to cover my eyes because of the bright light.
bring to light vtr (reveal, make known)trazer à luz
 We should bring his outrageous actions to light.
broad daylight n (full view of anyone around)a plena luz do dia loc
 The bank was robbed at high noon, in broad daylight.
come to light v (be revealed)  (ser revelado)vir à luz
 Every day more information about the scandal comes to light.
dazzling light n (very bright light)luz ofuscante
 Don't miss the dazzling lights of Broadway when you're in New York.
dim light n (low or soft light)meia-luz, penumbra sf
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
draw forth vtr (bring out, elicit)trazer à luz, trazer à tona
dredge up vtr figurative (bring up, uncover: facts, information)  (figurado, revelar algo escondido)trazer à luz
 Try to dredge up something from his past that we can use against him.
dredge up vtr figurative (bring up, mention: [sth] unpleasant)trazer à luz
 I wish you wouldn't dredge up the past every time we have an argument.
give birth vi (have a baby)  (participar no parto)dar à luz loc v int
 Sarah gave birth on Tuesday.
give life to vtr (give birth to)dar à luz loc vt
hazard lights npl (vehicle's flashing indicator lights)  (de veículo, carro)luz de emergência, luz de alerta loc sf
 When you are pulled over fixing a flat tire, use your hazard lights so their blinking will alert other drivers that you are stopped.
heat lamp n (infrared light used for physical therapy)luz infravermelha loc sf
 Once the chicks hatched, they were placed under a heat lamp.
high beams npl (vehicle's strongest headlights)  (Auto:)luz alta loc sf
 Make sure not to use your high beams when driving through fog.
incandescent light n (type of electric light )luz incandescente
night light n (soft room light left on at night)  (luz noturna)abajur, quebra-luz sm
 My daughter is afraid of the dark so she sleeps with a night light in her bedroom.
beam n (laser)raio de luz loc sm
beam n (of light)raio de luz loc sm
beam vtr (light)  (luz)emitir raios de luz loc vt
gray adj (intermediate)meia-luz sf
labour vi (give birth)dar a luz loc vt
limelight n (former lighting for stage)luz da ribalta loc sf
sunshine n (sunlight)  (brilho do sol)luz do sol loc sf
  luz solar loc sf
bear a child dar à luz (criança)
give birth to dar à luz a
green light luz verde
in broad daylight a plena luz do dia
leading light luz de guia
  luz principal
new light nova luz
ray of light raio de luz
red light sinal vermelho
  luz vermelha
see daylight   (literal)ver a luz do dia
  ver a luz no fim do túnel
  aproximar-se de uma solução
see the light of day nascer
  sair para a luz, ver a luz do dia
shining light   (literal)luz brilhante
  personalidade brilhante
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