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média sfmean, medium, average nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (brasil: de café com leite)coffee and milk nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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mean n (middle point)média sf
 Today's temperature is near the mean for this time of year.
mean n (math: average)  (matemática)média sf
 The mean is seven, with both higher and lower numbers recorded.
average n (standard)média sf
 Household income in this state is close to the national average.
 A renda familiar neste estado está perto da média nacional.
medium n (middle condition: mean)média sf
  meio-termo sm
 We need to cater to the medium, so that most people can be included.
normal n (average, mean)média sf
 This school's scores are all above normal.
 As notas desta escola estão todas acima da média.
norm n (statistics: average)  (estatística)média sf
F n (education: failing grade)  (Nota de reprovação)F sm
  abaixo da média loc
scrum n (rugby formation)  (rúgbi: de jogadores amontoados)alinhamento sm
   (rúgbi: scrum half)linha média loc sf
B n (school grade)  (nota de escola)B sm
   (+ - 7)nota média loc sf
GPA n US, abbr (grade point average)  (abrev de )nota média loc sf
above par adj (better than average)acima da média loc adj
 We tried a new restaurant tonight and thought the food was above par for the price.
middle class
(educated and well off)de classe média loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 She comes from a very nice middle class family.
middle class
(educated, well-off people)  (população educada, com dinheiro)classe média loc sf
 Their son is very rebellious and rejects the values of the middle class.
middle class
(class between working and upper classes)  (classe social)classe média loc sf
 With hard work, their family rose up from the working class to the more comfortable middle class.
moving average n (statistical mean)média móvel loc sf
F n (failing grade)  (nota de reprovação escolar)nota de reprovação loc sf
  nota abaixo da média
average out perfazer a média
  fazer uma média de
below par abaixo da média
  abaixo do valor do mercado
Greenwich Mean Time Hora Média de Greenwich
low grade média baixa
  nota baixa
middle age idade média
  idade medieval
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