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mala sfsuitcase, bag nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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case n (contents of a case)  (conteúdo)mala sf
 The police emptied the case onto the floor.
bag n (suitcase)  (mala)mala sf
 We have to wait for our bags to clear customs.
 Temos que esperar nossas malas passarem pela alfândega.
slang (bad tempered or fierce person)  (gíria, pessoa chata)mala sm
 That last customer was a real badass.
pack vtr (wrap up)emalar vt
  colocar na mala loc vt
 Pack everything in a duffel bag.
pack vi (load a suitcase)fazer a mala loc v int
 I need to pack for the trip to the beach.
 Preciso fazer a mala para a viagem à praia.
mailing n (marketing: mass mailing)  (marketing: onde se armazenam dados de consumidores)mala direta loc sf
schoolbag n (schoolchild's satchel)mala (ou: pasta) escolar loc sf
bumf n UK, slang, abbr (junk mail: leaflets, etc.)lixo postal loc sm
  mala direta loc sf
portmanteau n (suitcase)mala, valise sf
mailer n (advertising sent in mail)  (publicidade enviada por correio)mala direta loc sf
bulk mail n (large amount of post delivered cheaply)mala direta sf
 Bulk mail is the polite, commercial term for junk mail.
damned irritating adj slang, potentially offensive (extremely annoying)pra lá de irritante, mala sem alça
boot n UK (rear of car)mala de carro loc sf
direct mail mala-direta
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