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mancha stain, blemish, disgrace
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spot n (stain)mancha sf
 There is a ketchup spot on your shirt there.
 Tem uma mancha de ketchup na sua camisa.
blob n (shapeless mass)  (de forma indefinida)bolha sf
  mancha sf
fleck vtr (speckle)mancha sf
  salpico sm
blotch n (diseased part: of plant)  (parte doente de planta)mancha sf
blemish n (discolouring)mancha sf
blur n (confusing situation)borrão sm
  mancha sf
stain n (on clothing, etc.)  (na roupa)mancha sf
taint n (stain, trace of sthg bad)mancha, nódoa sf
taint n figurative (moral stain)  (figurado: moral)nódoa, mancha sf
blot n figurative (stain on reputation)  (mancha na reputação)mácula, mancha sf
fleck n (small speck)pinta, mancha sf
blotch n (blemish: on skin)  (na pele)mancha, pinta sf
blotch n (spot, stain)marca, mancha sf
sunspot n (mark on the sun)mancha solar loc sf
untarnished adj literal (without a blemish or stain)sem mancha loc adj
  imaculado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
bloodstain n (mark left by blood)mancha de sangue loc sf
nevus n (birthmark)  (marca de nascença)nevo, sinal sm
  pinta, mancha sf
splotch n (blotch)mancha, nódoa sf
blood stain n (dried blood mark)mancha de sangue loc sf
 Wash blood stains in cold water or you'll never get them out of fabric.
Channel Tunnel n (tunnel under the English Channel)Eurotúnel sm
  Túnel do Canal da Mancha loc sm
 The Channel Tunnel is an alternative to taking the ferry.
English Channel n (waterway between England and France)Canal da Mancha loc sm
 The English Channel is one of the most heavily trafficked waterways in the world.
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