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Traduções principais
mancha stain, blemish, disgrace
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Traduções principais
spot n (stain)mancha sf
 There is a ketchup spot on your shirt there.
 Tem uma mancha de ketchup na sua camisa.
stain n (on clothing, etc.) (na roupa)mancha sf
 Philip scrubbed at his shirt, trying to get the stain out.
smear n (dirty mark)mancha sf
 Sarah said she'd cleaned the windows, but they were covered in smears.
streak n (mark, smear)mancha sf
  rastro sm
 Ben hadn't done a very good job of cleaning the windows; there were streaks everywhere.
blob n (shapeless mass) (de forma indefinida)bolha sf
  mancha sf
 I couldn't identify the green blob she put on my plate.
fleck n (small speck)pinta, mancha sf
 A fleck of blue paint had dried on Lena's cheek.
blotch n (blemish: on skin) (na pele)mancha, pinta sf
 An allergic reaction left my face covered in pink blotches.
nevus n (birthmark) (marca de nascença)nevo, sinal sm
  pinta, mancha sf
splotch n (blotch)mancha, nódoa sf
blemish n (skin: imperfection, flaw)mancha sf
 Heather washes her face frequently to prevent blemishes.
blemish n figurative (defect)mancha sf
 It is not unusual for organic fruits and vegetables to have some blemishes.
stain n figurative (on reputation) (figurado)mancha sf
  (figurado, formal)mácula sf
 The affair was a stain on the politician's reputation.
blotch n (spot, stain)marca, mancha sf
black eye n figurative (bad reputation) (figurado)mancha sf
 The company suffered a black eye when the police charged its chairman with fraud.
fleck vtr (speckle)mancha sf
  salpico sm
dirt n (mud stain)mancha sf
  sujeira sf
 Carl tried to get the dirt off the front of his T-shirt.
taint n (stain or trace of contamination)mancha, nódoa sf
 There's definitely a taint of mould in this bread.
 Sem dúvida, há uma mancha (or: nódoa) de mofo nesse pão.
blotch n (diseased part: of plant) (parte doente de planta)mancha sf
a blur n figurative (confusing memory)borrão sm
  mancha sf
 I'm not sure what happened. It's all a blur.
taint n figurative (moral stain) (figurado: moral)nódoa, mancha sf
 The taint of adultery ruined the preacher's career.
 A nódoa (or: mancha) do adultério arruinou a carreira do pastor.
blot n figurative (stain on reputation) (mancha na reputação)mácula, mancha sf
 The theft is a blot on Fred's otherwise exemplary record.
Traduções complementares
bloom n (dull spot on paint, varnish, etc.)mancha sf
blur n (smudge)mancha sf
  borrão sm
 There is a dark blur at the bottom of the sketch.
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Formas compostas:
blood stain n (dried blood mark)mancha de sangue loc sf
 Wash blood stains in cold water or you'll never get them out of fabric.
bloodstain n (mark left by blood)mancha de sangue loc sf
Channel Tunnel n (tunnel under the English Channel)Eurotúnel sm
  Túnel do Canal da Mancha loc sm
 The Channel Tunnel is an alternative to taking the ferry.
English Channel n (waterway between England and France)Canal da Mancha loc sm
 The English Channel is one of the most heavily trafficked waterways in the world.
oil slick
informal (patch of spilled oil)mancha de óleo loc sf
  poça de óleo sf
 Environmentalists say the slick is spreading at an alarming rate.
spot clean [sth] vtr (remove stain, mark) (remover a mancha ou marca de algo)limpar mancha expres v
  remover mancha expres v
sunspot n (mark on the sun)mancha solar loc sf
 The high-quality photographs showed sunspots and other features of the sun's surface.
untarnished adj (without a blemish or stain)sem mancha loc adj
  imaculado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Untarnished copper pots gleamed on the kitchen shelves.
water stain n (brown mark left by dried water) (marca marrom feita por água)mancha de água sf
  marca de água sf
weep hole n (moisture outlet in a wall) (parte úmida em uma parede)(mancha de) umidade sf
  foco de umidade sm
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