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mandar vtorder, command vtr
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order vi (issue orders)mandar v int
 He prefers to order than to obey.
say vtr (order) ordenardizer vt
 mandar vt
 Dad says to come and eat dinner right now.
 Papai disse que é para entrar e comer o jantar agora mesmo.
send vtr (compel [sb] to go) forçar a irmandar vt
 compelir, forçar vt
 John's wife sent him to the store for milk.
send vtr (grant)enviar vt
 mandar vt
 Send us a sign, oh Lord!
drop vtr (write and mail) carta, postalmandar vt
 I'll drop you a postcard when we get there.
require vtr (demand)mandar vt
 The diva required that the bellboy carry her bags.
bid, bid [sb] to do [sth] vtr (direct, command)mandar vt
 When your mother bids you tidy your room, do so.
bid vi (command)mandar v int
 The people will do as the king bids.
deliver vtr (send)mandar vt
 He delivered the ball with style.
boss vtr (to control and direct)mandar vt
 My manager likes to boss people around.
home vtr (bring, send home)enviar vt
 mandar para casa
 He managed to home a pigeon all the way from France to England.
move, move along vi informal (start going, leave) informal: pôr-se em movimentoandar, circular v int
 gíria: ir-semandar-se, mexer-se vp
 The officer told the boys to move along.
run vtr (manage, conduct) dirigirmandar, administrar, comandar vt
 She's the one that really runs the office.
 We could run an experiment.
forward vtr (transmit)enviar, mandar vt
 despachar vt
 I'll forward you the information that you asked for.
send vtr (deliver)enviar, mandar vt
 Please send the package by airmail.
email, email, e-mail vtr (send a message to) por e-mailenviar, mandar vt
 I will email you the directions.
 Eu vou te enviar (or: mandar) por e-mail as orientações.
email, email, e-mail vtr (send via email) por e-mailenviar, mandar vt
 I'll email the invoices to all our customers.
 Eu vou enviar (or: mandar) por e-mail as faturas dos nossos clientes.
direct vtr (command)mandar, comandar vt
 The man directed his children to clean the house.
ship vtr (send by courier) enviar por correioenviar, mandar vt
 expedir vt
 We will ship the books tomorrow.
 Enviaremos (or: mandaremos) os livros amanhã.
mail vtr (send a mail piece or pieces)mandar por correio loc vt
 I'm going to mail a letter today.
 Vou mandar uma carta por correio hoje.
mail vtr (send electronic correspondence)mandar correspondência eletrônica loc vt
 Please mail the file to me.
 Por favor, me mande o arquivo por e-mail.
ordain vtr (order, decree)ordenar, mandar vt
call a halt to vtr (order an end to, stop)mandar parar
 The machine broke, so the foreman called a halt to the work.
dismiss [sb] from his duties vi (discharge [sb] from his job) do empregodespedir, mandar embora
 He was dismissed from his duties for sleeping at his desk.
fire away vi slang (begin asking questions) começar a perguntarperguntar, interrogar v int
 gíriamandar brasa loc v int
 Professor, could we ask you a few questions? "Sure! Fire away.".
lay [sb] off v US (dismiss from employment for lack of work) demitir empregadosmandar embora loc vt
 Because of the recession, more than 500 workers in my company were laid off last year.
route vtr (send via certain direction) direçãomandar por caminho determinado loc vt
clear off pedir para alguém se mandar
order [sb] around mandar em alguém
 atormentar alguém
send for mandar buscar
 mandar pelo correio
send off mandar, enviar
set to work meter mãos à obra
 mandar começar a trabalhar
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