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manteiga sfbutter nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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butter n (spreadable food)  (comida que se espalha)manteiga sf
 Many people prefer to cook with butter instead of oil.
 Muitas pessoas preferem cozinhar com manteiga em vez de óleo.
butter vtr (to apply butter)  (aplicar manteiga)passar manteiga loc vt
   (passar manteiga para cozinhar)untar com manteiga loc vt
 Do you butter your bread on both sides?
 Você passa manteiga nos dois lados do pão?
  Você precisa untar a panela com manteiga para fazer ovo mexido.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
softy n (kind or sentimental person)piegas, sentimental sm
  manteiga-derretida smf
weepy adj informal (tearful, emotional)  (informal: sentimental)chorão, choroso adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  manteiga-derretida smf
ghee n (Indian cooking: clarified butter)  (cozinha indiana)manteiga clarificada loc sf
bread and butter n literal (bread with butter spread on it)pão com manteiga loc sm
 A glass of milk with bread and butter for breakfast is the best.
butter knife n (knife for cutting butter)faca para manteiga loc sf
 The butter knife is not sharp as it only has to cut through butter, which is very soft.
cocoa butter n (fat extracted from cocoa beans)manteiga de cacau loc sf
 Cocoa butter and cocoa solids are blended to make unsweetened chocolate.
garlic butter n (butter flavoured with garlic)  (manteiga temperada com alho)manteiga de alho loc sf
 I love to dip cooked shrimp in garlic butter.
 The crusty bread was served with a delicious garlic butter.
baking paper n (cooking parchment)papel manteiga loc sm
 She placed the cookie dough on waxed baking paper before putting them in the oven.
pound cake bolo de manteiga, farinha, açúcar e ovos
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