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mar smsea nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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sea n (expanse of salt water)mar sm
 The sea is home to thousands of different species of fish.
 O mar é o lar para diferentes espécies de peixe.
sea n (not land)mar sm
 We will fight on land and sea.
sea n (large quantity)  (grande quantidade)mar sm
 There is a sea of videos for sale in that store.
sea n (smaller than ocean)  (menor que o oceano)mar sm
 The Mediterranean is a sea, not an ocean.
 O Mediterrâneo é um mar, não um oceano.
wave n figurative (rush of people)  (fig, muita gente)mar sm
 A wave of people flowed into the stadium after they opened the doors.
open n (open water)  (águas livres)águas abertas loc sf pl
   (alto mar)mar aberto loc sm
 She swam out into the open before returning back to shore.
sea adj (belonging to the sea)marinho adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  do mar loc adj
 The sea turtle comes to the beach to mate.
starfish n (star-shaped sea creature)estrela-do-mar sf
seabed n (floor of the ocean)fundo, leito do mar loc sm
overboard adv (over the side of a vessel)  (náutico)ao mar loc adv
puffin n (sea bird)papagaio-do-mar sm
waterfront n (area by waterside)  (área ao lado da água)orla sf
  beira-mar sf
jetty n (pier)  (píer)molhe, quebra-mar sm
urchin n (sea urchin: shellfish)  (do mar)ouriço-do-mar sm
seagoing adj (that sails on the sea)  (de longo curso (navio))de alto-mar loc adj
  de profissão marítima loc adj
seaway n (rough sea)mar bravo loc sm
seafront n (land alongside the shore)beira-mar sf
beachfront n (land next to a beach)  (faixa de terra de frente para praia)beira-mar sf
(abroad)além-mar adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
(beyond the sea)além-mar advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
anemone n (sea plant)anêmona-do-mar sf
oceanfront n (land along the sea shore)  (terreno)beira-mar sf
seafloor n (bottom of the ocean)fundo do mar loc sm
  leito oceânico loc sm
seawall n (groyne: wave barrier)quebra-mar sm
seaward adj (towards the sea)em direção ao mar loc adj
seaward adj (from the sea)do mar loc adj
seaward adv (towards the sea)para o mar loc adv
seawater n (salt water from the ocean)água do mar loc sf
tern n (variety of sea bird)andorinha-do-mar sf
waterside n (bank of a body of water)beira-mar, praia sf
   (de rio, mar, lago)margem sf
able seaman n UK, historical (navy: experienced sailor)  (marinheiro experiente)lobo-do-mar sm
at sea adv literal (on the open water)no mar, em alto-mar loc adv
 The old sailor loves to recount his adventures at sea.
burial at sea n (sailor's funeral)  (funeral de marinheiro)funeral no mar loc sm
 My grandfather had an honoured burial at sea.
burial at sea n (disposal of human remains or ashes into the ocean)enterro no mar loc sm
by sea adv (via boat or ship)por mar loc adv
 I hate travelling by sea because I get seasick easily.
go overboard vi literal (fall off boat)cair no mar loc v int
 I fell overboard and had to be rescued from the waves.
heavy seas npl (nautical: stormy conditions)  (Naut: mar tempestuoso )mar pesado loc sm
 The heavy seas forced them to turn the boat around and head back to shore.
high seas npl (area in open seas not belonging to a state)alto-mar sm
 Piracy on the high seas is beyond the control of any one nation.
manta ray n (flat-bodied marine fish)  (peixe marinho)jamanta sf
  morcego-do-mar, peixe-diabo, raia-diabo sm
 Although similar in appearance to the sting ray, the manta ray is a different species.
old salt n slang (sailor)  (gíria, marinheiro)lobo do mar loc sm
 The old salt staggered from the inn back to his ship.
on the high seas adv (in open waters, at sea)no mar aberto loc adv
 Many sailors enjoy being on the high seas.
Caribbean Sea n (part of Atlantic Ocean off Gulf of Mexico)Mar do Caribe loc sm
 I enjoyed a cruise in the Caribbean Sea, visiting Puerto Rico, Barbados and the American Virgin Islands.
be lost at sea vi (go missing in or on the ocean)estar perdido em alto mar loc v int
 The divers found, on the ocean floor, the ship that had been lost at sea for several weeks.
seafood n (fish and shellfish)frutos do mar loc sm pl
seaside n (area of beach)beira-mar sf
man overboard homem ao mar
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