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meia sfsock, stocking n
  6, número em telefonenumber six n
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half n UK (children's ticket) metade do preço normalmeia-entrada sf
 meia sf
 One and a half to Waterloo, please, driver.
half n (soccer, etc.: position) futebol: posição no meio de campomeia sm
 I prefer to play centre half, but my brother likes to be in goal.
sock n (clothing)meia sf
half n UK (half a pint of beer) de cervejameia caneca loc sf
 Landlord, I'll have half a bitter please.
half adv (time: of hour, day) tempomeia hora loc adv
 It took him half an hour to arrive.
split n UK (small bottle)meia garrafa loc sf
 A split is a bottle holding a quarter the usual amount of wine.
partition n (dividing wall)tabique sm
 meia-parede sf
crescent adj (crescent-shaped) forma crescentede meia-lua loc adj
stepsister n (daughter of one's stepparent)meia-irmã sf
tights npl (women's pantyhose)collant sm
 meia-calça sf
tights npl (skintight legwear)collant sm
 meia-calça sf
en adj (dash: short)meia-risca sf
pantyhose n US (women's tights)meia-calça sf
maillot n (tights worn by performers) para bailarinos e ginastasmalha, meia-calça sf
midlife adj (occurring in middle age)de meia-idade loc adj
midlife n (middle age) idade entre a maturidade e a velhicemeia-idade sf
miter, UK: mitre v US (form a corner by joining two 45 degree angles) junção em ângulo de 45 graus meia-esquadria sf
miter, UK: mitre v (bevel ends to form a mitre joint)fazer uma meia-esquadria loc vt
about-face n literal (military: turn, change of direction) militarmeia-volta sf
 Company halt! About face! Forward march!
bed and breakfast n (half board)meia-pensão sm
bobby socks npl (1950s-style girls' ankle socks)meia soquete loc sf
 You can't wear a poodle skirt without the bobby socks and oxford shoes.
dim light n (low or soft light)meia-luz, penumbra sf
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
en dash n (punctuation mark: short dash) sinal de pontuação: traço de ligação ou traço médiomeia-risca sf
half after three n (time: half past three, three thirty) hora:três e meia loc sf pl
 School generally got over by half after three, but today was an exception!
half board n (lodging on bed and breakfast basis) hospedagem: café e jantarmeia-pensão sf
 We prefer half board to full board because it's less restrictive.
half hour n (half an hour, 30 minutes) 30 minutosmeia hora loc sf
 I go for a half hour run every morning.
half mile n (half a mile, 0.5 of a mile)meia milha loc sf
 When I ran track in high school my favorite event was the half mile.
half past four n (time: four thirty) hora:quatro e meia num
 We will meet at the airport at half past four.
half shell n (half of an oyster shell) ostra, etc.meia concha loc sf
 In Botticelli's famous painting, Venus is depicted rising from the sea on a half-shell.
mid-life crisis, midlife crisis n (psychological condition of middle age)crise da meia-idade loc sf
 He blamed his gambling and womanising on a mid-life crisis.
Christmas stocking n (large sock for Christmas gifts)meia de Natal loc sf
 The children awoke to find their Christmas stockings filled with candy.
gray adj (intermediate)meia-luz sf
midnight n (time) tempomeia-noite sf
stocking n (long sock) de mulhermeia fina comprida loc sf
half a dozen meia dúzia
half-life meia-vida
nest egg ninho de ovos
turn around dar meia-volta, virar-se
 mudar de opinião
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