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Traduções principais
meia sfsock, stocking nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  ( 6, número em telefone)number six nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
sock n often plural (clothing)meia sf
 Emily is wearing red socks.
half as much n (50 percent of)metade da quantidade de sf
  metade de sf
  meia sf
 I'll have half as much of the pie as he has.
half as large as phrase (half the size of)metade do tamanho de sf
  meia sf
 The skull of this primitive human ancestor was nearly half as large as that of modern humans.
half [sth] adj (about 50 per cent)metade adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  meia adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  meio adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Half the audience applauded, the other half booed.
 Metade do público aplaudiu e a outra vaiou.
Traduções complementares
half n UK (children's ticket) (metade do preço normal)meia-entrada sf
  meia sf
 One and a half to Waterloo, please, driver.
half n (soccer, etc.: position) (futebol: posição no meio de campo)meia sm
 I prefer to play centre half, but my brother likes to be in goal.
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Formas compostas:
About-face! interj (military: turn)meia-volta sf
 Company halt! About-face! Forward march!
 Companhia, alto! Meia-volta! À frente, marche!
bobby socks npl (girls' ankle socks)meia soquete loc sf
 You can't wear a poodle skirt without the bobby socks and oxford shoes.
Christmas stocking n (long sock: for gifts)meia de Natal loc sf
 The children awoke to find their Christmas stockings filled with candy.
crescent adj (crescent-shaped) (forma crescente)de meia-lua loc adj
 Grandma baked crescent rolls for dinner.
dim light n (low or soft light)meia-luz, penumbra sf
 I'm not calling you ugly but you definitely look best in a dim light.
en adj (dash: short)meia-risca sf
en dash n (punctuation mark: short dash) (sinal de pontuação: traço de ligação ou traço médio)meia-risca sf
fishnets npl (mesh tights, stockings)meia arrastão loc sf
 Erin wore fishnets with her dress to the club.
golden parachute n figurative (retirement package)pé-de-meia nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 The company's Chief Financial Officer is entitled to a golden parachute of $15.5 million.
 O Diretor Financeiro tem direito a um pé-de-meia de $15,5 milhões.
a half (of [sth]),
half (a [sth])
UK (beer: half a pint)meia caneca de expres
 Landlord, I'll have a half of lager, please.
half a cup n US (cookery: measure of volume)meia xícara sf
a half-dozen
(six of [sth](conjunto de seis)meia dúzia sf
 I bought a half-dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.
half an hour n (30 minutes) (30 minutos)meia hora sf
 It only takes me half an hour to get ready in the morning.
half board n (lodging on bed and breakfast basis) (hospedagem: café e jantar)meia-pensão sf
 We prefer half board to full board because it's less restrictive.
half hour n (30 minutes)meia hora sf
 I ran for a good half hour.
 Eu corri por uma boa meia hora.
half mile n (half a mile, 0.5 of a mile)meia milha sf
 When I ran track in high school my favorite event was the half mile.
half past,
(thirty minutes after (the hour)) (hora)três e meia sf
 School usually finishes at half past three, but today we finished at half two!
half past adj informal (thirty minutes after (the hour)) (informal, complemento de hora)e meia expres
Nota: A expressão é usada para representar meia hora passada de qualquer hora.
 I finish work at 5, so I'll drop by to pick you up at about half past.
half shell n (half of an oyster shell) (ostra, etc.)meia concha sf
 In Botticelli's famous painting, Venus is depicted rising from the sea on a half-shell.
half-life n (time taken for [sth] to decrease by half)meia-vida sf
 Uranium-238 has a half-life of about 4.47 billion years.
half-marathon n (running: 13-mile footrace) (corrida: 13 milhas de corrida a pé)meia maratona sf
 He won the marathon in 2 hours 15 minutes, but I took longer than that for a half-marathon.
half sister
(female sibling by one parent) (irmã por um dos pais)meia-irmã sf
 My half-sister's 15 years younger than me.
hose npl (stockings, socks) (vestuário feminino)meia-calça sf
 Vicky bought a new pair of hose because her favorite ones had torn.
hose npl historical (clothing: breeches) (histórico: meia-calça masculina)meia-calça sf
lifetime n (of unstable entity) (química)meia-vida sf
 The new element only has a lifetime of a few microseconds before it decays.
liner n colloquial (batted baseball: travels low, straight) (beisebol)bola a meia altura expres
 The batter hit a liner in the second inning.
maillot n (tights worn by performers) (para bailarinos e ginastas)malha, meia-calça sf
matron n (respected older woman)matrona sf
  mulher de meia-idade loc sf
 No one dared to insult Mrs. Flores, a respected matron of the town.
middle age n (mature years: 50s)meia-idade sf
 When Ray reached middle age, he knew he needed to do something to get his body in shape.
middle-age spread (bodily change)barriguinha de meia-idade expres
middle-aged adj (in mature adulthood)de meia idade loc adj
 The keenest internet shoppers are middle-aged men and women.
midlife adj (occurring in middle age)de meia-idade loc adj
midlife n (middle age) (idade entre a maturidade e a velhice)meia-idade sf
mid-life crisis,
midlife crisis
(psychological condition of middle age)crise da meia-idade sf
 He blamed his gambling and womanising on a mid-life crisis.
midnight n (time: 12 at night)meia-noite sf
 The bell rang at midnight.
UK: mitre
US (form a corner by joining two 45 degree angles) (junção em ângulo de 45 graus)meia-esquadria sf
UK: mitre
(bevel ends to form a mitre joint)fazer uma meia-esquadria loc vt
nest egg n figurative (savings)pé-de-meia sm
 Matthew blew their nest egg on a fast car, and his wife was not pleased. The recent recession almost totally wiped out my nest egg.
partition n (dividing wall)tabique sm
  meia-parede sf
 We have a movable partition that folds up when not in use.
quack doctor,
slang, pejorative (unqualified doctor)médico ruim sm
  médico charlatão sm
  médico de meia tigela expres
split n UK (small bottle)meia garrafa loc sf
 A split is a bottle holding a quarter the usual amount of wine.
stocking n (long sock) (de mulher)meia fina comprida sf
 Roberta was wearing stockings under her skirt.
thirty minutes npl (period of half an hour) (período de meia hora)trinta minutos loc sm
  meia hora loc sf
tights (UK),
pantyhose (US)
(women's pantyhose)meia-calça sf
 It was a bit chilly, so Linda put on a pair of tights under her skirt.
tights npl (skintight legwear)meia justa sf
 The footman wore tights below his breeches.
twelve o'clock,
12 o'clock
(12 midnight, 0000 hours)meia-noite sf
  zero hora loc sf
twelve o'clock n (12 midnight, 0000 hours) (meia-noite, 00:00 hora)meia-noite sf
  zero hora loc sf
undertone n (low voice)meio-tom sm
  voz baixa loc sf
  meia-voz sf
 The two men spoke in an undertone so that nobody would overhear them.
(180-degree turn)meia-volta sf
  retorno sm
 We came to a dead end and had to make a u-turn.
u-turn n figurative (reversal of opinion) (fig, mudança de opinião)meia-volta sf
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