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(money)  (condições financeiras)meios, recursos sm pl
   (meios pecuniários)dinheiro sm
 Do you have the means to buy that house?
wherewithal n (necessary means)meios, recursos sm pl
have means vi (not lack money)  (não faltar dinheiro)ter recursos, meios loc v int
 We don't have the means to buy a new car now..
means of access npl (way in or out)meios de acesso loc sm pl
 The only means of access to the farm is the dirt track.
means of transportation npl (form of transport)meios de transporte loc sm pl
 The underground is the quickest means of transport in London.
have the wherewithal ter os meios para fazer algo
means of production meios de produção
means to an end meios para atingir-se uma finalidade
ways and means meios e modos
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