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mesa sftable nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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table n (furniture: surface with legs)  (mobília)mesa sf
 To register for the conference, you need to go to that table over there.
 Para inscrever-se na conferência, você tem que ir àquela mesa lá.
table n (furniture: dining table)  (mobília: mesa de jantar)mesa sf
 Can you please prepare the table for dinner?
 Pode pôr a mesa para o jantar, por favor?
table n (furniture: coffee table)  (mobília: mesa de centro)mesa sf
  mesa de centro loc sf
 Your coffee and magazine are on the table.
 Seu café e sua revista estão em cima da mesa.
 * Comprei uma mesa de centro que combina direitinho com o meu sofá.
table n (furniture: end table)mesa sf
 Just put your drink on the table beside the sofa.
table n figurative (negotiations)  (negociação)mesa sf
 The two sides sat down at the table to negotiate a peace agreement.
 * A peace agreement between the two countries is on the table.
table n figurative (people at table)  (pessoas à mesa)mesa sf
  pessoas à mesa loc sf pl
 The table toasted the couple.
table n figurative (food)  (comida)mesa sf
 The chef prepared a delicious table.
desk n (office)  (de trabalho)mesa sf
 The boss has a big desk in his office.
 O chefe tem uma mesa grande em seu escritório.
desk n (center for a service)  (centro de serviços)balcão sm
   (de informação)mesa sf
 You should ask at the library's information desk.
desktop n (physical)  (físico)mesa sf
lay vtr (prepare the table)  (preparar a mesa)botar/ pôr a mesa loc vt
 Can you please lay the table for us?
mixing adj (music: disc jockey's console)  (música)mesa de mixagem loc sf
   (estrangeirismo)mixer sm
tablecloth n (fabric table-cover)toalha de mesa loc sf
centerpiece n US (table ornament)  (ornamento)centro de mesa loc sm
tableware n (articles used at table)utensílios de mesa loc sm
workbench n (craftsperson's work table)  (de mecânico)bancada sf
  mesa de trabalho loc sf
nightstand n (bedside table)mesa de cabeceira loc sf
  criado-mudo sm
round table
(involving discussion)  (envolvendo discussão)de mesa-redonda loc adj
round table
(conference among equals)  (reunião )mesa-redonda sf
tabletop n (surface of a table)tampo de mesa loc sm
tabletop adj (for use on a flat surface)  (para ser usado à mesa)de mesa loc adj
platen n (printing: flat plate that holds paper against type)  (imprensa)mesa de prensa loc sf
switcher n (video mixing board)mixer de vídeo, switcher de vídeo, switcher de produção loc sm
  mesa de corte loc sf
tickler n US (memorandum, reminder)caderneta sf
  agenda de mesa loc sf
billiard table n (table for playing pool or snooker)mesa de bilhar loc sf
 No one could play while Amanda lay on the billiard table.
billiard table n formal (table for playing three-ball billiards)mesa de bilhar loc sf
breakfast table n (table where breakfast is being eaten)mesa do café loc sf
 The whole family gathers around the breakfast table when Mom makes waffles.
card table n (table designed for playing cards)mesa de baralho loc sf
card table n (small table with folding legs)  (pequena mesa dobrável)mesa de baralho loc sf
dinette table n US (table for a breakfast nook)mesa de café
 I generally eat my breakfast at the dinette table.
dinner knife n (knife used for main course)faca de mesa
 My sister holds her dinner knife in her left hand.
dinner table n (table where meals are eaten)mesa de jantar
 My mother always told me not to scratch myself at the dinner table.
drafting table n (adjustable work surface)mesa de desenho
 These days most architects have abandoned their drafting tables for computers.
drawing board n (flat support for drawing paper)mesa de desenho loc sf
end table n (small table at end of sofa)  (mesa pequena ao lado do sofá)mesa de canto loc sf
kitchen table n (dining table in a kitchen)mesa de cozinha, mesa de jantar loc sf
 Everyone in the family enjoys the nightly conversation at the kitchen table.
operating table n (table on which surgery is performed)  (medicina)mesa de operações loc sf
 The patient was lying on the operating table while the surgeon prepared her instruments.
air hockey n (table game played with a puck)hóquei de mesa loc sm
air hockey table n (surface for playing air hockey)mesa de hóquei loc sf
bar games npl (table games played in a bar)jogo de mesa loc sm
coffee-table book n (large illustrated hardback book)  (livro ilustrado de capa dura)livro de mesa loc sm
computer table n (desk for a computer)mesa para computador loc sf
dessert table n UK (restaurant sweet trolley)mesa de sobremesa loc sf
switchboard n dated (telephones)  (desuso)mesa telefônica loc sf
corner table mesa de canto
desk calendar calendário de mesa
desk lamp abajur de mesa
dining table mesa de jantar
on the table na mesa
ping pong pingue-pongue
  tênis de mesa
table tennis tênis de mesa
tray table mesa portátil
under the counter debaixo da mesa, dos panos
  de forma ilegal
under the table debaixo da mesa, dos panos
  de forma ilegal
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