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meter put, place, deposit
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stick vtr (place in position)  (colocar)meter, enfiar vt
 The dog stuck his head out the window.
snoop vi (pry, investigate)bisbilhotar v int
   (informal)meter o nariz loc vt
twat vtr UK, vulgar (hit, strike)  (vulgar)meter porrada loc vt
wade vi figurative (enter: into argument)  (entrar: numa discussão)meter-se vp
dabble vi (do sthg occasionally)  (fazer algo ocasionalmente)meter-se vp
   (superficialmente)aventurar-se vp
bludgeon vtr (beat with a weapon)cacetear vt
  meter o cacete, porrete loc vt
bang up vtr UK, slang (put into prison)  (colocar na cadeia)pôr, meter em cana loc vt
 He got banged up for robbing the local liquor store.
cram in vtr informal (fit in: a large amount)enfiar, meter vt
   (encher em excesso)abarrotar vt
 I was able to cram in another few hours of work before I had to leave.
get in the way vi (be an obstacle)  (ser um obstáculo )interpor-se vp
  colocar-se entre; meter-se de permeio loc vp
 I couldn't see much of the parade because a tall fat man got in the way.
get into trouble vi (face punishment for wrongdoing)meter-se em apuros loc vp
 Sarah gets into trouble at school every day because she won't stop talking in class.
get into trouble vtr slang (make pregnant outside marriage)  (engravidar: fora do casamento, ilícito)meter-se em apuros loc vp
 A lot of teenage girls who get into trouble choose to give their babies up for adoption.
mess around with vtr ([sth]: use foolishly, spoil )  (estragar algo, maltratar)meter a mão vt
 Your painting is fine now, don't mess around with it any more or you will ruin it.
nose around vi informal (pry, snoop)  (informal - bisbilhotar)meter o nariz loc v int
 The detective decided to nose around the slums to see what mischief was afoot.
not tamper vi (not interfere or meddle: with [sth])não alterar indevidamente, não mexer, não meter a mão
 Do no tamper with the ballots.
drown vtr figurative (problems)  (figurativo: problema)meter-se em dificuldade loc vp
thrust vi (lunge, sword)  (investida, espada)meter, enfiar, furar vt
set to work meter mãos à obra
  mandar começar a trabalhar
slot in introduzir, meter, encaixar
wade into atacar com energia
  meter o peito
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