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molho smsauce nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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dunking n (act of dipping food in a drink)  (comida num líquido)molho sm
dip n (food)  (comida)molho sm
dressing n (for salad)  (para salada)molho sm
sauce n (food: liquid topping)molho sm
gravy n (meat juices)molho de carne loc sm
curry n (food: spiced dish)molho de caril loc sm
soaking adj (laundry: immersed in water)  (roupa: imersa n'água)de molho loc adj
sheaf n (bundle)molho, feixe sm
  maço sm
undressed adj (salad: without dressing)  (salada)sem molho loc adj
marinara adj (Italian food: with tomatoes and onions)molho de tomate loc sm
barbecue sauce n (spicy sauce for barbecued meat)molho para churrasco loc sm
  vinagrete sm
 You can buy barbecue sauce, or make your own with tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, and spices.
cocktail sauce n UK (mary rose sauce: ketchup and mayonnaise)  ( molho preparado com maionese e ketchup)molho rosé loc sm
 What the British call Mary Rose sauce or cocktail sauce the Americans call Thousand Island dressing.
cocktail sauce n US (for seafood cocktail: ketchup, horseradish)  ( molho preparado com ketchup e raiz-forte)molho para coquetel de camarão loc sm
 Mix ketchup and horseradish to make a great cocktail sauce for shrimp.
cream sauce n US (cookery: white sauce)molho bechamel loc sm
 The secret to French cooking is making a good cream sauce.
curry sauce n (sauce made from Asian spices)molho curry loc sm
 Biryani is a rice based dish which is often accompanied by a simple curry sauce.
hollandaise sauce n (sauce made from eggs, butter and lemon)  (molho feito de ovos, manteiga e limão)molho holandês loc sm
 Hollandaise sauce must be prepared on the spot because it spoils rapidly.
mushroom sauce n (sauce of mushrooms and cream)molho de cogumelo loc sm
 We're going to have pasta with mushroom sauce for dinner.
ranch n (salad dressing)  (tipo de molho para salada)molho ranch loc sm
soak vtr (place in water)pôr de molho loc vt
sauce boat vasilha para servir o molho
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