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Traduções principais
moral morality, moral, ethical
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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Traduções principais
moral adj (ethical) (ética)moral sf
 We hold ourselves to high moral standards.
 Nós temos altos padrões morais.
morale n (group: confidence) (grupo: confiança)estado de ânimo loc sm
  moral sm
 The workers' good morale is reflected in increasing productivity levels.
moral adj (virtuous)direito sm
  moral sm
  ético sm
 She is a moral woman and believes in the sanctity of marriage.
 Ela é uma mulher direita e acredita na santidade do matrimônio.
moral n (lesson) (lição)moral sf
 The moral of the story is to always be honest.
 A moral da história é sempre ser honesto.
morale n (person: high spirits) (pessoa)moral sm
 His morale really soared when he got his test results.
standards npl (morals, ethics)padrão sm
  moral, ética sf
 The politician was not known for his high standards.
Traduções complementares
moral adj (conduct: correct)moral sm
 Our politicians are expected to demonstrate moral behaviour.
 Nós esperamos que nossos políticos demonstrem comportamento moral.
takeaway n figurative (point, main message) (figurado)lição sf
  (figurado)moral sf
 The takeaway from this disaster is that we should always be prepared.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.
Formas compostas:
moral code n (ethical principles) (moralidade)código moral loc sm
 It is wrong to think that because someone is not religious they have no moral code.
moral courage n (strength to do what is right)coragem moral loc sf
 It takes moral courage to make a stand against injustice; many people just look the other way.
moral obligation n (ethical duty)obrigação moral loc sf
 Do children have a moral obligation to look after their parents in old age?
moral of the story n literal (ethical lesson in a fable or story)moral da história loc sf
 In the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the slow tortoise wins the race - the moral of the story is that steady persistence wins in the end.
moral of the story n figurative (lesson to be learned from [sth](ensino moral de experiência)moral da história loc sf
 The engine blew up after a week so the moral of the story is not to buy a really cheap second-hand car.
moral philosophy n (code of ethics)filosofia moral loc sf
 His own moral philosophy prevented him from speaking out against the president's actions.
moral rectitude n (rightness, virtue)retidão moral loc sf
moral sense n (conscience)senso moral loc sm
 It has been shown that even very young children have a strong moral sense, though they may lack the self-control necessary to always follow it.
moral strength n (courage to do what is right)coragem moral loc sf
 You need to summon all your moral strength and tell him the truth.
moral support n (emotional assistance, encouragement) (apoio emocional)apoio moral loc sm
 My friend had to see a cancer specialist, so I went with her for moral support. Bart's dad provided moral support by attending all of his basketball games.
moral turpitude n US (US law: immoral conduct) (jurídico)atentado à moral e aos bons costumes
 One may be denied entry to the US if they have been previously convicted of crimes of moral turpitude.
moral turpitude n (sin, immorality) (imoralidade)torpeza moral loc sf
moral victory n (greater honour despite losing)vitória moral loc sf
 When he lost narrowly to his much more talented brother, Michael considered it a moral victory.
moral virtue n (goodness, righteousness) (retidão, probidade)virtude moral loc sf
preach about [sth] vi + prep (moralize on the subject of) (figurado)pregar sermão sobre expres v
  (figurado)dar lição de moral sobre expres v
 My uncle gave up smoking years ago and now he's always preaching about the dangers of tobacco.
preach at [sb] vi + prep (tell [sb] how to live) (figurado)dar lição de moral para expres v
 Robert told his father to stop preaching at him.
punchline n (tagline of a joke) (frase-chave de uma piada)conclusão sf
  (frase-chave de uma piada)moral da história loc sm
 He was terrible at telling jokes because he always forgot the punchline.
social mores npl (traditional values and customs) (valores tradicionais e costumes)valores tradicionais sm pl
  moral e bons costumes expres
system of values n (ethos, moral philosophy) (ethos, filosofia moral)sistema de valores sm
  filosofia moral sf
 Each religion has a system of values by which people may live better, more meaningful lives.
value system n (moral code, ethos) (código moral, ethos)sistema de valores sm
  código moral sm
 A group's value system determines what is acceptable behavior for its members.
Vice n uncountable (police unit)delegacia de costumes loc sf
  esquadrão da moral loc sm
 Some officers from Vice interviewed the sex worker.
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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