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moral morality, moral, ethical
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moral adj (ethical)  (ética)moral sf
 We hold ourselves to high moral standards.
 Nós temos altos padrões morais.
moral n (lesson)  (lição)moral sf
 The moral of the story is to always be honest.
 A moral da história é sempre ser honesto.
morale n (group: confidence)  (grupo: confiança)estado de ânimo loc sm
  moral sm
morale n (person: high spirits)  (pessoa)moral sm
moral code n (ethical principles)  (moralidade)código moral loc sm
 It is wrong to think that because someone is not religious they have no moral code.
moral courage n (strength to do what is right)coragem moral loc sf
 It takes moral courage to make a stand against injustice; many people just look the other way.
moral obligation n (ethical duty)obrigação moral loc sf
 Do children have a moral obligation to look after their parents in old age?
moral of the story n literal (ethical lesson in a fable or story)moral da história loc sf
 In the tale of the tortoise and the hare, the slow tortoise wins the race - the moral of the story is that steady persistence wins in the end.
moral of the story n figurative (lesson to be learned from [sth])  (ensino moral de experiência)moral da história loc sf
 The engine blew up after a week so the moral of the story is not to buy a really cheap second-hand car.
moral philosophy n (code of ethics)filosofia moral loc sf
 His own moral philosophy prevented him from speaking out against the president's actions.
moral rectitude n (rightness, virtue)retidão moral loc sf
moral sense n (conscience)senso moral loc sm
 It has been shown that even very young children have a strong moral sense, though they may lack the self-control necessary to always follow it.
moral strength n (courage to do what is right)coragem moral loc sf
 You need to summon all your moral strength and tell him the truth.
moral support n (emotional assistance, encouragement)  (apoio emocional)apoio moral loc sm
 My friend had to see a cancer specialist, so I went with her for moral support.
moral turpitude n US (US law: immoral conduct)  (jurídico)atentado à moral e aos bons costumes
 One may be denied entry to the US if they have been previously convicted of crimes of moral turpitude.
moral turpitude n (sin, immorality)  (imoralidade)torpeza moral loc sf
moral virtue n (goodness, righteousness)  (retidão, probidade)virtude moral loc sf
moral victory vitória moral
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