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mudar vtchange vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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move vtr (change to a new residence)mudar vt
 She moved apartments twice last year.
change vtr (switch vehicle gears)mudar vt
 On the hill, change into first gear.
change vi (become different)mudar vt
 Everyone changes as they get older.
change vi (male voice: become lower)  (voz masculina)mudar vt
 Larry's voice changed as he went through puberty.
change vi (take a different direction)  (de direção)mudar vt
 You will go north at first, then change at the intersection.
remove vi (change residence)mudar v int
 We shall remove to new quarters in the city.
turn vtr (upset: [sth])perturbar vt
  mudar vt
 She arrived in a bad mood, and turned the whole atmosphere sour.
turn [sth],
turn [sth] around
(change completely)mudar vt
 My sister has turned her life around.
turn vi (change, become [sth] new)mudar v int
 The leaves have all turned.
turn vi informal (become ill)  (ficar doente)mudar v int
 He was feeling very well, but then he just turned.
shift [sth]
(move)  (mudar de lugar,de posição)mover, arredar vt
   (mudar de lugar,de posição)mover-se vp
   (de opinião, vento)mudar v int
 The movers shifted the table one metre to the left.
 Os ajudantes de mudança arredaram a mesa um metro para a esquerda.
  Ela ficou movendo-se na cadeira, pois estava desconfortável.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
  O ventou mudou de direção de repente.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
shift vi informal (move)mudar vt
 We can't sit at this table. We need to shift.
shift vtr US (change: gear)  (mudar de marcha)mudar vt
 The driver shifted gears as the car climbed the hill.
 O motorista mudou de marcha quando subia a colina.
throw vtr (change the situation of)  (de situação)mudar vt
 The process was thrown off course when the boss changed his mind.
dislocate vtr (put out of place)  (colocar fora de lugar)deslocar vt
  mudar vt
mutate vi (change form)mudar v int
  modificar-se vp
move away vi (go to live elsewhere)mudar v int
 I moved away when I was 18 years old and went to live in the city.
relocate vi (move: family)mudar v int
relocate vi (move: office)mudar v int
revise vtr (change)mudar vt
move vi (change residence)mudar-se vp
 When I was five years old, we moved.
 Quando eu tinha cinco anos de idade, nós nos mudamos.
break vtr (baseball: curveball)  (beisebol)mudar de direção loc vt
 The pitcher broke a wicked curve that got the corner of the plate.
change [sth]
(alter)  (alterar)modificar, mudar vt
 Anna wants to change the agreement.
 Ana quer modificar (or: mudar) o acordo.
change [sth]
(clothes)mudar, trocar vt
 I need to change my clothes.
 Preciso mudar (or: trocar) de roupa.
change [sth]
(change for [sth] new or clean)mudar, trocar vt
 Change the bed linens at least once a week.
shift vi US (change gear)  (marcha de carro)mudar, trocar vt
 When the engine is running too fast, you should shift.
shift [sth]
(swap)trocar, mudar vt
 The waiting officer shifted his weight from one foot to the other.
switch vi (shift)  (cambiar)mudar, trocar vt
 He switched into third gear to gain some speed.
 Ele mudou (or: trocou) para terceira marcha para aumentar a velocidade.
switch vtr (change: direction, course)  (direção)mudar, trocar vt
 The boat switched course when the winds changed.
transfer vtr (change: train, bus, plane)  (trem, avião, etc)mudar, trocar vt
  baldear vt
 He transferred trains in Madrid on his way to Barcelona.
 Ele mudou (or: trocou) de trem em Madri no caminho para Barcelona.
shed vtr (skin)  (pele)descamar, mudar vt
  trocar vt
 The snake sheds its skin.
transform vtr (change completely)transformar, mudar vt
UK: moult
US (moult: shed fur, etc.)  (EUA: de penas, pele ou pelo)mudar, renovar vt
flip flop,
(reverse positions, esp. political)mudar de opinião loc v int
change hands v (pass into possession of another)mudar de dono
 That old car has changed hands seven times since it was new.
change into vtr (put on: clothes)  (roupas)vestir, trocar, mudar vt
 Why don't you change into something more comfortable?
change up v UK (vehicle: change to higher gear)mudar de marcha
 When the car goes faster you need to change up to prevent the engine revving excessively.
change your mind v (reverse your decision)mudar de opinião loc vt
 I changed my mind and decided to go to the party after all.
(change from one system to anther)mudar de um sistema para outro loc v int
 It takes three weeks to make the assembly line changeover for a new model.
cut away,
(tv, cinema: inserted shot)  (tv, cinema)mudar de plano, cutaway
go around vtr (change path to avoid hitting [sth])  (evitar)mudar de caminho loc vt
 The radio advised of heavy traffic downtown, so we went around the city instead.
have a change of heart vi (go against one's previous decision)mudar de opinião loc v int
 She's had a change of heart and is inviting her sister after all.
move about vi (relocate frequently)mudar-se constantemente loc vp
  manter-se em movimento loc vp
move out vi (leave one's home)mudar-se vp
  mudar-se vp
 Although I got on well with my parents, I couldn't wait to move out.
tack vi figurative (change direction)  (figurado: mudar de direção)desviar v int
  mudar de rumo lov v int
  mudar de opinião loc v int
change course mudar a direção
change his mind mudar de opinião
change places with mudar de lugar com
change the subject mudar de assunto
clear out sair
  recolher a bagunça
come around recuperar
  mudar de opinião
  acontecer regularmente
cross over cruzar
   (opinião)mudar de lado
turn around dar meia-volta, virar-se
  mudar de opinião
turn the tide mudar as coisas
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