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mulher sfwoman nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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woman n (female)mulher sf
 This is a job for a woman.
 Isto é um trabalho para uma mulher.
woman n informal (wife)  (esposa)mulher sf
 I have to go home to the little woman.
woman n slang (girlfriend)  (gíria, namorada)mulher sf
 My woman treats me right.
woman n (adult female)mulher sf
 She is a beautiful woman.
 Ela é uma mulher bonita.
female n (woman)mulher sf
 She was the first female to become President.
 Ela foi a primeira mulher que se tornou presidente.
mama n US, slang (woman)  (EUA, gíria)mulher sf
dame n (woman)  (mulher)mulher sf
wife n (married woman)  (mulher casada)esposa, mulher sf
 He has been married to his wife for three years.
 Está casado com sua esposa (or: mulher) há três anos.
siren n figurative (seductive woman)  (figurado: mulher sedutora, fatal)sereia sf
  mulher-fatal sf
businesswoman n (female businessperson)empresária sf
  mulher de negócios loc sf
policewoman n (female police officer)  (membro da Polícia Feminina)policial feminina loc sf
  mulher policial loc sf
spokeswoman n (woman who speaks for [sb])mulher porta-voz loc sf
womanhood n (condition of being an adult female)condição de mulher loc sf
banshee n figurative, pejorative (shrill woman)  (fig., pej.)mulher de voz esganiçada loc sf
sheila n Aus, slang (woman)  (AUS, gíria )mulher jovem loc sf
businessperson n (commercial executive)homem de negócios loc sm
  mulher de negócios loc sf
missus n informal (wife)mulher, esposa sf
   (informal)patroa, dona sf
squaw n dated, offensive (North American Indian woman: wife)mulher índia loc sf
career girl n (ambitious young woman )  (mulher ambiciosa)mulher de carreira loc sf
 Do you think that career girl will ever marry, have children and settle down to family life?
ex-wife n (woman one was formerly married to)ex-mulher sf
 I still love my ex-wife.
great lady n (woman who is prominent or influential)  (mulher eminente, influente)grande mulher loc sf
 The president's wife is a great lady.
husband and wife npl (married couple)marido e mulher loc subst
 John and I became husband and wife ten years ago today.
ladies' wear n (clothing for women)roupas de mulher loc sf pl
 I'm looking for a ladies' wear shop because I need a new dress.
married woman n (woman who is [sb]'s wife)mulher casada loc sf
mature woman n (middle-aged female)  (mulher de meia-idade)mulher madura loc sf
old woman n (elderly lady)mulher idosa loc sf
 Every day I see the same little old woman sitting on that park bench feeding pigeons.
alpha female n (strong woman)  (fêmea dominante)mulher alfa loc sf
classy lady n informal (sophisticated and stylish woman)  (mulher com estilo e sofisticação)mulher de classe loc sf
   (pop, )mulher classuda loc sf
 I will miss Jessie, she was truly a classy lady.
char n (cleaning woman)faxineira sf
  mulher da limpeza loc sf
grown woman mulher adulta
honest woman mulher honesta
live as husband and wife viver como marido e mulher
sex goddess mulher sexualmente atraente
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