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Traduções principais
mulher sfwoman nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
plural: women
(adult female)mulher sf
 She is a beautiful woman.
 Ela é uma mulher bonita.
wife n (married woman) (mulher casada)esposa, mulher sf
 He has been married to his wife for three years.
 Está casado com sua esposa (or: mulher) há três anos.
missus n informal (wife)mulher, esposa sf
  (informal)patroa, dona sf
woman n slang (female partner) (gíria, namorada)mulher sf
 My woman treats me right.
female n (woman)mulher sf
 She was the first female to become President.
 Ela foi a primeira mulher que se tornou presidente.
US, slang, figurative (woman) (EUA, gíria)mulher sf
 Who's that hot mama who just walked in?
dame n dated, US, slang, pejorative (woman) (mulher)mulher sf
 And then some dame pulls right in and steals the parking space!
Traduções complementares
woman n informal, pejorative (wife) (esposa)mulher sf
 I have to go home to the little woman.
lucky n UK, regional, informal (woman)mulher sf
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Formas compostas:
baggage n figurative, pejorative (disreputable, immoral woman) (vulgar)rameira sf
  (vulgar)quenga sf
  (pejorativo)mulher da vida loc sf
  (pejorativo)corrida adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
banshee n figurative, pejorative (shrill woman) (fig, pej)mulher de voz esganiçada loc sf
beautiful girl n (attractive young female)bela mulher sf
  bela moça sf
businessperson n (commercial executive)homem de negócios loc sm
  mulher de negócios loc sf
plural: businesswomen
(female: works in commerce)empresária sf
  mulher de negócios loc sf
 The first speaker at the conference was a noted businesswoman.
career girl n (ambitious young woman) (mulher ambiciosa)mulher de carreira sf
 Do you think that career girl will ever marry, have children and settle down to family life?
UK (cleaning lady)faxineira sf
  mulher da limpeza sf
 The char comes every Thursday to clean.
classy lady n informal (sophisticated and stylish woman) (mulher com estilo e sofisticação)mulher de classe loc sf
  (pop)mulher classuda loc sf
 I will miss Jessie, she was truly a classy lady.
dream girl n (idealized woman)mulher dos sonhos sf
 Sometimes a dream girl is just a dream.
dream girl n (desirable young woman)mulher dos sonhos sf
 The calendar features a collection of dream girls in bikinis.
ex-wife n (woman: former spouse)ex-mulher sf
 I still love my ex-wife.
great lady n (woman: prominent)grande mulher loc sf
 The president's wife is a great lady.
grown woman n (adult female)mulher feita nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  mulher crescida nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  grandinha nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
 She dresses like a grown woman, but she's still a young girl.
 Ela se veste como uma mulher feita, mas ainda é uma garota jovem.
honest woman n dated, humorous (woman: married) (datado: mulher casada)mulher honesta sf
 Sara's father was happy because Tom had made an honest woman of her.
husband and wife npl (married heterosexual couple)marido e mulher loc subst
 John and I became husband and wife ten years ago today.
knockout n slang, figurative ([sb] very attractive) (figurativo, gíria)nocaute sm
  (figurativo, gíria)POR: estouro de mulher, estouro de homem loc sm
 That Victoria's Secret model is a real knockout.
ladies' wear n (clothing for women)roupas de mulher loc sf pl
 I'm looking for a ladies' wear shop because I need a new dress.
live as husband and wife v expr (cohabit as a couple)viver como marido e mulher exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
 They might as well be married; they've been living for years as husband and wife.
lucky n UK, regional, informal (elderly woman)mulher idosa sf
married woman n (woman who is [sb]'s wife)mulher casada loc sf
 Julia is a married woman with two children.
matron n (respected older woman)matrona sf
  mulher de meia-idade loc sf
 No one dared to insult Mrs. Flores, a respected matron of the town.
mature woman n (middle-aged female) (mulher de meia-idade)mulher madura loc sf
old woman n (elderly lady)mulher idosa sf
 Every day I see the same little old woman sitting on that park bench feeding pigeons.
plural: policewomen
(female police officer) (membro da Polícia Feminina)policial feminina loc sf
  mulher policial loc sf
 Policewomen have the same responsibilities as their male counterparts.
post-menopausal woman n (adult female who no longer menstruates) (mulher adulta que não menstrua mais)mulher pós-menopausada loc sf
 There are a lot of jokes about crazy post-menopausal women.
rights of women npl (women's human and civil liberties)direitos da mulher loc smpl
 In many countries, the rights of women to equal treatment under the law and in the workplace are undisputed.
sheila n Aus, slang (woman) (AUS, gíria)mulher jovem loc sf
single girl n (young woman without a partner)mulher solteira sf
  garota solteira sf
  menina solteira sf
single woman n (adult female without a partner) (mulher adulta sem parceiro)mulher solteira sf
  solteira sf
 She broke up with her boyfriend and is now a single woman again.
siren n figurative (seductive woman) (figurado: mulher sedutora, fatal)sereia sf
  mulher-fatal sf
 He took me to a bar full of sirens who danced for money.
squaw n dated, offensive (American Indian woman, wife)mulher índia loc sf
strange woman n (peculiar adult female)mulher estranha sf
  mulher excêntrica sf
  mulher exótica sf
 He was some surprised to see her wearing a fur-coat on the beach, yet he had always regarded her as a strange woman.
sylph n figurative (slim female) (figurativo)sílfide sf
  mulher esbelta loc sf
 The actor arrived at the party with a beautiful sylph of a woman.
the other woman n figurative (married man's female lover) (amante)a outra mulher loc sf
  amante sf
trophy wife n pejorative (beautiful woman seen as status symbol for husband) (figurado, ofensivo!)mulher troféu sf
 The men at the conference all seemed to have trophy wives.
woman of the world n (sophisticated woman)mulher elegante sf + adj
  mulher sofisticada sf + adj
 My Aunt Charlotte was really a woman of the world.
woman to woman adv (from one woman to another)de mulher para mulher loc adv
womanhood n (condition of being an adult female)condição de mulher loc sf
 The ceremony signifies that a girl has reached womanhood.
women's rights (rights claimed for women)direitos da mulher loc sm pl
working girl n slang, euphemism (prostitute) (gíria, eufemismo: prostituta)moça trabalhadora, mulher da vida sf
 Mary has been a working girl since adolescence.
young woman n (youthful adult female)mulher jovem sf + adj
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