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mundo smworld nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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world n (planet Earth)  (planeta terra)mundo sm
 The world's environment is fragile.
 O meio ambiente do mundo é frágil.
world n (humanity, society)  (figurado: humanidade )mundo sm
 The world will not survive a nuclear war.
 O mundo não sobreviveria a uma guerra nuclear.
world n (the public)  (público)mundo sm
 There will be a scandal when the world hears about this.
world n (a group of people)  (figurado: grupo de pessoas)mundo sm
 The art world is a strange place.
 O mundo da arte é um universo estranho.
world n (a realm)  (reino)mundo sm
 The animal world has different rules.
world n (a great quantity)  (infinidade)mundo sm
 There is a world of difference between their politics.
world n (not noticing others)mundo sm
 The cult is in its own world there.
everyone pron (every person)todos pronpronoun: Replaces noun--for example, "He took the cookie and ate it." "I saw you yesterday."
  todo o mundo loc pron
 Everyone wants to come to the party.
 Todos querem ir à festa.
 Todo o mundo quer vir à festa.
everyone pron (each one)  (cada um)todos pronpronoun: Replaces noun--for example, "He took the cookie and ate it." "I saw you yesterday."
  todo o mundo loc pron
 At the children's party, everyone was given a present.
everybody pron (each person)  (cada pessoa)todo o mundo loc pron
 Everybody I know prefers chocolate to vanilla.
 Todo o mundo que eu conheço prefere chocolate a baunilha.
everybody pron (all persons)  (todas as pessoas)todo o mundo loc pron
 If everybody is here then I'll begin.
underworld n (mythology: world of the dead)  (mitologia)mundo subterrâneo loc sm
   (além)profundezas sf pl
afterlife n (life after death)  (vida depois da morte)além, além-mundo sm
  ultravida sf
doomsday n figurative (dreaded event)  (evento pavoroso)fim do mundo loc sm
backwater n (isolated place)  (lugar isolado)buraco, cafundó sm
  fim de mundo loc sm
worldview n (outlook, ethos)visão do mundo loc sf
  ponto de vista loc sm
all hands npl figurative (everyone)todo o mundo expres
 The ship was sinking, so the captain called for all hands on deck.
around the world adv (in many countries, all over the world)ao redor do mundo loc adj
  em todo o mundo loc adv
 The Internet allows people around the world to share information.
around the world adv (going round the world)ao redor do mundo loc adv
 Ferdinand Magellan's ship sailed around the world in the 1500s.
at the end of the earth adv (in a distant place, remote country)  (num lugar distante)no fim do mundo loc adv
birthday suit n slang (nakedness, bare skin)  (nu)roupa com que veio ao mundo
 He didn't knock, so he just walked in and found me in my birthday suit.
blow the whistle vi (tell the truth about [sth])  (dizer a verdade sobre algo)botar a boca no mundo
blow the whistle on vtr figurative (inform on, denounce: [sb])  (denunciar)botar a boca no mundo
blow the whistle on vtr figurative (tell the truth about: [sth])  (dizer a verdade sobre algo)botar a boca no mundo
come into being v (be born)  (nascer)vir ao mundo
 The Internet didn't just come into being spontaneously. It is the result of decades of research and development.
come into being v (come about, be created)  (acontecer, ser criado)vir ao mundo
come into the world v (be born)  (nascer)vir ao mundo
 He came into the world kicking and screaming just like the rest of us.
dream world n (idealization, fantasy)  (fantasia)mundo da imaginação
 In my dream world I'm as young and healthy as I was 30 years ago.
entertainment industry n (show business)mundo do espetáculo loc sm
  show business estrang
 The economic crisis is even starting to affect the entertainment industry.
feel like a million bucks vi slang (feel good)  (sentir-se bem)sentir-se no topo do mundo loc vp
free world n (democratic nations)  (nações democráticas)mundo livre loc sm
 The Cold war divided the world into two halves: the free world and the communist world.
king of the castle n figurative (most powerful figure)  (figurativo - pessoa poderosa)rei, dono do mundo, rei da cocada preta loc sm
 He felt like the king of the castle when he finally passed his driving test.
natural world n (nature, life on earth)  (natureza)mundo natural loc sm
 Animals, plants, and insects are all part of the natural world.
new world
(unfamiliar environment or experience)  (ambiente ou experiência não familiar)novo mundo loc sm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 After the company was sold, his workplace seemed like a new world to him.
not for love or money adv (impossible to obtain by any means)nem por todo o dinheiro do mundo expres
 You can't get a table in that restaurant for love or money.
developing world n (Third World: poor countries)mundo em desenvolvimento loc sm
everyone else n (all other people)todo o mundo loc sm
 Why haven't you left home like everyone else?
 I try to be original, rather than imitate everyone else.
a whole new world n figurative (unfamiliar experience)  (experiência nova)mundo novo loc sm
 Retirement is certainly a whole new world; there's so much to get used to.
across the world adv (all over the Earth)em todo o mundo loc adv
 It sure would be nice if peace broke out across the world for a change.
corporate world n (realm of business)mundo corporativo loc sm
hereafter n (life after death)  (o que vem depois da morte)além sm
  além-mundo sm
  eternidade sf
  desconhecido sm
all over the world ao redor do mundo
each and every one cada um
  todo mundo
jump on the bandwagon seguir a maioria
  fazer como todo mundo
material world mundo material
not of this world não é deste mundo
on top of the world no topo do mundo
see the light entender a verdade, perceber
  sair para o mundo
  tornar-se famoso
sleep around ser promíscuo
   (gíria)dormir com todo mundo
something to write home about coisa de outro mundo
to the end of the earth até o fim do mundo
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