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Traduções principais
número smnumber nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
number n (mathematics: integer, etc.)número sm
 What number did you get for the first problem on the test?
 Que número você calculou para o primeiro problema da prova?
number n (written numeral, digit) (numeral)número sm
 What number is that? A one or a seven?
 Qual número é aquele? Um ou sete?
sample size n (size of clothing prototype) (vestimenta)tamanho sm
  número sm
number n (total, aggregate count) (número de pessoas)número sm
 The number of people in the room was greater than a hundred.
 O número de pessoas naquela sala era superior a cem.
issue n (publication: edition)edição sf
  número sm
 They printed a special issue of the book on high-quality paper.
 Eles imprimiram uma edição especial do livro em papel de alta qualidade.
 Eles imprimiram um número especial do livro em papel de alta qualidade.
number n informal, abbreviation (telephone number) (de telefone)número sm
 What is your number? Maybe we can get together for a drink sometime.
 Qual o seu número? Talvez possamos nos encontrar para tomar algo qualquer dia.
Traduções complementares
set n (music: performance) (música)número sm
 After finishing her set, the violinist bowed for the audience.
number n (assigned identifier) (identificador designado)número sm
 Our house is number seventeen, Oak Street.
number n (magazine series: issue) (edição de uma publicação)número sm
 The third number of the original Batman series is extremely valuable now.
number n (performance, act) (performance, ato)número sm
 The female vocalist is in the third number of the musical.
number n (grammar) (gramática)número sm
 In many languages, verbs and nouns must agree in number.
number n dated, slang (girl, young woman) (mulher jovem)moça, garota sf
  (gíria, pessoa com característica peculiar)número sm
 She is a cute little number, isn't she?
routine n (entertainment: performance sequence)número sm
 The comedian's routine wasn't popular with the audience.
spot n (individual performance time)apresentação sf
  número sm
 The makeup artist rushed to get the singer ready for her spot.
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Formas compostas:
atomic number,
proton number
(number of protons in an atomic nucleus)número atômico loc sm
 Hydrogen has the lowest atomic number because it has only one proton.
atomic number,
proton number
(number of electrons surrounding a nucleus)número atômico loc sm
binary number n (number expressed using 0 and 1)número binário loc sm
 Most computer languages are based on binary numbers.
body count n (number of fatalities, especially in war)número de baixas loc sm
 After the earthquake, the body count rose to the thousands.
UK: case-load
(legal, medical or social work: number of cases)número de atendimentos loc sm
  quantidade de casos loc sf
 The attorney's growing caseload made him consider hiring an assistant.
complex number n (mathematics:) (matemática)número complexo, número composto loc sm
 Real numbers are just a part of the larger set of complex numbers.
dance number n (performance of a dance)número de dança loc sm
 The girls were performing a dance number on the stage.
death toll n (total number of deaths)número de mortos, total de vítimas
 The death toll from the earthquake is rising rapidly as more and more bodies are found.
decrease in number vi (become fewer)diminuir em número loc v int
 The attacks have decreased in number and in intensity.
emergency phone number n (of police, ambulance, etc.)telefone de emergência, número de emergência sm
 9-1-1 is fast becoming a universal emergency phone number in the U.S.
even number n (2, 4, 6, etc.)número par loc sm
 All even numbers are divisible by two.
fax number n dated, abbreviation (number of facsimile machine)número de fax loc sm
 I must have dialed the fax number because the phone answered with a whistle tone.
the fewest
(smallest number of)o menor número de loc adj
the fewest
(smallest number)o menor número de sm
 Richard's group had the most members, and Sally's had the fewest.
finite number n (limited quantity) (quantidade limitada)número finito loc sm
 There is a finite number of trees in the rain forest.
finite number n (definite number, not infinite) (número que não é infinito)número finito loc sm
 Contrary to popular belief, there is a finite number of grains of sand on the beach.
head count n (number of people) (número de pessoas)número de cabeças loc sm
increase its numbers v (attract more followers) (atrair mais seguidores)aumentar o número
 The party needs to increase its numbers if it is to win the next election.
increase its numbers v (employ more staff) (empregar mais pessoas)aumentar o número
 The organisation needs to increase its numbers in Europe.
integer n (mathematics: whole number) (matemática)inteireza sf
  número inteiro loc sm
 Integers do not include decimals or fractions.
large number n (considerable amount) (quantia considerável)grande número loc sm
 All tickets were sold out so a large number of fans had to watch the match on the big screens outside of the stadium.
large number n (high numeral) (mat.)número muito grande loc sm
 It is difficult to multiply large numbers together in your head.
limited number n (restricted series)número limitado loc sm
 There were only a limited number of these cars manufactured, so you will be lucky to get one.
linage n (number of lines of text) (tipografia)número de linhas loc sm
number one,
(numeral, cardinal number: 1) (número cardinal)número um loc sm
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Please look at paper number one in your packet.
number one,
(biggest-selling song in pop music chart) (música mais vendida)número um loc sm
 It made number one on the charts in the first week.
number one,
(favourite person) (pessoa predileta)número um loc sm
 Ron is my number one person.
number one,
(leading or most successful) (dominante, proeminente)número um loc adj
 For a long time, Ford was the number one automaker in America.
number one,
slang, dated (oneself) (a própria pessoa)número um loc sm
 Take care of number one.
number two n (cardinal numeral: 2)número dois loc sm
 Contestant number two, please step forward.
number two n euphemism (bowel movement, defecation) (figurado, eufemismo, defecar)número dois loc sm
 Good boy, Johnny! You went number two in the potty!
odd number n (numeral that is not even) (mat.)número ímpar loc sm
 1, 3, and 5 are all odd numbers.
odd number n (uneven number: of [sth](de algo)número ímpar loc sm
 There was an odd number of students in the class so they worked in pairs apart from one group of three people.
outnumber vtr (number more than)exceder em número loc vt
phone number n (of individual, business)número de telefone sm
 Phone numbers only had five digits when my mother was born.
prime number n (figure divisible by itself and 1) (quantia divisível por si mesma e 1)número primo sm
 In their search for new prime numbers, mathematicians use supercomputers nowadays.
real number n (mathematics: rational or irrational number) (matemática: número racional e irracional)número real loc sm
 Seven is a real number and so is three fourths, but the square root of two is not.
registered number n (identifying digits assigned to a company) (dígitos de identificação de uma empresa)número de registro loc sm
  (Bras., Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica)CNPJ sigl
 The registered number of the company is shown at the top of the letter.
registration number n (number on vehicle licence plate) (de veículo)número da placa loc sm
 Personalised registration numbers are very popular in the UK.
roll number n UK (building society customer ID number)número de cliente sm + loc adj
  número de cadastro sm + loc adj
 Some building society accounts have a roll number.
room number n (sequential numeral given to a hotel room)número do quarto loc sm
 Electronic room keys don't have the room number on them, so you have to remember what room you're in.
sales quantity n (amount or number sold)quantidade vendida sf
  número de vendas sm
sort code n (branch number of a bank) (número da agência de banco)número de agência sm
  número da agência sm
telephone number n (digits dialled to reach [sb] by phone) (dígitos discados ao telefone)número telefônico loc sm
 When I first met Susan I made sure to write down her telephone number right away.
thread count n (thread density of a woven fabric) (densidade de fio em um tecido)número de fios loc sm
  contagem de fios loc sf
 Expensive sheets and pillowcases usually have a very high thread count.
toll-free number n US (phone number that can be called without charge)número para ligação gratuita sm
 The area code for toll-free numbers is 800 or 888. The agency has a toll free number so you can call without charge.
tracking number n (identification number of a parcel) (número de identificação de uma fatura)número de identificação loc sm
  código de barras loc sm
 You can use the tracking number to find out when your parcel will be delivered.
unnumbered adj (having no numbers assigned) (não numerado)sem número loc adj
warm-up act n (performer: before main act)número de abertura loc sm
  show de abertura loc sm
word count n (number of words in a text) (quantidade de palavras em um texto)contagem de palavras loc sf
  número de palavras loc sf
 Write the word count at the end of your essay.
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