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natureza sfnature nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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nature n (the natural world)  (mundo natural)natureza sf
 He loves nature so much that he is thinking about becoming a park ranger.
 Ele adora a natureza, tanto que está pensando em tornar-se um guarda florestal.
(spiritual force)natureza sf
 The forces of nature should not be resisted. These hurricanes are powerful.
nature n (scenery)  (cenário)natureza sf
 Look at the nature round here! It's so beautiful!
by nature
(characteristics, essence)  (característica, essência)natureza sf
   (temperamento, índole)natureza sf
 Lions are wild by nature, and there is little you can do to tame them.
 Os leões são selvagens por natureza e há pouco que se possa fazer para domesticá-los.
  A mulher insistia no estereótipo de que os homens são infiéis por natureza. Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
nature n (personality)  (personalidade)natureza sf
 He is rough on the outside, but once you get to know him, you realize that his nature is basically good.
nature n (drives, impulses)natureza sf
 You shouldn't be surprised at his reaction. It is human nature.
nature n (heredity, not nurture)  (habilidade inerente)natureza sf
 Is a child's intelligence due to nature or nurture?
nature n (type, kind)  (tipo)natureza sf
 Data of this nature tends to be useless for our work.
nature n (primitive mode of human life)natureza sf
 In some documentaries you can see people living in nature in Africa.
freak of nature n (deformed person or animal)  (pessoa ou animal com características anormais)anomalia da natureza loc sf
 A calf born with three legs is a freak of nature.
freak of nature n (unusual natural event)  (fenômeno da natureza inesperado e fora do comum)anomalia da natureza loc sf
 It was a freak of nature to get snow so close to the equator.
human nature n (innate psychological characteristics of humans)  (características que todos os seres humanos têm em comum)natureza humana loc sf
 The greedy man stole from his neighbors, but isn't that just human nature?
nature study n (learning about nature through direct experience)estudo de natureza loc sm
 We enjoy bird watching and other kinds of nature study.
addictive nature n (drug, etc.: habit-forming tendency)natureza aditiva loc sf
 Due to its addictive nature, Vicodin is only available by prescription.
forces of nature forças da natureza
still life natureza morta
still-life painting pintura de natureza morta
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