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negócio smbusiness, dealing nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  affair nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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job n slang (robbery)  (roubo)negócio sm
 He's doing time for that Credit Union job that went wrong.
business n (trade)negócio sm
 William is in business as a shoemaker.
 William tem um negócio como sapateiro.
business n (enterprise)negócio sm
  empresa sf
 My uncle wants to start his own business.
 Meu tio quer iniciar seu próprio negócio.
 Meu tio quer iniciar sua própria empresa.
business n (place of business)  (lugar)negócio sm
 This store is our business.
business n (matter, affair)negócio sm
 Let's forget about the business with the bees.
business n (responsibility)  (responsabilidade)negócio sm
 My business is to look after my brothers.
matter n (concern)questão sf
  negócio sm
 Congress needs to deal with the matter of illegal immigration soon.
 O Congresso precisa lidar com a questão da imigração ilegal logo.
matter n (situation)  (situação)assunto, tema sm
  negócio sm
 I really didn't want to get involved in this kind of matter.
biz n abbr, slang (business)  (abrev., gíria)negócio sm
hustle n (business)  (atividade)negócio sm
  indústria sf
trading n (finance)negócio sm
business adj (of business)de negócio loc adj
 The two sat down to deal with business matters.
business adj (suitable for business)de negócio loc adj
 I put on my business suit.
widget n (nameless item, thingy)troço, trem, negócio sm
  coisa sf
moneymaker n ([sth] which generates income)negócio rentável loc sf
shebang n informal (entirety of [sth], ensemble)negócio, assunto sm
  a coisa toda exprexpression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own."
jigger n (small mechanical device)  (qualquer aparelho pequeno)dispositivo, negócio, aparelho, troço sm
  engenhoca, coisa sf
thingy n slang (unnamed object)  (objeto sem nome)coisa sf
  troço, trem, negócio sm
fallen angel n (finance: company once but no longer successful)  (finanças)negócio falido loc sm
 Fallen angels are companies whose stock price has declined to a level below their true value.
funny business n slang (sneaky behaviour)negócio desonesto loc sm
  trapaça sf
 We're leaving you alone on trust – so no funny business!
core business n (main business activity)negócio principal loc sm
 They decided to sell off several recent acquisitions and concentrate on their core business.
conduct business with [sb] v (have commercial dealings with [sb])fazer negócio com alguém loc vt
  fazer uma transação com alguém loc vt
done deal n informal ([sth] formally agreed)negócio fechado loc sm
 He laid the money on the table and they shook hands. It was a done deal.
family business n (company owned and run by a family)negócio de família loc sm
 Eventually, his son will take over the family business.
trading n (exchange)comércio, negócio sm
good deal bom negócio
have no business não ter negócio
  não ter o direito
set up shop abrir um negócio
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