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notícia notice, news item, information
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report n (news)reportagem sf
  notícia sf
 The news report only told one side of the story.
 A reportagem do jornal só contou um lado da história.
word n (rumour)  (boato)notícia sf
 Did you hear the word about Jack and Jill?
word n (news)notícia sf
 Have you heard any word from your brother lately?
news item n (story featured in the news)  (de jornal)notícia sf
 Did you see the news item about the discovery of a new planet?
hard news n informal (information about serious and current events)  (Jornalismo)notícia séria e importante loc sf
 This newspaper has a reputation for hard news rather than celebrity gossip.
have information about vtr (know [sth] important about)  (algo, alguém)ter notícia de loc v int
 Anybody having information about the accident should report it to the police.
hit the headlines vi (be prominently featured in the news)  (estar na primeira página do jornal)chegar às manchetes, virar notícia loc v int
 The Governor's career was finished when it hit the headlines that he had used state funds to hire a hooker.
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