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nuvens sf plclouds n pl
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clouds on the horizon npl figurative (prospect of trouble)  (figurativo - prospecto de problemas)nuvens no horizonte
 The tobacco industry has been quite profitable in the past but now there are clouds on the horizon.
clouds on the horizon npl literal (clouds near the horizon)  (literal)nuvens no horizonte
 We won't be able to watch the sunset because of the clouds on the horizon.
dark clouds npl literal (grey clouds threatening rain)nuvens negras loc sf pl
 The rains will come soon: the air's heavy and dark clouds are gathering over the hills.
dark clouds npl figurative (bad omen)  (mau sinal)nuvens negras loc sf pl
 In 1938 the dark clouds of war were once again gathering over Europe.
go over the top vi (praise excessively)  (elogiar excessivamente)pôr nas nuvens loc v int
 Alan was always going over the top about how pretty his girlfriend was.
cloud nine n figurative (state of joy or bliss)  (estado de alegria ou euforia)nas nuvens
 She's on cloud nine because she got engaged last night.
cloud watching n (activity: observing cloud shapes)  (atividade)observação de nuvens loc sf
 I enjoy cloud watching while lying on the grass in the park.
have one's head in the clouds estar com a cabeça nas nuvens
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