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obra sfwork nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (composição, trabalho)opus nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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piece n (specimen, example)obra sf
 This piece of art really shows Warhol's style.
title n (book)  (livro)título vt
  obra sf
 We publish a dozen titles each year.
 Publicamos uma dúzia de títulos todo ano.
 Publicamos uma dúzia de obras por ano.
handiwork n figurative, informal ([sth] done or made: by [sb])  (trabalho manual)obra sf
op n abbr (opus: work)  (abreviatura)obra sf
opus n (music, literature: work)obra sf
  composição sf
oeuvre n (literature: collected works)  (produção de trabalho literário)obra sf
construction work n (building work)obra sf
  construção sf
 The street will be blocked off for two months because of the construction work.
manpower n (number of workers)mão-de-obra sf
  efetivo sm
boondoggle n US (project that wastes time and money)  (projeto que desperdiça tempo e dinheiro)obra faraônica loc sf
masterwork n (masterpiece, chef d'oeuvre)obra-prima sf
roadwork n (construction done on a traffic route)obra em estrada loc sf
buckle down vi informal, figurative (set to work, get working)  (começar a trabalhar)botar mãos à obra expres
 I've got to buckle down and finish planting the vegetable seeds.
building permit n (official permission to build)  (autorização de construção)licença de obra loc sf
 You cannot start construction until the county issues a building permit.
child labour n (forcing children to work)mão de obra infantil loc sf
 Child labour is still prevalent in some Third World countries.
jack of all trades n ([sb] with many skills)  (pessoa habilidosa)mão pra toda obra
 My dad was a real jack-of-all-trades: he could repair virtually anything.
labour costs npl (costs of paying employees)  (custos empregatícios )custos de mão de obra loc sm pl
 The company tried to reduce labour costs by employing unskilled staff.
labour force n (workforce: everyone who can be employed)mão de obra, força laboral loc sf
 Full employment of the labour force is good for the country´s economy.
material and labour npl (basic costs of a project)  (custos básicos de um projeto)materiais e mão-de-obra loc sm pl
 The material and labour involved with the Golden Gate Bridge project was enormous.
a man for all seasons n (man who is capable in any situation)um homem de vários talentos loc sm
   (homem capaz)pau para toda obra expres
artwork n (collective work)obra de arte loc sf
artwork n (piece of art)obra de arte loc sf
masterpiece n (art, music)obra-prima sf
workforce n (of company)  (da empresa)mão-de-obra sf
workforce n (of region)  (da região)mão-de-obra sf
get cracking at [sth] colocar mãos à obra
jack of all trades pau para toda obra
period piece obra de época
set to work meter mãos à obra
  mandar começar a trabalhar
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