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olho smeye nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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eye n (organ of sight)olho sm
 She had beautiful green eyes.
 Ela possuía lindos olhos verdes.
eye n (keen sight, power of observation)olho sm
 He had a good eye for details.
eye n (centre of a storm)  (centro)olho sm
 The eye of the hurricane was clearly defined.
eye n (on a potato)  (da batata)olho sm
 You need to peel the potatoes and remove all the eyes as well.
eye n (guide for the blind)  (guia para cego)olho sm
 The dog worked as the blind man's eyes.
peeper n US, slang (eye)  ( gíria)olho sm
face n (typography: design)  (tip.; desenho da letra na parte de cima )olho de tipo loc sm
 They used a large, heavy face for the title.
eyeball vtr informal (measure, gauge by sight)  (informal)medir a olho loc vt
peephole n (hole for spying through)  (orifício: para espreitar)vigia sf
  olho mágico loc sm
shiner n informal (bruising around the eye)  (informal)olho roxo loc sm
spyhole n (peephole in a door, etc.)olho mágico loc sm
water hole
(natural pool of drinking water)  (de água potável)olho d'água loc sm
  cisterna sf
an eye for n informal (a talent for identifying)  (ter talento para identificar)um olho para loc sm
 He has great taste and an eye for the newest fashion trends.
an eye for n slang (eye for the ladies)  (para as mulheres)um olho para loc sm
 That guy has an eye for the ladies.
an eye for an eye n (revenge)  (vingança)olho por olho expres
 An eye for an eye, he yelled, as he destroyed his rival's creation.
an eye for an eye n (justice, fair punishment)  (fazer justiça)olho por olho expres
 If someone commits murder than I believe in an eye for an eye and he should be executed.
corner of the eye n (peripheral vision)canto do olho loc sm
 She couldn't describe him accurately because she'd only seen him out of the corner of her eye.
fisheye lens n (convex, very wide-angle lens)lentes olho-de-peixe loc sf pl
 Using a fish-eye lens makes mediocre skateboarders look great.
glass eye n (false eyeball)olho de vidro loc sm
 Every night before I go to bed I take out my glass eye and put it in a bowl of water by the bed.
have an eye for vtr (be good at noticing or observing)  (habilidade em observação)ter olho clínico loc v int
 The painter has an eye for detail.
evil eye n (cursed stare)olho gordo loc sm
  mau-olhado sm
 She believed someone had put the evil eye on her cattle, causing them to sicken and die.
eye ache n (pain or strain in the eye area)dor no olho loc sf
eye for detail n (keen observational skills)olho para detalhes loc sm
eye patch n (covering worn over one eye)tapa-olho sm
black eye olho roxo
have eyes for estar de olho em
have one's eye on estar de olho em
keep a check on ficar de olho
keep an eye on [sth] vigiar algo
  ficar de olho
keep score contar a pontuação
  ficar de olho nos resultados
king's ransom o olho da cara
unaided eye olho nu
watchful eye olho vigilante
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