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ônibus bus
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bus n (passenger vehicle)ônibus sm
 There is a bus leaving for London at three o'clock.
 Há um ônibus saindo para Londres às três horas.
coach n (tour bus)ônibus sm
 The tour group travelled in a coach.
 O grupo de turismo viajou num ônibus.
pickup n (bus: picking up passengers)  (ônibus: pegar passageiros)ônibus sm
omnibus n historical (public transport: bus)ônibus sm
motor bus n (road transport: bus, coach)ônibus sm
ride vi (travel by vehicle)viajar v int
  andar de ônibus loc v int
 I rode on the bus for 30 minutes before arriving.
bus vtr (convey by bus)viajar de ônibus loc vt
 The kids were bussed to the park for the trip.
bus vi (travel by bus)viajar de ônibus loc vt
 We bussed into town for the concert.
bus shelter n (sheltered bus stop)abrigo de ônibus loc sm
 Even though there was a bus shelter I still got soaked to the skin.
chartered bus n (bus hired for private use)ônibus fretado loc sm
 We are going on our company picnic on a chartered bus.
bus driver motorista de ônibus
bus line linha de ônibus
bus station estação de ônibus
bus stop parada de ônibus
  ponto de ônibus
by bus de ônibus
miss the bus perder o ônibus
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