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Traduções principais
ordem sforder nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  command nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
mandate n (order)ordem sf
 The army acted on a mandate from the government.
behest n (strong request)ordem sf
tidiness n (neatness, order)ordem, limpeza, higiene sf
  asseio sm
 My roommate is friendly and easy-going, but she lacks in tidiness.
rule n uncountable (law: judicial ruling) (judicial)ordem sf
  decreto sm
 By court rule, the government must release the information.
neatness n (room, etc.: orderly state) (num aposento)esmero, capricho, apuro sm
  ordem, limpeza sf
 The neatness of my neighbor's house is impressive.
order n (mandate, command) (comando)ordem sf
 I give the orders around here.
 Eu dou as ordens por aqui.
order n (arrangement) (disposição)ordem sf
 Are these books in any particular order?
 Estes livros estão em alguma ordem específica?
order n (succession) (sucessão)ordem sf
 He listed off their names in alphabetical order.
 Ele listou seus nomes em ordem alfabética.
order n (social structure) (estrutura social)ordem sf
 The Second World War gave rise to a new world order.
 A Segunda Guerra Mundial deu início à uma nova ordem mundial.
directions npl (order, instruction)instrução sf
  ordem sf
 The soldier followed his commanding officer's directions. Always read the directions for assembling the furniture carefully before you begin.
order n (rule of law) (regras, lei)ordem sf
 Society cannot function without order.
 Uma sociedade não consegue sobreviver sem ordem.
Traduções complementares
order n (military: command issued)ordem sf
 He gave the order to launch the attack.
order n (decree)ordem sf
  decreto sm
 By order of the King, the prisoners were set free.
order n (society) (sociedade)ordem sf
 He joined an order of Freemasons.
order n (quality) (qualidade)ordem sf
 Their cooking is of the highest order.
order n (kind) (tipo)ordem sf
 I don't like behaviour of that order.
order n (law: directive) (jurid:)ordem sf
 The judge issued an order requiring him to pay the debt in full.
order n (religious group) (grupo religioso)ordem sf
 St Francis established the order of friars named after him in 1209.
order n (biology: grouping) (biologia)ordem sf
  classe sf
 Foxes and bears are of the same order, but not the same family.
order n (architecture) (arquitetura)ordem sf
 This book has pictures of the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian orders.
charge n (order)ordem sf
 The soldier was given a charge to clean the whole barracks.
attachment n (legal: writ authorizing seizure of [sth](legal)ordem sf
 The court issued the attachment to seize the property yesterday.
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Formas compostas:
alphabetize [sth],
also UK: alphabetise
(arrange in alphabetical order)colocar em ordem alfabética expres
arrest warrant n (legal document authorizing [sb]'s arrest)ordem de prisão loc sf
 A warrant has been issued for the gang leader's arrest.
the bar n (legal profession)associação de advogados sf
  ordem dos advogados sf
 The California bar approved Mr. Black to practice law.
bill of exchange n (order for payment)ordem de pagamento sf
  letra de câmbio sf
 The exporter sent a bill of exchange for the value of the goods.
by command adv (by giving orders)por ordem loc adv
chain of command n (hierarchy) (hierarquia)ordem de comando sf
 Orders travel along the chain of command from the headquarters to the soldiers in the field.
court order n (legal instruction or ruling)ordem judicial loc sf
  mandato judicial loc sm
 He has to pay child support by court order.
draft n (banking: check)ordem de pagamento sf
 Do you think you could send a banker's draft?
 Você acha que poderia mandar uma ordem de pagamento bancária?
First come,
first served
(Being prompt pays rewards)atendimento por ordem de chegada expres
 The buffet is first come, first served so you had better get there early if you want something good.
further notice n (next announcement) (próximo anúncio)nova ordem sf
  novo aviso sm
 The restaurant will be closed until further notice.
gag order n (ban on discussing a legal case) (Jur:)ordem de proibição de publicação loc sf
 The judge imposed a gag order on the media because there were innocent children involved in the case.
get all your ducks in a row,
have all your ducks in a row
v expr
figurative (be organized) (ser organizado)ter as coisas em ordem
 It's always good to work with colleagues who have all their ducks in a row.
 É sempre bom trabalhar com colegas que tenham as coisas em ordem.
get out of order v expr (be jumbled)ficar fora de ordem expres
 The professor's notes had got out of order and he was having trouble giving his lecture.
in gear adv figurative (working well)em ordem loc adv
 Put your brain in gear before opening your mouth!
in order adv (in the correct arrangement)em ordem loc adv
 Please put the cards in order. Could you put these files in order, please?
in order adj (arranged in the correct way)em ordem loc adv
 The office manager wanted to make sure that everything was in order.
in order adj (appropriate, required)em ordem loc adv
 Security agents looked at my papers and told me that all was in order.
in reverse chronological order adv (from latest to oldest)em ordem cronológica inversa, em ordem cronológica decrescente advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 You should list your past jobs on your CV in reverse chronological order.
issue a command v expr (give an order)dar uma ordem, emitir um comando expres
  emitir uma injunção expres
 The general issued a command for his men to be ready for battle.
issue a writ vi (law: order [sb] to do or refrain from [sth].) (legal)emitir uma ordem
job costing n (method of expense accounting)custeio por ordem de produção
knighthood n (brotherhood of knights) (irmandade de cavaleiros)cavalaria sf
  ordem de cavalaria loc sf
 The knighthood protected the kingdom against criminals.
law and order n (social discipline)ordem pública
 The government sent troops to restore law and order to areas where violence had broken out.
member of the bar n (qualified lawyer, barrister)membro da ordem dos advogados expres
 Even though he went to law school, he cannot work as a lawyer because he is not a member of the bar.
money order n US (finance: check from bank, post office)ordem de pagamento loc sm
  cheque administrativo loc sm
 Please send your payment by check or money order. Many companies sell money orders, but only the postal service sells postal orders.
numerical order n (chronological sequence by number)ordem numérica loc sf
 Please list your preferences in numerical order.
out of order adj (jumbled)fora de ordem loc adj
 I dropped my manuscript and now the pages are all out of order.
postal order n (cheque issued at post office) (cheque emitido nos correios)ordem de pagamento loc sm
 To pay, please send a cheque or postal order.
protective order n (court injunction restraining [sb](ordem restrita do tribunal)ordem de restrição loc sf
purchase order n (document requesting to buy [sth](documento requerendo a compra de algo)ordem de compra loc sf
 We have received your purchase order and will dispatch the goods immediately.
put [sth] in order v expr (arrange correctly)pôr em ordem expres v
 The pages of the manuscript were muddled up so I had to put them in order.
religious order n (monks: monastery) (monges: monastério)ordem religiosa loc sf
 The Benedictines are a very old religious order.
religious order n (nuns: convent) (freiras: convento)ordem religiosa loc sf
repeat order n (request to buy [sth] again)repetir a ordem de compra loc v int
  comprar novamente loc v int
 I was so delighted with their goods that I've already put in a repeat order.
seem in order v expr (appear to be correct)parecer bem expres v
  parecer certo expres v
  parecer estar em ordem expres v
set [sth] in order v expr (arrange properly)colocar em ordem expres v
 My grandmother set all her affairs in order shortly before she died.
shuffle n (music player: random order) (anglicismo)shuffle sm
  ordem aleatória sf
 James put his music player on shuffle.
social order n (structure or hierarchy of society) (estrutura ou hierarquia social)ordem social sf
  estrutura social sf
statement of work n (document stating scope of a job or task) (documento relatando o escopo de um trabalho ou tarefa)ordem de trabalho sf
  definição do trabalho sf
  (informal)descrição de tarefas sf
straight adj (in order) (em ordem)em ordem loc adj
 Give me a minute so I can get these papers straight.
 Dê-me um minuto para que eu possa colocar esses papéis em ordem.
tidy up vi phrasal (put things in order) (colocar as coisas em ordem)organizar vt
  pôr em ordem loc vt
 I want to tidy up before the guests arrive.
unscramble [sth]
(put into coherent order)ordenar vt
  pôr em ordem loc vt
VA n UK, initialism (Order of Victoria and Albert) (honraria real inglesa)Ordem de Victoria e Albert sf
writ n (law: order or summons)ordem judicial loc sf
 A writ has been issued for recovery of the vehicles.
 Uma ordem judicial foi expedida para a recuperação dos veículos.
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