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ouvir v intlisten, hear vi
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get, get [sth] vtr informal (hear)ouvir vt
 Sorry, I didn't get that. What did you say?
hear vtr (mass: attend) missa: comparecerouvir vt
 We hear Mass every Sunday morning.
hear vtr (be in an audience)ouvir vt
 We went to hear the concert in the park.
hear vtr (consider officially) tribunalouvir vt
 The court will hear his testimony on Tuesday.
hear vi (receive information) saberouvir vt
 Did you hear that Mr. Johnson has died?
receive vtr (confession) confissãoouvir vt
 The priest receives confession on Saturdays, and by appointment.
receive vi (radio: make contact) rádioouvir v int
 Houston, are you receiving?
listen, listen to vi (actively hear)escutar v int
 ouvir v int
 Please be quiet. I am listening to the radio.
 Por favor, fique quieta. Estou escutando rádio.
heard v pp, pret (of hear) pret de ouvirouvir vt
 He heard the sound of footsteps.
 Ele ouviu o som de passos.
hear vtr (perceive sound) perceber o somescutar, ouvir vt
 He heard a crash in the kitchen and went to see what had happened.
 Ele escutou (or: ouviu) um barulho na cozinha e foi ver o que era.
hear vtr (listen to)ouvir, escutar vt
 Will you please hear what I have to say?
hear vtr (detect faint sound) detectar um som baixoescutar, ouvir vt
 Can you hear the train whistle?
 Você consegue escutar o apito do trem?
understand vtr (limit of knowledge) ficar sabendoouvir, saber vt
 tomar conhecimento loc vt
 I understand that you hate her. Is this true?
hear vi (know existance) saber da existênciaouvir falar loc v int
 I have never heard of that actor.
overhear vtr (hear another's conversation)entreouvir vt
 ouvir por acaso loc vt
mishear vtr (hear incorrectly)ouvir mal loc vt
 entender mal loc vt
hark vi literary, archaic (listen attentively)ouvir, escutar v int
ability to listen n (being patient and attentive when [sb] else is talking)habilidade de ouvir loc sf
 An effective therapist has an ability to listen.
hear about vtr (learn the latest news of) receber notícias deouvir falar de loc vt
 Did you hear about the earthquake in Japan?
catch wind of [sth] v informal (hear a rumour of [sth])ouvir algo no ar loc vt
 ouvir falar de loc vt
 ouvir rumores sobre expr
 The employees caught wind of the coming lay-offs, and were very upset.
listen to reason ouvir a razão
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