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ovo ovum, egg
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egg n (ovum)ovo sm
 Most birds lay their eggs in the spring.
egg n (food, hen's)  (de galinha)ovo sm
 She ate two boiled eggs for breakfast.
 Ela comeu dois ovos cozidos no café da manhã.
eggshell n (outer covering of an egg)casca de ovo loc sf
bad egg n figurative, informal (bad or dishonest person)  (pessoa ruim ou desonesta)ovo podre loc sm
 It's no surprise that he ended up in prison. He has always been a bad egg.
bad egg n literal (egg that is rotten)ovo podre loc sm
 That bad egg smells awful!
beaten egg n (egg that has been whisked)ovo batido loc sm
 Brushing beaten egg over the bread dough produces a lovely golden glaze.
duck egg n (egg laid by a duck)ovo de pata
egg timer n (device for measuring cooking time of eggs)  (aparelho para medir tempo de cozimento)temporizador de ovo loc sm
hard-boiled egg n (egg boiled until the yolk is set)  (com gema dura)ovo cozido loc sm
 Hard boiled eggs are frequently required for slicing and adding to salad dishes.
egg yolk n (yellow part of an egg)gema de ovo loc sf
 The recipe requires one egg yolk.
fried egg n (egg cooked in pan of fat)ovo frito loc sm
 For breakfast I had two rashers of bacon and a fried egg.
chocolate egg n (Easter confection)ovo de chocolate loc sm
 The basket was filled with colored eggs, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and plastic grass.
deviled egg,
UK: devilled egg
US (stuffed halves of boiled egg)ovo recheado loc sm
 To make deviled eggs I mash the egg yolks with other ingredients.
devilled egg,
US: deviled egg
UK (stuffed halves of boiled egg)ovo recheado loc sm
Easter egg hunt n (search for egg-shaped chocolates )caça ao ovo de Páscoa loc sf
Easter egg hunt n US (search for decorated and candy eggs)caça ao ovo de Páscoa loc sf
egg beater n (handheld whisk)batedor de ovo loc sm
egg carton n (box in which eggs are sold)caixa de ovo loc sf
 I recyle my egg cartons by planting seeds in the compartments.
egg salad n (chopped boiled egg in mayonnaise)salada de ovo loc sf
 My boss used to have an egg salad sandwich for lunch every day.
boiled egg ovo cozido
Easter egg ovo de Páscoa
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