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pão smbread nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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bread n uncountable (type of food)pão sm
 You can't make a sandwich without bread.
 Tu não podes fazer sanduíche sem pão.
roll n (bread: bun or bap)  (culinária: para sanduíche)pão sm
  pãozinho sm
 Hamburgers usually come on a roll.
 O hambúrguer vem usualmente num pão.
bloomer n (bread: large white loaf)  (tipo de pão branco)pão sm
bacon n dated slang (money)  (gíria americana fora de moda: dinheiro)pão sm
Note: In Portuguese, instead of "bacon", "bread" is the food metaphor for money.
loaf n (of bread)pão sm
Danish n (food: pastry)  (comida: pastelaria)pão doce loc sm
   (estrangeirismo)danish sm
miser n ([sb] stingy, not generous)pão-duro, avaro sm
breadwinner n (money earner in a family)ganha-pão sm
heartthrob n (attractive, idolized man)  (homem atraente)destruidor de corações loc sm
   (gíria)pedaço, pão sm
  galã sm
primrose n (yellow-flowering plant)  (flor)prímula, primavera sf
   (flor)pão-e-queijo sm
breadline n (queue for charity handouts)fila do pão loc sf
bap n UK (bread roll, bun)  (pão de sal)pãozinho sm
  pão francês loc sm
breadbasket n (woven container for serving bread)cesto de pão loc sm
breadboard n (wooden slab for slicing bread)tábua de cortar pão loc sf
cheapskate n slang (miserly person)fominha, pão-duro sm
pumpernickel n (rye bread)pão de centeio integral loc sm
  pão preto loc sm
sop n (solid food for soaking up liquid)  (comida utilizada para absorver líquido)bocado de pão loc sm
bannock n (Scottish oatcake)  (pão escocês)pão de aveia loc sm
cheapo n slang (miserly person)  (gíria)pão-duro sm
cornbread n (bread made from ground corn)pão de milho loc sm
cyclamen n (flowering plant)  (planta herbácea )cíclame, ciclâmen sm
  pão-de-porco, pão-porcino sm
(Jewish unleavened bread)  (dos judeus)pão ázimo loc sm
scrooge n figurative, informal (miserly person)  (fig., inf.)pão-duro, avarento sm
trencher n (flat wooden plate for serving food )tábua de cortar pão loc sf
flatbread n (pita, nan, etc.: unleavened bread)pão achatado loc sm
angel food cake n (light sponge cake)pão-de-ló sm
 Angel food cake contains only egg whites, no yolks, so it's fine on a low-cholesterol diet.
bread and butter n literal (bread with butter spread on it)pão com manteiga loc sm
 A glass of milk with bread and butter for breakfast is the best.
bread and butter n informal, figurative (livelihood, means of earning a living)  (sustento, meio de vida)pão de cada dia loc sm
 Cooking is his bread and butter; he's a chef.
bread and butter adj informal, figurative (staple, basic)pão de cada dia loc sm
bread knife n (large knife for slicing bread)faca de pão loc sf
 I bake crusty artisan bread, so my husband gave me a really sharp bread knife.
bread pudding n (dessert made with bread and fruit)pudim de pão loc sm
 Bread pudding with raisins and rum sauce is delicious.
break bread v figurative (share a meal with [sb])compartilhar o pão loc vt
 At the Last Supper, Jesus broke bread with his friends for the last time before he died.
bring home the bacon v (support a family financially)  (sustentar a família)ganhar o pão loc vt
 Dean was glad to graduate so he could finally help bring home the bacon.
garlic bread n (baguette toasted with garlic and butter)  (baguete com alho)pão de alho loc sm
 Italian restaurants sometimes serve garlic bread with pasta dishes.
draw a pay check vtr (from [sb]: work for)  (trabalhar para alguém)ganhar o pão loc vt
draw a pay check vi (be employed)  (ser empregado)ganhar o pão loc v int
 I've lived here ever since I first drew a pay check.
kaiser roll n US (type of bread roll)pãozinho sm
  pão de hambúrguer loc sm
 Kaiser rolls are popular in the United States and Canada.
loaf of bread n (shaped mass of baked bread)pão de forma loc sm
 I sliced the loaf of bread to make toast for breakfast.
nut bread n (bread containing nuts)pão de nozes loc sm
 I love nut bread for breakfast.
nut bread n (vegetarian dish: nut loaf)  (prato vegetariano)pão de nozes loc sm
 It is easy to make a dish similar to a hamburger with nut bread.
corn bread n (bread made with cornmeal)pão de milho loc sm
  broa de milho loc sf
 I bake my corn bread with jalapenos mixed in it.
artisan bread n (bread crafted in small bakery)  (feito em pequenas padarias)pão artesanal loc sm
 Store bread is just white fluff, but artisan bread is chewy, with a thick crust -- yum!
French bread n (baguette)  (baguete)pão francês loc sm
 Good french bread has a crispy crust and a soft interior.
bun n (bread)  (tipo de )pão doce loc sm
rye n (bread type)pão de centeio loc sm
stingy adj (not generous)avaro, pão-duro, sovina adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
white bread pão de forma
   (figurado)algo insosso, sem graça
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