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feet npl (anatomy: plural of foot) (plural de pé)pés sm pl
feet npl (measurement: plural of foot) (plural de pé: unidade de medida)pés sm pl
steal vi (move silently)andar nas pontas dos pés loc vt
 She quickly stole across the room to get her purse without waking him.
foothold n (climbing: secure place) (para subida segura)ponto de apoio loc sm
  (para subir)apoio para pés loc sm
  base sf
underfoot adv (on the ground, under one's feet)sob os pés, no chão loc adv
  embaixo, debaixo advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
footwork n (sport: agile foot movements) (esportes: movimentos com os pés)jogo de pés loc sm
footrest n (support for the foot)suporte para os pés loc sm
footsie n informal (flirting: interplay with the feet) (flerte)troca de carícias com os pés loc sf
  (lusitanismo)empernanço sm
shuffler n (one who slides feet when walking) (pessoa: ao andar)arrastador de pés loc sm
at your feet adv figurative, archaic (serving or worshipping you)a seus pés loc adv
 Michael had all of the audience at his feet when he sang his latest hit song.
at your feet adv literal (placed before your feet)a seus pés loc adv
 The pencil was lying at his feet, just where he had dropped it.
bound hand and foot adj (with hands and feet tied)de mãos e pés atados
 The kidnappers left him bound hand and foot in the trunk of the car.
bound hand and foot adj figurative (inescapably obligated) (sem escapatória)de mãos e pés atados
 Every child is bound hand and foot by their parents' rules.
crow's feet
figurative (wrinkles at outer corners of the eyes) (rugas nos cantos dos olhos)pés-de-galinha sm pl
 All the years of wind and sun had given the farmer crow's-feet at an early age.
down to earth,
(sensible, pragmatic) (pragmático, sensato)com os pés no chão
Nota: hyphen used when term is adj before a noun
 Marilyn's a very down-to-earth person: she'll be a great asset in the coming crisis.
down to earth,
(to reality or realisation)com os pés no chão
 Telling her I was broke brought her quickly back down to earth and stopped her spending sprees.
drag your feet vi (dawdle) (vadiar)arrastar os pés
 If you don't stop dragging your feet, we'll never get there on time.
drag your feet vi figurative (be slow to act) (ser lento em agir)arrastar os pés
from head to foot adv (all over one's body) (em todo o corpo)da cabeça aos pés loc adv
 It was raining so hard that I was soon drenched from head to foot.
on tiptoe adv (on the tips of one's toes) (literal)nas pontas dos pés loc adv
 She walked across the kitchen on tiptoe so as not to wake anyone.
on tiptoe adv figurative (with great caution) (figurativo - com cuidado)nas pontas dos pés loc adv
 No longer wanting to tiptoe around the topic, his boss came right out and fired him.
foot binding n (Chinese practice of tightly wrapping feet) (prática chinesa)ato de atar os pés loc sm
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