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at [sb]'s feet adv figurative (worshipping)aos pés loc adv
 Michael had all of the audience at his feet when he sang his latest hit song.
at [sb]'s feet adv (in front of feet)aos pés loc adv
 The pencil was lying at his feet, just where he had dropped it.
bare feet npl (feet without shoes)pés descalços
 It's good to walk along the beach with bare feet and feel the sand between your toes. In some cultures, walking around in your bare feet in public is considered rude.
bound hand and foot adj (with hands and feet tied)de mãos e pés atados
 The kidnappers left him bound hand and foot in the trunk of the car. The criminal was bound hand and foot so he couldn't escape.
bound hand and foot adj figurative (inescapably obligated) (sem escapatória)de mãos e pés atados
 Every child is bound hand and foot by their parents' rules.
chilled to the marrow,
chilled to the bone,
frozen to the marrow
figurative (feeling very cold) (figurado: com muito frio)congelado da cabeça aos pés adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 I've been out here in the snow for three hours and I'm chilled to the marrow.
down to earth,
(sensible)com os pés no chão loc adj
Nota: Hyphens are used when the term is an adjective that precedes the noun
 Marilyn's a very down-to-earth person: she'll be a great asset in the coming crisis.
down to earth adv figurative (to reality)com os pés no chão loc adj
 Telling her I was broke brought her quickly back down to earth and stopped her spending sprees.
drag your feet v expr (dawdle)arrastar os pés loc vt
 If you don't stop dragging your feet, we'll never get there on time.
foot binding n (Chinese practice of tightly wrapping feet) (prática chinesa)ato de atar os pés loc sm
foothold n (climbing: secure place) (para subida segura)ponto de apoio loc sm
  (para subir)apoio para pés loc sm
  base sf
 I can't climb any farther - there are no footholds!
footrest n (support for the foot)suporte para os pés loc sm
footsie n informal (flirting: interplay with the feet) (flerte)troca de carícias com os pés loc sf
  (lusitanismo)empernanço sm
footwork n uncountable (sport: agile foot movements) (esportes: movimentos com os pés)jogo de pés loc sm
 Isaac has great footwork - he's the best on our team.
from head to foot adv (all over one's body) (em todo o corpo)da cabeça aos pés loc adv
 It was raining so hard that I was soon drenched from head to foot.
happy feet npl US (sports: tendency to move feet in place) (EUA, esp., movimentar os pés no mesmo lugar)pés inquietos loc sm
put one's feet up v informal (relax) (relaxar)colocar os pés para cima loc v int
 After work, Maurice loved to just put his feet up and watch TV in his easy chair.
reality check n informal ([sth] that disabuses [sb] of unrealistic ideas) (algo que desilude sobre ideias irreais)verificação da realidade sf
  (col., cair na realidade)pés no chão expres
screw [sth] up,
screw up [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
informal (ruin or spoil) (arruinar)estragar vt
  (informal)meter os pés pelas mãos expres v
  (informal)dar mancada expres v
 I've totally screwed up this soup by putting too much salt in it.
set foot v expr (tread, walk)colocar os pés expres v
  pisar vt
 He never set foot in England again. He's so rude. I'll never set foot in his house again!
shuffle vi (walk slowly)arrastar os pés loc verb
 The old man shuffled along the street.
shuffle over vi + adv (drag your feet in approaching) (arrastar os pés de alguém na aproximação)arrastar os pés expres v
 The old man shuffled over to the desk.
shuffler n (one who slides feet when walking) (pessoa: ao andar)arrastador de pés loc sm
six feet tall adj (imperial measure: 1.8 metres in height) (medida imperial: 1,8 metros de altura)de seis pés de altura loc adj
  de um metro e oitenta loc adj
slouch vi (move in a slovenly way)arrastar os pés loc verb
 Jemima slouched along the street.
sober up vi phrasal figurative (become more realistic) (tornar-se mais realista)centrar-se vp
  (informal)pôr os pés no chão expres v
 I sobered up when my girlfriend told me that if I didn't change, she would leave me.
square foot,
plural: square feet
often pl (imperial measure: one foot squared) (medida imperial: pés quadrados)pés quadrados sm pl
steal vi (move silently)andar nas pontas dos pés loc vt
 She quickly stole across the room to get her purse without waking him.
through and through adv (thoroughly, utterly) (completamente)da cabeça aos pés loc adv
 Charles could never live abroad - he's English through and through!
to your fingertips adv figurative, informal (completely) (figurado, informal)da cabeça aos pés
  por completo advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 He's a politician to his fingertips.
top and tail n (method of washing a baby) (método de dar banho em bebê)banho da cabeça aos pés loc sm
top and tail n (method of washing a baby) (método de dar banho em bebê)banho da cabeça aos pés loc sm
truss a chicken v (tie up a chicken for cooking) (amarrar galinha para cozinhar)amarrar os pés da galinha loc vt
under foot
(on the ground, under one's feet)sob os pés, no chão loc adv
  embaixo, debaixo advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
 Sharon liked the sound of snow crunching underfoot.
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Formas compostas:
athlete's foot n (fungal infection)pé de atleta loc sm
 I wear sandals in the shower at the gym so I won't pick up athlete's foot.
bugger off vi phrasal UK, slang, vulgar (go away) (POB)cair fora, dar no pé loc v int
  (POR, gíria)pirar-se vp
 My little brother was being such a pest I told him to bugger off.
by the book adv figurative (according to rules)ao pé da letra loc adv
 My boss likes to do things by the book.
crank n informal, pejorative, US (bad-tempered person) (informal, pejorativo, ofensivo!)pé no saco expres
  (informal, pejorativo, ofensivo!)pau no cu expres
 My mother is a crank until she has her morning coffee.
crank n informal, pejorative, UK (person: with odd ideas) (informal, pejorativo, ofensivo!)pé no saco expres
  (informal, pejorativo, ofensivo!)pau no cu
 Some crank told her not to eat red food and yellow food at the same meal.
crow's feet npl figurative (wrinkles at outer corner of eye)pé de galinha loc sm
 She thought the crow's feet at her eyes were the first sign that she was getting old.
 Ela achou que os pés de galinha em seus olhos eram os primeiros sinais de que estava ficando velha.
cubic foot n (measure of volume: one foot cubed)pé cúbico loc sm
 A cubic foot container will hold about 7½ gallons of water.
dig in vi phrasal (establish defensive position)fincar o pé loc vt
 The troops dug in and prepared themselves for the long battle ahead.
do a bunk v expr UK, slang (run away)dar no pé loc vt
  fugir vt
do a runner v UK, slang (escape, run away) (fugir)dar no pé loc v int
 We had to do a runner when we realized we had no money to pay at the café.
duck out of [sth] vi phrasal + prep informal (leave secretly)escapar, fugir v int
  cair fora, dar no pé loc vt
 She managed to duck out of the lecture without anyone seeing her.
 Ela conseguiu escapar (or: fugir) da palestra sem que ninguém a visse.
 Ela conseguiu cair fora (or: dar no pé) da palestra sem que ninguém a visse.
fireside n (area by a fireplace or hearth)pé do fogo loc sm
fireside adj (by a fireplace or hearth)ao pé do fogo loc adj
(having a low foot arch)pé chato loc adj
 Being flat-footed can keep you out of the army because you can't march long distances.
flipper n (diving: footwear, fin)pé-de-pato sm
flutter kick n (swimming: kick with straight legs) (natação)batida rápida de pé loc sf
 The flutter kick can be used when swimming on your back.
foot n (anatomy: end of leg) (anatomia)sm
 He kicks best with his right foot.
 Ele chuta melhor com o pé direito.
plural: foot,
(measure: 0.3048 m) (medida: 0.3048m)sm
 The box was a little more than one foot wide.
 A caixa tinha um pouco mais de um pé de largura.
foot n (base) (base)sm
 The foot of this cabinet needs repairing.
 O pé deste armário precisa de reparos.
foot n (bottom)sm
 She looked up from the foot of the stairs.
 Do pé da escada, ela olhou para cima.
foot n (furniture: end of chair or table leg) (de móvel)sm
 The table's front legs both ended in a scrolled foot.
foot n (end opposite the head) (em oposição à cabeça)sm
 The blankets always ended up at the foot of the bed.
foot passenger n ([sb] travelling on a boat without a car) (pessoa num barco sem carro)passageiro a pé loc sm
foot pump n (foot-operated pumping device)bomba de pé loc sf
 We inflated the dinghy with a foot pump.
foot race,
(running competition)corrida a pé loc sf
 The three-legged race was always my favorite foot race.
-footer n suffix (having given height in feet)sm
 She's so small, it's amazing that her sons are all six-footers.
 Ela é tão pequena, é incrível que seus filhos tenham todos 1,80 m de altura.
footing n figurative (position) (figurado: posição)pé, apoio sm
 When she got to grad school, Jess had trouble gaining her footing professionally.
written, invariable, abbreviation (measurement: foot, feet) (abrev., medida)sm
go on the piss v UK, slang, vulgar (visit pubs or bars to get drunk) (visitar pubs ou bares para beber)encher a cara loc v int
  (embebedar-se)beber todas loc v int
  (informal, ficar de pileque)enfiar o pé na jaca loc v int
great toe n (big toe, largest toe) (maior dedo do pé)dedão do pé loc sm
hands down adv (without a doubt)sem margem para dúvidas loc adv
  com um pé nas costas expres
 She won that race hands down.
hash house n US, slang (cheap restaurant) (gíria, restaurante barato e sem higiene)pé-sujo sm
 I ate dinner in a hash house near the station.
heavy step n (loud footfall)passada pesada loc sf
  pé pesado loc sm
hoof it vi slang (walk, go on foot) (caminhar)andar a pé loc v int
 Our car ran out of petrol so we had to hoof it to the petrol station.
UK: jemmy
US, slang (crowbar)pé de cabra loc sm
jimmy [sth],
UK: jemmy
US, slang (open with crowbar)arrombar com pé de cabra loc vt
 He jimmied the lock, which enabled us to get into the room.
jungle rot n slang (military: fungal foot infection) (militar)pé de atleta
leg it vi slang (run, hurry) (inf., correr, apressar)dar no pé loc v int
 We're going to have to leg it if we want to catch the 2 o'clock bus.
leg it vi slang (run away, escape) (inf., fugir, escapar)dar no pé loc v int
 The thief legged it out of the jewellery shop to avoid being arrested by the police.
little toe n (smallest digit of the foot)dedinho do pé loc sm
 She broke her little toe when a car ran over her foot.
lucky rabbit's foot n (paw of a rabbit kept as a lucky charm) (amuleto de sorte)pé de coelho loc sm
 I always carry my lucky rabbit's foot when I sit an exam.
on adj (planned)de pé loc adj
 Is the party still on for tonight?
 A festa ainda está de pé para hoje à noite?
on foot adv (walking) (andar)de pé, a pé loc adv
 It sometimes takes longer to drive than to get to work on foot.
on [sb]'s back adj (nagging [sb] to do [sth](importunar a alguém para fazer algo)no pé loc adv
 I've got my boss on my back about these late reports. My mother's always on my back about my homework.
pour down vi phrasal informal (rain heavily) (chover muito)cair um pé d'água loc v int
  cair um toró loc v int
 I hope you've got an umbrella, it's pouring down today!
promenade vi (take a stroll)passear a pé loc v int
  caminhar v int
  andar v int
 On Sundays the couple liked to promenade through the park.
rain cats and dogs v (be raining heavily) (chover fortemente)chover canivete loc v int
  (informal)cair um pé d'água loc v int
  (informal)cair um toró loc v int
rain down vi phrasal figurative (fall heavily and copiously) (cair pesada e copiosamente)chover copiosamente loc v int
  cair um pé d'água loc v int
  cair um dilúvio loc v int
right n (shoes, gloves) (sapatos ou meias)pé direito loc sm
  (luva)mão direita loc sf
 This shoebox has got two rights in it. There must be a mistake!
squib n (firework, firecracker) (fogo de artifício)busca-pé loc sm
  rojão sm
standing n (upright position)ficar de pé loc verb
  estar de pé loc verb
 Standing while you work is better for you than sitting.
standing adj figurative (not defeated) (figurado)de pé, em pé loc adv
 The management tried to break us, but we're still standing.
stem n (wine glass handle) (do cálice)sm
 The stem of the wine glass was beautifully designed.
take to your heels v (run away, flee) (fugir)dar no pé loc vt
  (informal)se mandar vp
  livrar-se de vp
tear off vi phrasal informal (leave hurriedly) (informal, sair com pressa)sair correndo loc v int
  (inf)dar no pé loc v int
on tiptoe,
on tiptoes
(on tips of your toes)na ponta do pé loc adv
 She walked tiptoe across the kitchen as not to wake anyone.
 Ela andou na ponta dos pés pela cozinha para não acordar ninguém.
trotter n (pig's foot)pé de porco loc sm
up adj informal (constructed)de pé loc adj
 The building has been up for three months.
 O prédio está de pé há três meses.
upend [sth] vtr (position on its end)pôr em pé loc vt
  aprumar vt
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