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Traduções principais
pagamento payment, disbursement
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Traduções principais
payment n (money paid) (dinheiro pago)pagamento sm
 Your payment must reach us by the due date.
wage n (pay per hour, day, week, etc.)salário, pagamento sm
  remuneração sf
 All most people want is a job that pays a decent wage.
payment n (act of paying)pagamento sm
 Payment can be made via cheque or standing order.
Traduções complementares
pay n (wages, salary) (salário)pagamento sm
  salário sm
 The pay at this company is pretty good.
payoff n (amount to clear debt) (quantia para )pagamento sm
 Quentin handed over the payoff and was relieved to know he was now clear of debt.
consideration n (finance: payment)pagamento sm
  compensação sf
  remuneração sf
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Formas compostas:
advance payment n (sum paid before delivery)pagamento antecipado loc sm
 The author received an advance payment before he completed his new book.
bill of exchange n (order for payment)ordem de pagamento sf
  letra de câmbio sf
 The exporter sent a bill of exchange for the value of the goods.
call [sth] vtr (demand payment)solicitar pagamento expres v
  reclamar pagamento expres v
 The debt could be called at any moment.
 Era possível solicitar o pagamento a qualquer momento.
cash payment n (payment in notes and coins)pagamento à vista loc sm
 The plumber offered me a discount for cash payment.
cash price n (discount) (mais barato em dinheiro)preço a dinheiro, preço a pronto pagamento expres
  preço à vista expres
 The cash price for a new car can be as much as 10% less than if you buy it on time.
claim for [sth] vi + prep (request payout)requerer pagamento v int + sm
  reivindicar pagamento v int + sm
  acionar o seguro v int + art + sm
COD n (collect on delivery)pagamento contra entrega loc sm
 Most mail-order companies don't do COD anymore.
debt service coverage n (finance: cash available to pay debts) (finanças)fundo para pagamento de dívida loc sm
demand payment v (insist on being paid)exigir pagamento
 I used to demand payment in advance from new clients.
dividend payment n (amount of company profit shared)pagamento de dividendo loc sm
draft n (banking: check)ordem de pagamento sf
 Do you think you could send a banker's draft?
 Você acha que poderia mandar uma ordem de pagamento bancária?
due for payment adj (to be paid now)pendente para pagamento adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  vencido adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Your insurance premium for this month is now due for payment.
incentive pay n (bonus or pay rise based on performance)pagamento de incentivo, pagamento de produtividade
instalment plan,
UK: installment plan
US (agreed series of repayments)crediário, plano de pagamento em prestações
lump sum payment n (money: one-off payment) (finanças)pagamento único loc sm
 He received a lump sum payment from the insurance company after his accident.
money order n US (finance: check from bank, post office)ordem de pagamento loc sm
  cheque administrativo loc sm
 Please send your payment by check or money order. Many companies sell money orders, but only the postal service sells postal orders.
monthly payment n (sum paid once a month)pagamento mensal loc sm
 This item can be yours for only three monthly payments of $19.99!
(failure to pay an amount)falta de pagamento loc sf
  dívida sf
pay n (payroll)folha de pagamento sf
 Linda is the secretary and Betty works on invoices and pay.
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. O DP é responsável pela folha de pagamento dos funcionários.
paycheck (US),
pay cheque (UK)
(wage or salary check)salário sm
  cheque de pagamento loc sm
 The company hands out paychecks every Friday.
payday n (day when wages are paid) (dos salários)dia de pagamento loc sf
 Nick goes to the casino every payday.
payment in kind n (repaying with [sth] similar) (reembolsar com algo similar)como pagamento
 You owe me twenty dollars, but if you mow my lawn I'll take it as a payment in kind.
payroll n (list: employees to be paid)folha de pagamento sf
 Meredith asked Peter to check the payroll to see if the young man really was one of their employees.
payroll n (amount to be paid to employees)folha de pagamento sf
 The boss has spent too much money and the accountant is worried there won't be enough left to cover the payroll.
postal order n (cheque issued at post office) (cheque emitido nos correios)ordem de pagamento loc sm
 To pay, please send a cheque or postal order.
prepayment n (paying for [sth] in advance)pagamento antecipado loc sm
quarterly payments npl (money paid every 3 months) (dinheiro pago a cada 3 meses)pagamento trimestral loc sm
 I couldn't afford to buy the TV all at once, so I am making quarterly payments for four years.
ransom money n (payment demanded for a hostage) (pagamento exigido para um refém)resgate sm
  pagamento do resgate loc sm
  dinheiro do resgate loc sm
remittance slip n (pay notice) (recibo de pagamento)comprovante de pagamento sm
sales slip n (document: proof of payment)comprovante de pagamento sm
  boleto sf
  nota fiscal sf
settlement date n (day by which payment must be made)dia de pagamento sm
  data de pagamento sf
settlement in full n (payment of total sum owed)pagamento total sm
  liquidação da dívida sf
severance payments npl (redundancy payouts)pagamento de indenização sm
shipping invoice n (bill enclosed with a consignment) (fatura junto à encomenda)pagamento na entrega sm
structured settlement n (payment of a legal claim by instalments) (pagamento de faturas legais de prestações)pagamento de parcelas sm
  pagamento de faturas sm
  pagamento de prestações sm
take [sth] out in [sth];
take out [sth] in [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
US, Informal (accept in lieu of payment)aceitar em pagamento loc vt
  aceitar em troca de loc vt
 The liquor-store owner didn't have the money he owed, so they took it out in whiskey.
underpayment n (insufficient sum paid)pagamento insuficiente loc sm
underpayment n (insufficient remuneration)pagamento insuficiente loc sm
upfront charges npl (fees to be paid in advance) (taxas/parcelas para serem pagas adiantadas)pagamento adiantado sm
vacation pay (US),
holiday pay (UK)
(salary paid during holidays) (salário pago durante as férias)pagamento de férias sm
  férias pagas sf pl
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