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word, words npl (discourse) discursopalavras sf pl
 The doctor's words failed to comfort her.
word, words npl (empty talk, not action) fala vaziapalavras sf pl
 Words are not enough. You have to do something about it.
crossword n (word puzzle)palavras cruzadas loc sf pl
pun vi (make a play on words)fazer trocadilho loc v int
 jogar com as palavras loc v int
wordlist n (collection of words meeting certain criteria)lista de palavras loc sf
wordlessly adv (saying nothing)sem palavras loc adv
wordplay n (exchange of wit or punning)trocadilho sm
 jogo de palavras loc sm
bitter words npl (cruel or harsh remarks)palavras amargas loc sf pl
 The man and woman only exchanged bitter words with each other after their divorce.
bitter words npl (resentful remarks)palavras amargas loc sf pl
blow me down interj informal (expressing amazement)Me deixa sem palavras! interj
 Well, blow me down! You won the lottery!
choice of words n (chosen wording, way of expressing [sth]) modo de falarescolha de palavras loc sf
 Mr. Peebles' choice of words while talking to the chairman's wife led to his banishment from the golf club.
choke on vtr figurative (words: to be unable to say [sth]) figurativoengasgar com palavras loc vt
 He didn't want to mess up the marriage proposal but was afraid that he'd choke on the words when the time came.
empty words npl (insincere or meaningless talk) discussão sem sentidopalavras vazias loc sf pl
foul language n (obscene words)linguagem obscena loc sf
 palavras obscenas loc sf pl
 The use of foul language may offend some people.
magic words npl literal (incantation, spell) literalpalavras mágicas loc sf pl
 The magician said the magic words and a rabbit appeared out of the hat.
magic words npl figurative (words which have an effect) fig, palavras efetivaspalavras mágicas loc sf pl
a few words n informal (short speech or commentary) discurso curtopoucas palavras loc sf pl
 I was asked to say a few words at my Grandpa's funeral.
be lost for words vi (not know what to say) não saber o que dizernão ter palavras loc v int
mince vtr (words: moderate) palavras: moderarmedir as próprias palavras loc vt
dying words as últimas palavras
eat your words engula suas palavras
in other words em outras palavras
in so many words em tantas palavras
last words últimas palavras
man of few words homem de poucas palavras
of few words de poucas palavras
save your breath não vale o esforço
 não gaste saliva
 poupe suas palavras
turn of phrase jogo de palavras
 expressão idiomática
war of words guerra de palavras
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