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papel smpaper nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  (em teatro, cinema)role nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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part n (cinema: role)papel sm
  parte sf
 She got a small part in his new film.
hat n figurative (role) (teatro)papel sm
 You wear the hat of the butler in this sketch.
paper n (surface for writing, drawing) (para escrever, desenhar, etc.)papel sm
 The table was covered with paper for the students to draw on.
 A mesa estava coberta de papel para os alunos desenharem.
paper n uncountable (sheet) (folha de papel)papel sm
 I grabbed three pieces of paper to take notes on.
  Peguei um papel para tomar nota.This sentence is not a translation of the Portuguese sentence.
paper n uncountable (sheets) (folhas de papel)papel sm
 Yes, there is plenty of paper in the photocopy machine.
 Sim, há bastante papel na copiadora.
paper n (wrapper) (embrulho)papel sm
 Don't forget to remove the paper first before you eat the chocolate.
role n (part in a play) (parte numa peça)papel sm
 Brad won the role of Hamlet.
 Brad ganhou o papel de Hamlet.
stock n (paper)papel sm
 We should print the announcement on a good, heavy stock.
film role n (acting part in a movie) (parte que um ator desempenha no cinema)papel sm
 I've worked in TV for years but haven't yet had a film role.
lead n (cinema: principal role) (cinema)papel principal loc sm
 Do you know who is going to play the lead in this movie?
lead n (theatre: principal role) (teatro)papel principal loc sm
 Do you know who is going to play the lead in this play?
paper n (wallpaper)papel de parede loc sm
 What lovely paper! It looks great in the kitchen.
paper adj (made of paper)de papel loc adj
 The paper lampshade was nice, but it broke.
paper adj (resembling paper)de papel loc adj
 Look at the paper petals on this rose.
wallpaper n (decorative paper for walls) (decoração)papel de parede loc sm
wallpaper adj (paste: for wallpaper) (cola para)papel de parede loc adj
newsprint n (paper: used for newspapers)papel-jornal sm
parchment n (imitation animal-skin paper) (pergaminho vegetal)papel-pergaminho sm
notepaper n (paper for personal letters)papel de carta loc sm
typecast adj (actor: given similar roles) (ator: que representa mesmo tipo de papel)de um só papel loc adj
  estereotipado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
waste basket
(rubbish bin)lixeira sf
  cesto de papel loc sm
tinfoil n (aluminium foil, silver paper)papel alumínio loc sm
greenback n US, slang (US banknote) (EUA: cédula)papel-moeda sm
blotting paper n (paper that absorbs excess writing ink)papel mata-borrão loc sm
 I think only calligraphers use blotting paper any more.
candy wrapper n US (covering wrapped round a sweet)papel de bombom loc sm
  forminha de bombom
 The children must have found their Easter baskets; all that's left is a few candy wrappers.
carbon copy n literal (duplicate of a document) (literal)cópia em papel-carbono
 I am sending this letter to the client and will be sending a carbon copy to my boss for his information.
carbon paper n (transfer paper for making duplicate documents) (papel químico)papel carbono
 Put this sheet of carbon paper between the two sheets of paper to make a copy.
cigarette paper n (paper used for rolling cigarettes)papel de enrolar cigarro loc sm
 To roll your own cigarettes all you need is loose tobacco and some cigarette papers.
crepe paper,
crêpe paper
(textured tissue paper)papel crepom loc sm
 The senior class used pink and purple crepe paper to decorate the gym for the prom.
drawing paper n (artist's paper for drawing and sketching)papel para desenho loc sm
kraft paper n (brown wrapping paper)papel kraft, papel pardo loc sm
 Kraft paper is strong enough to make a kite.
leave the ground vi figurative (plan: come to fruition, be put into action) (fig., plano, projeto: executar, colocar em ação)decolar, sair do papel loc v int
 Without financing their plans would never leave the ground.
minor role n (small acting part) (numa peça teatral)ponta sf
  papel secundário loc sm
 His first film appearance was a minor role in Star Wars.
minor role n (small part in: accomplishing [sth](numa tarefa, num projeto)pequeno papel loc sm
 All the credit should go to you because I only played a minor role in winning this contract.
note paper,
(paper for writing letters) (papel para correspondência)papel de carta loc sm
 Do you have any notepaper? I want to write a letter to my friend.
on paper adv (in written or printed form) (escrita ou imprensa)no papel loc adv
 His qualifications look good on paper, but he has no idea how to actually do his job.
on paper adv figurative (ostensibly, possibly) (figurativo - teoricamente)no papel loc adv
 On paper, the plan works great. But in reality?
pad n (notepad, of paper) (bloco,de papel)bloco de papel loc sm
scavenger n (person) (brasileirismo: pessoa que recolhe materiais aproveitáveis nos lixos)catador de papel loc sm
stationary n (paper)papel de carta loc sm
  papelaria sf
tissue n (Kleenex, facial)lenço de papel loc sm
wrapper n (on candy, food)papel de bala loc sm
  embalagem sf
wrapping n (on gift)embalagem, caixa sf
  papel de presente loc sm
stationery n (nice paper)papel de carta loc sm
aluminum foil papel-alumínio
bathroom tissue papel higiênico loc sm
graph paper papel quadriculado
lead role papel principal
lined up for ser eleito para o papel de
play a part ter um papel
  representar um papel
play second fiddle tocar a segunda flauta
  fazer papel secundário
play the fool fazer papel de bobo
play the part of fazer o papel de
put in writing botar no papel
  botar por escrito
put on paper botar no papel
  botar por escrito
scratch paper papel de rascunho
second fiddle  (literal)segundo violino
  papel secundário
  marginal, pequeno, inferior
supporting role papel secundário
tin foil papel alumínio
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