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parecer vt  (ter semelhança)appear, seem vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
   (opinião)opinion nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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feel vi (be aware of sensory stimuli)parecer vt
  dar impressão
 The floor felt wet.
look vi (appear)parecer v int
 He looked tired when he arrived last night.
 Ele parecia cansado quando chegou noite passada.
look vi (seem to be)parecer v pred
 He looks sick.
appear vi (look)parecer v pred
 The moon appears very big tonight.
appear vi (seem)parecer v int
 It appears you were correct after all.
 Parece que você estava certo no final das contas.
sound vi (give an impression)  (dar a impressão)parecer v int
 It sounds like you don't agree.
opinion n (reasoning behind a legal decision)  (razão detrás de uma decisão legal)parecer sm
 The panel of judges issued their opinion, finding in favour of the plaintiff.
 O grupo de juízes pronunciou seu parecer a favor do demandante.
seem vi (aspect, appear)  (aspecto, aparência)parecer v p
 She seems tired, but I'm not sure.
 Ela parece cansada, não tenho certeza.
seem vi (be probable)  (ser provável)parecer v int
 It seems to be true that they are on vacation.
 Parece ser verdade que eles estão de férias.
strike [sb] as
(give the impression)  (dar a impressão)parecer vt
 His attitude really struck me as strange.
resemble vtr (looks like)parecer vp
 That cloud resembles a ship.
 Aquela nuvem parece um navio.
notion n (vague idea)noção sf
  parecer sm
look vtr (have an appearance)parecer-se vp
 This table looks like the one we have at home.
 Esta mesa parece-se com aquela que temos em casa.
judgment n (ability to judge)juízo, parecer, tino sm
concurring opinion n (law: judge's agreement with a verdict)  (direito:)parecer legal loc sm
 In a concurring opinion, the judge agreed with the decision of the court, but for different reasons different.
have the look of vtr (look like, look as though)parecer-se a, assemelhar-se a vp
 You have the look of a woman in love!
look beautiful vi (be attractively dressed)  (estar bem-vestida)parecer linda loc v int
 Darling, you look beautiful tonight.
make look skinny vtr (give [sb] the appearance of being thin)fazer parecer magro loc vt
 She wears tight black dresses to make herself look skinny.
not look like vtr (bear no resemblance to)não se parecer com vp
 The beautiful girl does not look like the ugly witch.
be like vtr (resemble)parecer-se com loc vp
 Michael is just like his father: he loves to play tennis.
appear as vtr (look like, seem to be)parecer que loc vt
 It appears as though your father is having a mid-life crisis.
feel right vi (situation: seem acceptable)  (situação)parecer bem loc v int
 This house feels right to me.
look foolish parecer idiota
look like [sb] parecer-se com alguém
look silly parecer bobo
ring true parecer certo
  soar verdadeiro
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