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parto childbirth, delivery
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delivery n (medical: birth)  (medicina)parto sm
 The delivery went well, and didn't last too long.
labor n US (giving birth)parto sm
childbirth n (act of giving birth)  (ato de dar a luz)parto sm
confinement n dated (labour, childbirth)  (desusado)parto sm
childbearing n (pregnancy and childbirth)parto sm
  gravidez sf
birth n (childbirth)parto, nascimento sm
 The birth went well and the mother is feeling fine.
 O parto (or: nascimento) correu bem e a mãe se sente ótima.
deliver vtr (medical: assist in birth)  (médico: ajudar no parto)fazer o parto loc vt
 The doctor delivered over 40 babies last year.
 O médico fez o parto de mais de 40 bebês no último ano.
stillbirth n (birth of dead baby)parto de natimorto loc sm
postpartum adj (after childbirth)  (referente ao período subsequente ao parto)pós-parto adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
postpartum n US, abbr, informal (postnatal depression)  (abrev, informal)depressão pós-parto loc sf
baby blue npl informal, UK (postnatal tearfulness)tristeza pós-parto loc sf
 Many first-time mothers suffer from the baby blues.
labour room n (delivery suite where babies are born)  (no hospital)sala de parto loc sf
 He was asked to wait outside the labour room while his wife was giving birth.
natural childbirth n (labour with minimal medical intervention)parto natural loc sm
 Most women go to hospitals to have children, but I know a midwife who assists people with natural childbirth.
deliver a baby v (assist a woman to give birth)ajudar no parto loc vt
delivery date n (expected date of a baby's birth)data do parto loc sf
labour n (give birth)trabalho de parto loc sm
baby blues depressão pós-parto
delivery room sala de parto
labor pains dores de parto
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