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passado adjpast, gone, bygone adj
 last, latter adj
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old n (a time long past)passado sm
 In days of old, things were done differently.
background n (personal experience)experiência sf
 passado sm
 My background is in publishing.
 She comes from a very poor background.
 Minha experiência é com publicidade.
 Ela tem um passado muito pobre.
past n (time gone by) tempo passadopassado sm
 In the past, we used to wash our clothes by hand.
 No passado, costumávamos lavar a roupa à mão.
past n (background) históriapassado sm
 The past helps to explain the present.
past n (personal history) história pessoalpassado sm
 While he seemed like a nice person, he hid his past from everybody.
past n (grammar: past tense) gramática: tempo passadopassado sm
 The word "ate" is the past of "eat".
 A palavra "comeu" é o passado de "comer".
past adj (done, over) feito, acabadopassado adj
 Past events are over; let's concentrate on the present.
yesterday n figurative (times past)passado sm
 The Beatles were yesterday's star entertainers.
pressed adj (clothing: ironed) roupapassado adj
bygone npl (past events)passado sm
 coisa do passado loc sf
past adj (former) anteriorprévio, antigo, passado adj
 The three past Senators are no longer involved in government.
past adj (previous) prévioanterior, passado adj
 Past governments were not friendly to the press.
 Governos anteriores não foram amigáveis com a imprensa.
past adj (grammar) gramática: tempo verbalpassado, pretérito adj
 He uses the past tense incorrectly at times.
yesterday adv (of a prior time, era)passado, ontem adv
 Miniskirts? That was yesterday!
passé adj (outmoded)passado, antiquado adj
ruined adj (food: overcooked) comidapassado do ponto loc adj
bygone adj (past)passado, antigo adj
 decorrido adj
foregone adj (past)passado, anterior, adj
overdone adj (cooked too much)cozido demais loc adj
 passado do ponto loc adj
yesteryear n (times gone by, the past) tempo passadoantanho adv
 ano passado loc sm
underdone adj (not cooked enough) não suficientemente cozidomal passado loc adj
onetime, one-time adj (former)anterior, passado adj
ultimo adv (of the previous month)do mês passado loc adv
yore n (ancient or previous times) outroratempo passado loc sm
and the rest is history expr idiom (what happened next is well known)o resto é passado expres
 I met your mum in a bar, and the rest is history!
at another time adv (at some point in the past)outra hora loc adv
 no passado loc adv
 At another time we were friends; now, we hardly speak.
break with the past v (abandon a tradition) abandonar a tradiçãoromper com o passado loc v
 My cousin broke with the past and didn't cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.
break with the past n (abandonment of a tradition)ruptura com o passado
 In a break with the past, young women's fathers no longer give them away during the wedding ceremony.
into the past adv (backwards in time)no passado
 I'm writing a novel about a man who travels into the past.
last year n (year prior to this one)ano passado loc sm
 We went on a three-week trip the Europe last year. This year we're staying home. .
last year adv (in the year prior to this one)no ano passado loc adv
 Last year I went on holiday to Italy.
look back vi figurative (dwell on the past) figurativoviver no passado loc v int
 As I look back on the past, I must remind myself to look towards the future to better days.
be a thing of the past ser algo do passado
distant past passado distante
drag up desenterrar algo ruim do passado
It's high time you did it. já estava mais do que na hora de fazeres isso
 já tinha passado da hora de você fazer isso
let bygones be bygones esquecer o passado
 águas passadas não movem moinho
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