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Traduções principais
passar vtpass vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  exceed, surpass vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
  (exam, class, etc.)be approved v int
  (TV)air, come on v int
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Traduções principais
go past vtr phrasal insep (pass by)passar vt
  ultrapassar vt
hurry on vi (make one's way speedily)passar, seguir com pressa loc v int
slip through [sth] vi + prep (be undetected)passar vt
  escapulir vt
 The door was left opened and I think we can slip through it without being seen. He slipped through security undetected.
wear on vi phrasal (time: pass slowly)passar v int
 They became bored as time wore on.
stop by vi phrasal informal (visit) (informal)passar vt
  parar vt
 I was in the neighborhood so I just thought I would stop by and visit for awhile.
go by vi phrasal figurative (time: pass) (tempo)passar v int
 I can't believe the holiday is already over. Time went by too quickly!
roll by vi phrasal literally (pass by on wheels)passar v int
 A cart pulled by a donkey rolled by.
get past vi phrasal (move beyond an obstruction) (ir além de um obstáculo)passar v int
  perpassar v int
 Rocks had fallen on the road and we could not get past.
apply [sth] vtr (spread) (espalhar)aplicar, passar vt
 Please apply sunscreen before going outside.
pass vtr (movement: move past)passar vt
 The bus passed me without stopping.
 O ônibus passou sem parar.
assign [sth] vtr (task: give) (formal)atribuir vt
  (informal)passar vt
  (informal)dar vt
 The history teacher frequently assigns massive amounts of homework.
swipe vtr (insert in a card reader) (cartão em leitor)passar vt
pass [sth] on vtr phrasal sep (bequeath)passar vt
  (formal)legar vt
 The house and all its belongings were passed on to her.
sit [sth] out vtr phrasal sep (not take part in)passar vt
  manter-se à margem expres v
  ficar de fora expres v
 He sat out that game but will play the next one.
pass [sth] down vtr phrasal sep often passive (property, etc.: be bequeathed) (propriedade)passar vt
 My mother gave me a quilt that had been passed down over many generations.
run-through n informal (rehearsal, review)ensaiar vt
  passar vt
sit it out v expr US, informal (not participate)passar vt
  ficar de fora expres v
 I'm tired so I'm going to sit this dance out.
transition to [sth],
transition into [sth]
vi + prep
(change, develop)passar v int
  mudar v int
 It can be difficult for teenagers to transition to adulthood.
roll by vi phrasal figurative (pass) (figurado)passar v int
 It seems like the years just rolled by, and suddenly I'm an old man.
slip by vi phrasal (go by without being noticed) (passar sem ser notado)passar vt
  (figurado)driblar vt
 The thieves managed to slip by the security guard and steal the painting.
go by vi phrasal (move past)passar vt
  seguir adiante loc vt
 The crowd watched as the parade went by.
pass [sth] vtr (get through)passar v int
 First you need to pass customs, then you have to wait for your luggage.
 Para chegar a um lugar seguro, primeiro temos que passar pela zona de guerra.
daub [sth] onto [sth] vtr (apply roughly, smear)espalhar vt
  aplicar vt
  (informal)passar vt
 The bricklayer daubed mortar onto the layer of bricks.
get past vtr phrasal insep (move beyond: an obstruction) (ir além de um obstáculo)passar vt
  (fig)superar vt
 The driver was unable to get past the roadblock.
get on to [sth] vtr phrasal insep informal (progress to [sth](informal)passar vt
  continuar vt
 Let's get on to the next item on the agenda.
 Vamos passar para o próximo item na agenda.
stop by [sth] vtr phrasal insep informal (visit) (visitar ao passar (por))passar vt
  parar vt
 Could you stop by the drugstore for me on your way home?
iron out [sth] vtr phrasal sep (press wrinkles from) (com ferro)passar vt
 I should iron out my suit for my interview tomorrow.
pass [sth] down vtr phrasal sep usually passive (genetic: be inherited) (geneticamente)passar vt
 The gene responsible for red hair has been passed down through Ron's family.
pass [sth] on vtr phrasal sep (give to next person)passar vt
  passar de mão em mão loc vt
 Take a cookie and pass them on.
transition from [sth] to [sth],
transition from [sth] into [sth]
v expr
(change, convert)passar vt
  mudar vt
  converter vt
spend vtr (pass time) (passar o tempo)passar vt
 I'm going to spend the day with my family.
 Vou passar o dia com minha família.
pass vtr (driving: overtake) (direção)passar, ultrapassar vt
 The racecar passed his opponent at the last minute to win the race.
 O corredor passou (or: ultrapassou) seu adversário no último minuto e ganhou a corrida.
daub [sth] on vtr (apply roughly, smear)espalhar vt
  aplicar vt
  (informal)passar vt
 Don't worry about it being even, just daub the mixture on.
hand [sth] to [sb] vtr + prep (pass, give: [sth] to [sb])entregar vt
  passar vt
 Please hand this form to your parents.
 Por favor, entregue esse formulário aos seus pais.
pass vtr (transfer: hand, give) (passar às mãos)passar, entregar vt
 He passed the pen to her.
 Ele passou (or: entregou) a caneta para ela.
iron vtr (press clothing) (roupas)passar vt
 I need to iron a shirt for work.
 Eu preciso passar uma camisa para o trabalho.
pass over [sth] vtr phrasal sep (rub lightly with [sth] to clean)passar vt
  esfregar vt
 Mark passed the cloth over his spectacles to give them a quick clean.
pass on [sth] vi + prep (be unable to answer)passar vt
 The quiz contestant passed on two questions.
visit [sth] vtr (stop at)parar, passar vt
 I need to visit the drug store.
pass vtr (success: candidate to test) (ser aprovado)passar vt
 She passed her driving test on her first attempt.
 Ela passou no exame de direção na primeira tentativa.
pass [sth] to [sb] vtr + prep (object: give, hand) (objeto: colocar na mão)passar vt
 He passed the pen to her.
 Ele passou a caneta para ela.
pass vtr (success: approve a law) (ser aprovado, votado)passar v int
 The law was passed by a vote of seventy to thirty.
 A lei passou por votos de setenta a trinta.
thread [sth] through [sth] vtr + prep (film: feed through)passar vt
 She threaded the film through the camera.
pass vi (go by)passar v int
 The bus passed without stopping for us.
Traduções complementares
go vi (pass, fit, enter)passar vt
 The couch just won't go through the door.
run vi (transport: ply) (transporte: deslocar-se pelo mesmo percurso)circular, transitar, passar v int
 The bus runs every day but Sunday.
run vi (take a quick trip) (visitar rapidamente um lugar)passar vt
  dar uma passada loc vt
  dar um pulo loc vt
 Run to the shop and get some more milk!
run vi (glide, pass freely)deslizar, passar v int
 The cable runs through this pulley.
pass vi (transfer: be transferred)passar v int
 The birthday card was passed from one person to another as they all signed it.
pass vi (transfer: the ball in sports)passar v int
 He passed, and then ran towards the goal.
pass vi (time: go by)passar v int
 It seems that time passes faster every year.
pass vi (happen) (acontecer)passar, ocorrer v int
 You would be amazed at what has come to pass after the accident.
pass vi (go unnoticed, without reaction) (sem ser notado)passar v int
 The events passed unnoticed, until someone wrote to the local paper about them.
pass vi (games: decline) (jogo de baralho)passar v int
 You can either play a card or pass.
pass vi (end) (acabar)passar v int
 That opportunity has now passed.
pass vi US euphemism (die) (falecer)passar v int
 I'm sorry to tell you that your husband has passed.
roll vi figurative (time: elapse, pass) (tempo)passar, decorrer, transcorrer v int
 Time rolls on.
slip by
(time) (tempo)passar, escapar v int
 Once you have children, the years just slip by.
pass vi (not fail exam) (informal)passar v int
  ser aprovado em v pred + adj + prep
 "How was the test?" "I passed!"
 "Como foi o teste?" "Passei!"
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Ela foi aprovada no exame de ontem.
go to [sb] vi + prep (pass to [sb] in a will)ir v int
  passar v int
 His house went to the elder son, its contents to the younger.
 A casa dele foi para o filho mais velho, o conteúdo para o caçula.
cruise past [sth/sb] vi + prep (pass by)passar v int
 I motioned to the taxi driver to stop, but he cruised past me.
run vtr (pass sthg quickly) (fazer correr)passar vt
 She ran a brush through her hair.
clear [sth] vtr (pass over) (por cima de)passar, transpor vt
 The plane cleared the treetops.
clear [sth] vtr (pass under) (por baixo de)passar vt
 The top of the trailer cleared the bridge with inches to spare.
clear [sth] vtr (pass by) (passar por)passar vt
 The lobster boat cleared the shoals safely.
clear [sth] vtr (check: pass through) (pela alfândega)passar vt
 We will meet you after you clear customs.
spread [sth]
(layer, smear)espalhar, passar vt
 He spread butter on the toast.
pass [sth] vtr (ball: transfer)passar vt
 Samantha passed the ball to Hailey, allowing her to score a goal.
pass vtr (success: examiner to candidate) (nos exames)passar vt
 The student's grades were much better this year, so the teacher was happy to pass the student.
pass vtr (exceed) (exceder)passar vt
 The rocket's speed quickly passed two hundred kilometres per hour.
pass vtr (circulate) (circular)passar vt
 They passed the popcorn around the table.
press [sth]
(iron) (roupa)passar vt
 I need to press these trousers. They're all rumpled.
set vtr (book, movie) (livro, filme)passar, ocorrer, suceder vt
 The crime drama was set in Miami.
feed [sb] [sth] vtr figurative (supply) (informal)bater vt
  passar vt
  fornecer vt
 The assistant fed the actor his lines.
 O assistente bateu o texto com o ator.
pass [sth] to [sb] vtr + prep (ball: transfer to [sb](bola: transferir para alguém)passar vt
 He passed the basketball to his teammate, then his teammate shot it.
 Ele passou a bola de basquete para seu companheiro de equipe, que a lançou em seguida.
sail through [sth] vtr phrasal insep (easily endure) (figurado)passar vt
 Mark sailed through his driving test without any problems.
ride [sth] out,
ride out [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
(endure) (figurado, resistir a algo)passar vt
 We rode out the storm in the cabin.
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Formas compostas:
blow through [sth] vi + prep informal, figurative (change: affect)passar por vi + prep
 The winds of change are blowing through the Olde Towne club: they have accepted their first woman as a member.
 Os ventos da mudança estão passando pelo clube Olde Towne: eles aceitaram seu primeiro membro feminino.
butter vtr (to apply butter) (aplicar manteiga)passar manteiga loc vt
  (passar manteiga para cozinhar)untar com manteiga loc vt
 Do you butter your bread on both sides?
 Você passa manteiga nos dois lados do pão?
 This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Você precisa untar a panela com manteiga para fazer ovo mexido.
change hands vi (be exchanged) (trocar)passar de mão em mão loc v int
change hands vi (move [sth] from one hand to the other) (passar de uma mão para a outra)passar de mão em mão loc v int
 When I get tired of scrubbing with my right hand, I change hands and start scrubbing with my left.
come down vi phrasal slang, figurative (cease to be high on drugs) (gíria: drogas)passar o efeito loc vt
 That weed was so good that it took me 3 hours to finally come down.
cross your mind v (occur to you, enter your thoughts)passar pela mente loc vt
 Don't tell me a wicked thought has never crossed your mind.
exceed [sth] vtr (violate limits)passar do limite loc verb
 The employee exceeded his authority when he tried to tell a colleague how to behave at work.
flash by vi phrasal (go past rapidly)passar como um raio loc vt
 Paul flashed by on his fast motorbike.
ford vtr (cross: a river) (um rio)vadear vt
  passar a vau loc vt
give [sb] hell vi slang (reprimand [sb] severely) (inf., repreender, censurar alguém)passar um sermão, dar uma chamada loc v int
  (coloquial)passar um sabão loc v int
 If you keep doing the opposite of what dad tells you, he's going to give you hell one day.
gloss over [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative (avoid dealing with in detail) (figurado)maquiar vt
  passar por cima loc vt
 We'll have to encourage the media to gloss over some of the nastier issues.
go fast vi figurative (pass quickly: time) (tempo, hora)passar rápido loc v int
 Time always goes fast when I am with you.
go over the top v expr informal, figurative (praise excessively)passar da conta loc v int
 Alan was always going over the top about how pretty his girlfriend was.
go over the top v expr informal, figurative (do [sth] excessively)passar da conta loc v int
 The celebrity is known to be very generous at restaurants, going over the top by tipping waiters up to 30%.
go through [sth] vtr phrasal insep (pass through: tunnel)passar por loc vt
 The hunters had to go through a cluster of trees to get to the wounded deer.
go without vtr (be deprived of, not have) (privar-se de)passar sem loc vp
 A camel can go without water for a week.
hand down vtr (pass on to a successor)legar em testamento, passar por herança loc vt
 Before I die, I will hand down to you, my son, my entire estate.
hang around vi informal (loiter) (informal, vadiar)passar o tempo loc v int
 It's annoying when youths hang around the bus stop intimidating customers.
henna vtr (dye with henna) (tingir)passar hena loc vt
holiday vi UK (go on vacation) (sair de férias)passar as férias loc vt
 We are going to holiday in Spain this year.
infringe vi (trespass)passar dos limites loc v int
outsmart vtr (beat by cunning) (em esperteza)sobrepujar, superar vt
  (informal)passar a perna loc vt
outwit vtr (be more clever than) (ser mais esperto)passar a perna loc vt
  lograr vt
overlook [sth] vtr figurative (disregard, choose to ignore)relevar, desconsiderar vt
  (informal)deixar passar loc verb
  (informal)fazer vista grossa loc verb
 Emily overlooked Frank's bad behaviour on this occasion.
overrun vi (go past time limit)exceder limite loc verb
  (informal)passar do tempo loc verb
 The keynote speech overran by ten minutes.
paw [sth] vtr (animal: touch with foot)passar a pata em loc verb
 The cat was pawing the mouse, upset that it wouldn't play anymore.
shortchange [sb]
informal, figurative (cheat out of [sth], deprive of [sth](inf., fig.)enganar, ludibriar, defraudar vt
  (informal)passar a perna loc vt
sidestep vtr (step around to avoid) (com passo para o lado)desviar, esquivar vt
  passar para o lado loc vt
sidetrack vtr figurative (divert) (figurado)desviar vt
  passar para o lado loc vt
smear [sth] on [sth],
smear [sth] onto [sth],
smear [sth] over [sth]
vtr + prep
(apply, layer on [sth])passar em vt + prep
  (formal)aplicar em vt + prep
 My grandmother used to smear goose fat on my father's chest when he had a cough.
switch over vi phrasal (change or transfer [sth](mudar ou transferir algo)transferir vt
  passar para vt
 The US was unable to switch over to the metric system. Can you switch over to that seat ?
take [sb] to task v (reprimand or rebuke [sb](repreender ou censurar alguém)repreender vt
  (inf.,)passar um carão loc vt
  (informal)dar uma lição em loc vt
top [sth] vtr (leap over)passar por cima loc vt
  pular sobre loc vt
 The highjumper easily topped the bar.
trip [sb] vtr (make stumble)dar rasteira, passar rasteira loc vt
 A bully tripped me in the hall.
 Um valentão me deu (or: passou) uma rasteira no corredor.
undergo vtr (endure)suportar, aguentar vt
  passar por
 She had to undergo a lot of criticism when the deal fell apart.
weekend vi US (spend the weekend)passar o fim de semana loc v int
 We weekended at the beach.
winter vi (spend the winter)invernar v int
  passar o inverno loc v int
 We like to winter in Florida.
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